When doing intermittent fasting, can I take a protein shake during fasting?

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When doing intermittent fasting, can I take a protein shake during fasting?

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No. Fasting means no calories. A protein shake will spike your insulin. You could do 5 grams of BCAA powder, but that’s it. If you decide you need a protein shake, make sure it’s no carb and the lowest calorie per scoop you can find. Only use as much as you need, like a half scoop.

Personally I got a little fed up of the absolute mess of information the internest throws at you when it comes to fasting. It gets pretty hard to know what to follow, how long to follow it for and half the time it doesn’t work. I mean we wouldn’t all keep hearing about fad diets if one actually met half the promises, right?

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If you haven’t really looked fasting before it can be a murky topic. There’s a lot of inforation to go on, especially online where everyone and their dog have an opinion whether they’re qualified to share it or not.

At the most base fasting is an intentional withholding of food. Whether for spiritual or health reasons there absolutely are benefits to it when used correctly.

To everyone spouting that it’s all a craze with no backing – I think you’re thinking of detoxing and juice cleanses. Fasting is different and has clear and proven advantages.

There is no set duration or way to do it. I’m not going to pretend like I have all the answers because at the end of the day I only know what works for me and a sample size of one is not a reliable study. However I will tell you that the biggest thing you can do for yourself is get at least a basic understanding of what you’re doing. You don’t need to study nutrition for years but don’t just follow along with fad diets or fasts in the hopes of stumbling into something which works.

The sad truth is if it was as easy as all that selling us on fake diet crap wouldn’t be such a big market.

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