Weight Loss Tips: No Carb Diet Plan

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Can you lose weight on a no-carb diet?

Looking fabulous isn’t the only great reason for you to lose weight! Yes, that’s right, being overweight can cause a lot of health issues including diabetes, heart strokes, high blood pressure as well as cancer! So, if you really want to stay healthy and fit, you need to keep a track of your weight.

Obesity is one of the most common diseases on this planet with over 1 billion adults being a patient of it and maybe that’s the reason why keto diet has gained so much popularity in such a short period of time! But, can you really lose weight while on a keto or a no-carb or a low-carb diet? We will answer this question in this article, read on to know more!

What is a no-carb diet?
A no-carb diet is a diet in which you have to completely eliminate all the carbohydrates and eat only proteins and fats. A lack of carbs in the diet can cause a lot of complications but, if the person is taking enough fats and proteins, they can keep the diseases at bay! We all know that carbs are important for us because they provide us energy which is required by each and every cell of our body but when you are on a zero-carb diet, where will you get the energy from? The answer is simple, when you eat fats instead of carbs, fats perform the function of carbs by providing us with the required amount of energy to work.

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