TwinsUK – The biggest twin registry in the UK for the study of ageing related diseases

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Twin research for a healthy future

Researching the link between our genes, the environment, and common diseases

  • 14,274 Twins
  • 76 Studies
  • 800+ Publications
  • 59 Researchers

Looking to collaborate?

We aim to facilitate and encourage the sharing of TwinsUK data and samples with the world’s scientific community to promote and contribute to scientific research and generate new knowledge. Find out more by visiting our data access pages below.

Seeking Twins

Our Research

Find out more about our research themes, our research team, meetings and journal clubs, and search our publications.

Resources for Researchers

Find out about the data and samples we hold and how to apply for access.

Media and Engagement

Find contact details for media and engagement work and read about our twin volunteer and public engagement programmes.

Latest News

Do different types of cells in fat matter in health research?

The variability of cell types found in fat are partly under genetic control and need to be taken into account.

Why do more women develop lupus than men?

Singer and actor Selena Gomez has spoken publicly about living with lupus King’s College London.

@AstroAnnimal @Space_Station @NASA @NASA_Astronauts Twin research, naturally 👭👬

Great event this week with @OramStephen, @taunbot and our very own @DrClaireSteves – fab discussions with the audience about science and the future of research.…

Thrilled to announce we’ve been awarded a silver #sustainability award from King’s! We’ve reduced our printing and waste amongst other departmental initiatives. Find our what…

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