Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery – an Open Truth

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Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery – an Open Truth

Unlike many celebrities who refuse to admit their secrete plastic surgery; Wendy Williams has come out openly in public to admit her plastic surgery. She even went ahead appreciating the fact that she cannot be perfect without a plastic surgery.

Wendy Williams plastic surgery is known by almost every individual who loves her. She decided to undertake the procedure with an attempt of boosting her body appearance and beauty so that she can remain attractive before the camera and her audience. One of the plastic surgery which she has undertaken is breast implants.

Wendy Williams breast implants before and after

As shown by the after and before Wendy Williams plastic surgery photos, it is clear that a 49 years old Wendy previously had small breast. The small breasts according to her did not fit well with her big body. This motivated her to look for breast augmentation procedures.

Despite critics arguing that her breasts look unnatural and fake, she is comfortable with them and it seems to work positively for her. On a Wendy Williams show, she openly accepted the fact that she had a breast implant in 2009. After sometime, she replaced the implants due to the fact that she had given birth to her son.

After giving birth to her son, she undertook a liposuction and tummy truck. This was a decision she made after she realized that her tummy was not in a perfect condition six months after giving birth. Wendy realized that it is so difficult to achieve a unique body figure through balance diet and exercise. Since her main motive was to have a perfect body shape, she did not like her own weight condition which was making her uncomfortable. This is the reason why she decided to undertake a tummy tuck.

The motive of Wendy William is to have an attractive figure and everlasting beauty. This is the reason why she has become a fan of Botox injections. The reason for Botox is to prevent wrinkles development on her skin around forehead and face. Within just a short period of time, Wendy Williams’€™s plastic surgery has transformed giving her a new outlook and beauty.

Wendy Williams Facial Plastic Surgery before and after

Apart from the breast and tummy tuck, she decided to enhance her beauty through facial plastic surgery. This is mostly indicated by comparing her previous and recent Wendy Williams plastic surgery photos.

From her recent pictures, it is so simple to realize the she has carried out a number of facial plastic surgeries. This includes cheeks job, head or eye lifts and nose shape. Through Botox injections, Wendy Williams has been able to achieve a plain face which has no wrinkles. This makes her to appear younger and attractive.

Wendy Williams is a unique woman who has widely talked about her plastic surgery and even written it on her book €œ”Wendy Got the Heat“.€ Furthermore, she discussed with her parents who objected the practice and prescribed her a good diet and exercise to fix everything. After carrying out a tummy truck, breast implants, facial plastic surgery, liposuction and nose job, she has totally transformed into a new woman with good outlook.

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