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Ultimate Athlete 2.0 16 Week Program

Ultimate Athlete 2.0 16 Week Program

(PLEASE DOWNLOAD FROM A COMPUTER AS SOON AS YOU GET PROGRAM) Ultimate athlete 2.0 16 week training is designed for pure dedication and hard work. You get a work out program that breaks down from warm up to strength training into plyo and cardio. A lot have asked is this for fat loss, or maybe even weight gain, the wonderful thing about sports training is it all depends on your diet if you are in a caloric deficit then weight loss best suits you, if opposite then great strength gains and lean mass will be what you obtain, and even for those looking to maintain and better their performance and body composition will see progress from both ends. So athletes non-athletes this is what you have been looking for and its time to reward yourself with hard training better performance and a much better you.

Program requires basic gym equipment you would find at a 24h our fitness, golds gym, la fitness etc.

Sample Day: (as the reps lower, the weight rises)

Single Leg glute bridge : 10 each leg x 2

Bird Dogs: 5 each side

Line Jumps: lateral 10 sec / front to back 10 sec

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