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A Revolutionary 5-Step Treatment Plan for Candida and Recurring Yeast Infections

Is poor gut health affecting your life?

Say goodbye to your Candida symptoms for good. Get higher energy levels, better digestion, stronger immunity, and more. Follow our 60-day plan to beat your Candida and recover your health.

For only $37 you can get a detailed and scientifically-researched plan, created by nutritionist Lisa Richards and Dr Eric Wood.

I am almost 2 months into the diet and I can really see the results. I really consider your book to be amazing. It is the best thing I ever bought in my life.

I have been on the plan for two full weeks and have noticed incredible improvements in my health. Thanks for sharing your program with others like me!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been struggling to figure out what was wrong for over 10 years now. Nothing has worked as well as this.

Thank you for all the work you have done. I honestly would be lost and, very likely, still suffering if it weren’t for your book.

I have been following your plan very strictly for three months now, and I am finally able to start functioning like a normal human being again. Thank you for changing my life!

Just a note of thanks! After seeing 6 doctors, your program has placed me on a path to restored health. Thanks for writing this book and providing excellent recipes!

I truly thank you for all your hard work in researching the latest information on Candida, and for your work creating such wonderful recipes, many of which I will continue to use.

Once I started the plan I noticed an improvement relatively quickly and within three months or so the thrush had cleared altogether. I just couldn’t be happier. Thank you!

Hi Lisa I can’t tell you how much difference your program has made to my life. I started your plan 4 months ago and I am now able to go back to work and have a life again.

Do you, like millions of other people around the world, suffer from any of these debilitating health problems?

  • Fatigue
  • Yeast Infections
  • Joint Pain
  • Brain Fog
  • Frequent Colds
  • Oral Thrush
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Itching
  • Sinus Congestion
  • Bloating & Gas
  • Food Cravings
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Rashes
  • Allergies

Have you experienced the frustration of going to your doctor, telling him your Candida symptoms and explaining how you feel, only for him to say.

“Get some rest, there’s nothing wrong with you.”

That’s just what happened to many others, and it’s probably your experience too. But instead of just walking away and suffering needlessly, why not listen to what your body is telling you?

The right Candida treatment plan can eliminate your symptoms and beat your Candida for good. So don’t give up on your health just yet!

What do you know about Candida Albicans?

Candida albicans is a yeast that lives inside of almost all of us. When it gets out of control, we call it a Candida overgrowth. The doctors call this Candida Related Complex, and it’s much more common than you might think…

Research has shown that 70% of us have Candida in our guts

So why isn’t everyone talking about Candida overgrowth? Well it’s a difficult condition for doctors to diagnose because the symptoms are so difficult to pin down. Just look at the list above! Many people go through much of their adult life without getting a proper diagnosis from their doctor.

Headaches and fatigue become ‘just a part of normal life’, joint pain is written off as a symptom of ‘getting old’, and depression or mood swings are simply endured.

Have you tried sharing your problems with relatives or friends, only to be told, “It’s all in your head”? Most people simply don’t understand, and many doctors (especially those who have not read the latest research) are not much better. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

What if someone told you that a few dietary changes and some natural supplements could dramatically improve your health?

Most of us these days lead very unhealthy lifestyles. Even food that is advertised as healthy is often packaged and processed to the point where it loses all nutritional value. Many of these ‘health foods’ will actually make your Candida worse! That’s why you need a scientifically designed treatment plan to beat your Candida.

A simple plan to beat your Candida

Why did Dr. Eric Wood and I design this unique Candida-fighting plan? There is no other plan available that lays out a clear timetable and detailed instructions to recover from Candida Related Complex.

The Ultimate Candida Diet program is the treatment plan that has worked for thousands of Candida sufferers (you can read about them in the testimonials). It is a comprehensive 5-step treatment plan that is based on more than 100 separate research studies. It’s designed to do one thing—beat your Candida overgrowth for good. Here’s a taste of what you can expect from this scientifically-researched plan:

  • Learn how to recover from Candida in 60 days
  • Discover a unique 5-step timeline to curing your Candida (you won’t find this anywhere else!)
  • The only Candida treatment plan that is based on the latest medical and scientific research
  • More than 100 delicious recipes containing probiotic and antifungal foods
  • Learn how a combination of diet and low cost supplements can finally beat your Candida
  • Say goodbye to yeast infections, joint pain, depression, digestive problems and fatigue

Is this plan right for you?

