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john benton diet

John benton diet

Cardio/core/inner thigh toning

Equipment needed: 2-3lb ankle weights

Time Needed: 60-90 minutes

Cardio/core/booty toning (not booty building)

Equipment needed: 2-3lb ankle weights and a washcloth or sliding discs

Time Needed: 60-90 minutes

Cardio/abs/inner thigh/hamstring toning

Equipment needed: Washcloth or sliding discs

Time Needed: 45-60 minutes

Arms/chest/upper back/core toning

Equipment needed: 2-5lb dumbells

Time Needed: 45-60 minutes


*Includes all 4 model specific workouts listed above PLUS an additional 2 workouts. Equipment needed for additional workouts: Jump Rope and Treadmill


A great value and investment to reach your goals most effectively. John will call you for a personal 30 minute phone consultation to go over:

  • your current diet and exercise routines
  • John’s method and how to incorporate his plan into your habits in order to make it an easy and sustainable transition.

In addition to the phone call, you will receive the all the benefits of the workout package along with a nutrition plan. You will also receive 2 additional workouts.

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