Tropical Iced Tea

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Tropical Iced Tea

Perfectly sweet ‘n’ tangy and loaded with tropical fruit flavor, this easy iced tea is the ultimate summer thirst quencher!

Iced tea. Love it or hate it? From what I’ve gathered, most people I’ve met are either tea drinkers or coffee drinkers.

Me? I’m a coffee ‘gal all the way and generally don’t even bother with tea.

Until I met TROPICAL tea. In iced form of course, because I can’t really stomach warm liquids on a 90° summer day. Who does?

I have no idea how my mom can drink 3 cups of boiling-hot coffee every morning. Urghh…ICED all the way for me, please and thank you.

So this iced tea was born because of the fact that my mom got an out-of-the-blue craving for iced tea the other day and begged me to make some for her.

Now that’s just weird. My mom is coffee-aholic so why the heck would she be craving iced tea?!

I’m a nice daughter though, so I didn’t question her and got right to work making her some tea.

I was half-inclined to just dump a few tea bags in some water, sweeten it and call myself an awesome daughter; but at the same time I was CRAVING something really tropical and fruity.

Sooo…I combined ’em both.

Bam. Best iced tea in the WORLD is invented.

In less than 15 minutes too. Yep, that feels pretty good. 😀

To me, this iced tea tasted like a bang-up combo of fruit punch and classic iced tea. It’s not TOO sweet, but perfectly tangy and balanced with the perfect spot-on tropical flavors of pineapple, orange, and lemon juice.

Party in a glass, I like to call it. 😀

And the color is just so appetizing NOBODY will be able to resist a glassful ‘a this stuff.

This iced tea is so perfectly cold and refreshing it would the PERFECT sipper to pack in a thermos and take along to a summer picnic or cook-out. INSTANT cool-down/energy boost that we all need on these warm summer days.

You will always come home with an empty thermos, though. I promise. 😉

Confession: I had originally made this iced tea last Thursday to serve at our 4th of July barbecue on Friday, but ended up having to make it AGAIN, because my my mom and I ended up guzzling down most of the first batch before Friday rolled around.

Hey, it’s SUMMER, guys so we’ve gotta stay hydrated! 🙂

It wasn’t really a problem either, seeing how this iced whips up SO fast. You just may end up having to make another batch, too. Peeps tend to gulp it all down in minutes flat.

Even if you’re NOT a fan of iced tea, I PROMISE you will fall in love with this tropical drink. And that’s coming from a bonafide iced-coffee lover. 😉

I really AM an awesome daughter and I’m pretty sure my mom felt the same way when I handed her an ice-cold glass of this fruity iced tea.

Then obviously I poured myself a glass and joined her. 😀

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