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Nutrition Counseling and Education for:

Our nutrition counseling falls into two categories:

  • Wellness: We help clients improve their long-term health by adopting a healthier way of eating, customized for their bodies and lifestyles.
  • Health improvement: We help clients address specific health issues through diet and supplements.
  • Today, many vegetarians and non-vegetarians are experiencing major and minor health problems that are tied to excesses and deficiencies in their everyday diets. Our clients — including vegetarians, near vegetarians and dedicated non-vegetarians — benefit from our proven nutritional strategies which are both holistic and firmly rooted in science.

    Be healthy!
    Feel great!
    Enjoy life-long vitality!
    with help from the Vegetarian Nutrition Center of Colorado .

    We invite you to read on to learn more about us, to contact us with any questions, to schedule an appointment, to speak with a Nutritionist, and learn more about a Vegetarian Nutrition and a Vegetarian Diet. We’re located in Denver, Colorado and work with people around the country.

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