Vodka and Coke recipe

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Vodka and Coke recipe

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posted by k1d0n3 @ 08:36PM, 3/03/07

This is DA drink for the ones perpuse in getting drunk fast. I added Grenadine to give a cherry flavor.

I wish i had wiskey instead.

posted by Drinker @ 10:45AM, 4/28/07

During my 10 years of active drinking, i have worked my way through 100s of recipies, but always returned to this one. its a classic.

Personally I like it with more vodka than THIS recipie states.

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posted by Taste good 8 out of 10 @ 11:27PM, 11/22/07

5 to 6 bucks at the bar I went to on Wed. night.

I would of thought I would of tasted more coke, but its fairly strong tasting, but not over-powerful.

posted by Don Vito @ 12:02AM, 12/12/07

I get about 2 to 3 to start the night off then everything after starts tasting better 🙂

Awesome drink to start off the night for sure. usually about 5 to 7 bucks.

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