Understanding Veganism And A Vegan Diet And Making The Switch, Alkaline Plant Based Diet

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Understanding Veganism And A Vegan Diet And Making The Switch

10 Things To Know about Veganism And Switching To A Vegan Diet

In its purest form the definition of a vegan is someone who does not consume any products derived from an animal, and who doesn’t use any products derived from an animal, like wearing leather shoes. Many “true” vegans feel the term “vegan” has been co-opted by people who only avoid eating products derived from animals.

This has led to the development of two categories of vegans to help differentiate between the two and they include “ethical vegans,” which would include animal rights groups like PETA, and “dietary vegans.” The common aspect of both vegans is they both eat a vegan diet, which is also called a plant-based diet.

Since ethical vegans’ primary reason for not eating animal-based products is that is supports animal cruelty, many ethical vegans approach to a plant-based diet is not as healthy as the approach of dietary vegans.

An ethical vegan’s diet can easily consist of eating unhealthy plant-based foods like processed bread, pastries, candy, processed sugar, and processed fat. Though these foods and food products are plant-based they are still unhealthy and support the development and proliferation of chronic diseases.

In general, dietary vegans consume a whole food plant-based diet or a diet high in whole plant foods that minimizes the consumption of processed food and avoids animal-based foods. Dietary vegans try to consume the best plant foods to support health, vitality, and homeostasis.

Though dietary vegans may wear clothing made from animals, many dietary vegans also choose to avoid eating animal products to avoid supporting factory-farming of animals that raise animals in the unhealthiest conditions and kill them equally as cruelly.

Watch the official “Glass Walls” video by Paul McCartney to get a better understanding of the harsh conditions these animals are raised under and the unhealthy meat you may be eating as a result.

Due to the rising awareness of the health benefits of a vegan diet and celebrity supporters like Jay Z, Beyoncé, Bill Clinton, Portia de Rossi, Ellen DeGeneres, and Carrie Underwood, the term “vegan” and “veganism” has been more closely associated with people who just consume a vegan diet or plant-based diet.

The health benefits of eating a whole food plant-based diet are remarkable, but you should have a good understanding of some common questions asked and pitfalls encountered when adopting a vegan diet.

My health and energy has been transformed by my adoption of a vegan diet and I will share my knowledge of the subjects below based on my personal experience. Find out more about my experience here.

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