Confused by all the different Cand >

Spend 10 minutes looking online and you’ll find countless websites promoting treatments for Candida. The only problem is that 99% of these sites are pushing outdated, ineffective remedies that may even do you more harm than good!

The wrong plan can worsen your gut dysbiosis and make your recovery far more difficult than it needs to be.

So why is this Candida treatment plan different?

The Ultimate Candida Diet is based on years of detailed research into Candida. There have been many scientific and medical studies conducted into Candida albicans, many reflecting the very latest scientific thinking.

Of course, I would encourage you to go and do your own research into Candida too. But if you don’t have the time to wade through hundreds of research papers, we have included everything you need to know in this treatment plan.

Our plan has five unique phases.

Each phase is clearly described and laid out in detail. In each chapter, Dr. Eric Wood and I have explained exactly what you need to do to beat your Candida overgrowth. But that’s not all…we’ve also explained exactly why you need to follow these steps, and we have included the scientific research that backs this up.

Sometimes, the various steps in a Candida treatment plan can be confusing. So we also added a simple timeline chart that makes it absolutely clear what you need to do (and when!).

There are more than 100 delicious recipes to get you started, a list of our top 28 Candida-fighting foods, and detailed shopping lists that you can print out and take to the store with you. We have done everything we can to make your Candida treatment as simple and easy to understand as possible.

Why the Ultimate Cand >

Treating Candida can be an expensive business, and many Candida sufferers spend fortunes on the wrong treatments and the wrong supplements. One of our goals in this program is to prevent this from happening. If you’ve ever visited a naturopath, or undergone medical treatment that fell outside your insurance coverage, you’ll know how expensive healthcare can be.

Many Candida sufferers consult with a local naturopath, but an average naturopath visit can cost upwards of $100! Repeat visits can cost the same, plus they will likely prescribe you expensive remedies that you can only buy at their clinic. It’s easy to spend $1,000 or more within the first few months, with no guarantee that your treatment will work.

The Ultimate Candida Diet program allows you to follow your own treatment plan, without the need for expensive consultations. Dr Eric Wood and I share with you the products that have been tested and that work. You can find them in your local health store, online or wherever you choose.

Lastly, you should know that we are continually revising and improving the program, whether adding recipes, updating technical details or adding more Candida research. When you purchase this program you will automatically have access to any of these future updates.

  • The unique, 5-step Candida treatment plan designed by Lisa Richards and Dr. Eric Wood
  • 4 eBooks packed full of strategies and advice to reduce and eliminate your Candida
  • More than 100 delicious recipes to help you beat your Candida
  • Printable shopping lists for each stage of the diet
  • A 10-part email course to guide you through your treatment
  • A detailed look at the 8 different factors that could be causing your Candida symptoms
  • An easy-to-understand timeline describing exactly when to start each part of your treatment
  • The definitive guide to probiotics and how they should fit into your Candida treatment
  • Money-saving tips that will reduce the cost of your treatment
  • Two questionnaires to help you diagnose your Candida (plus a list of the tests that your doctor can give you)
  • Full lists of Foods To Eat and Foods To Avoid — no more confusion about what you can eat!
  • A guide to Candida Die-Off (and some great strategies for avoiding it!)
  • Alternative therapies that can expel the Candida toxins and relieve your symptoms
  • A list of our favorite Candida-fighting foods
  • Automatic access to any future updates or improvements that we make to the program
  • Tips for a long term, healthy diet plan that will prevent your Candida from coming back, ever!

Start your treatment today!

If You Don’t Feel Significantly Better Within 60 Days, Simply E-Mail Us At [email protected] . We’ll Refund Your Money, No Questions Asked.

This Candida treatment plan comes in several downloadable eBooks (in PDF format) and an email course, so please note that no physical product will be shipped to you. It is fully compatible with PCs, Macs, iPads, Android tablets and many other computers and mobile devices. You can print it out using any regular printer if you would prefer to read a hard copy. If you have any problems downloading the treatment plan, just contact us here and we will be happy to help you.

What’s included in the Ultimate Candida Diet program?

The program contains lots of information, recipes and valuable tools that you can use to diagnose and treat your Candida. Here is a summary of exactly what is included:

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