Trisha Yearwood s cooking show, Southern Kitchen is awful!

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Trisha Yearwood’s cooking show, ‘Southern Kitchen’ is awful!

Who the fuck gave this woman her own damn show?

I’m on the East Coast but grew up in the Deep South. So little of what she does is “southern cooking”.

Has anyone else seen this mess? She stands there and attempts to be clever, opening up can after can after can. Using store bought packs of shredded cheese on everything.

She’s not cooking a bit, not at all. She’s basically putting together common white trash recipes that most of our aunts and grandmothers post on FaceBook. Shit like “better than sex cake” and such. Lots of cans of olives and tubs of cream cheese are used. She doesn’t know how to chop and leaves on her gigantic mega-carot diamond ring.

She was actually frying something up in olive oil this weekend. I’m not cook but even I know you can’t/shouldn’t use olive oil to fry or even brown. It burns too fast and become carcinogenic after it tops a certain temperature.

Did she get this show solely based on her money and name? She couldn’t have gotten it based on her cooking.

by Anonymous reply 107 05/08/2016

Every word is true, OP!

by Anonymous reply 1 04/28/2014

The Food network has really gone downhill. None of the so called cooking experts have any personality. The people from the Next Food Network Star are as lackluster as Cream of Wheat.I am really sick of the competitions, as well. Next, they’ll have a competition on who cooks feces the best.

by Anonymous reply 2 04/28/2014

I haven’t seen the show but I have a soft spot for Trisha. She’s a nice gal.

by Anonymous reply 3 04/28/2014

Whoever does her makeup is awful. They’ll do these close-ups and she’s wearing a ton of makeup – lots of visible pink highlights around her “beautiful blue eyes” to make them “pop”.

Which they do – to a degree that will make you back away from the TV. So tacky.

I was watching once and she did one of those vintage redneck pot luck recipes – seriously, something like that corn casserole you make with canned corn, sour cream, and Jiffy Mix.

by Anonymous reply 4 04/28/2014

Shut up and sing.

by Anonymous reply 5 04/28/2014

Her recipes are pretty boring . although not much worse or different from “Pioneer Woman”. But she’s a pleasant, engaging host, and I like her show.

It is kind of strange to think that, even though her husband is richer than God, they eat like regular folks. (Or at least they’re trying to convey that image.)

by Anonymous reply 6 04/28/2014

You notice all these southern cooking shows they have on now targeting the viewers they lost when they fired Paula Deen? “Heartland Table”, “Southern At Heart”, “The Pioneer Woman” and ” Farmhouse Rules” with that fat lady who looks like a Paula Deen clone. So, only frau’s from the south with no jobs watch the foodnetwork?

by Anonymous reply 7 04/28/2014

[quote]She was actually frying something up in olive oil this weekend. I’m not cook but even I know you can’t/shouldn’t use olive oil to fry or even brown. It burns too fast and become carcinogenic after it tops a certain temperature.

by Anonymous reply 8 04/28/2014

They needed a southern cook on the channel who doesn’t talk about negroes so much, y’all!

by Anonymous reply 9 04/28/2014

R8 “Heartland Table” is about the midwest, not the south. And Pioneer Woman is in far northeastern Oklahoma; that’s not really the south either.

by Anonymous reply 10 04/28/2014

Heartland Table is not about southern cooking. She lives in Minnesota. It’s actually a pretty good show, although have no idea how it got placed among the Food Network’s shitty programming.

by Anonymous reply 11 04/28/2014

Trisha basically was the cause for the decline in Paula’s ratings and then the whole Paula-being-a-stereotypical-southern-racist-incident finally did her in.

Trisha’s food is shit but most southern/heartland food is. that’s why all y’all look like beached whales who take up way too much space and die so young. There I said it.

call me elitist but it’s the truth.

by Anonymous reply 12 04/28/2014

Trisha, make me an olive oil fried egg sandwich, will ya doll?

by Anonymous reply 13 04/28/2014

She’s on because of her husband and the notion that she somehow bridges the Fat Racist and New Cracker-with-Money viewers.

OP is absolutely right.

And Yearwood has never had a pleasing personality or a good image/persona. She looks like she’s from the Wynonna Judd spackle-and-smooth-it-with-flourescent-highlights school of makeup.

by Anonymous reply 14 04/28/2014

They need to find a charming, gay southerner who cooks “light” versions of southern classics. Give that man a show and it will be a hit.

by Anonymous reply 15 04/28/2014

It doesn’t make any sense to have all these southern cooking shows. Most people already know how to make fried chicken and green bean casserole.

by Anonymous reply 16 04/28/2014

Did you see the episode where she and Kelly Clarkson did a brief duet on “Walkaway Joe”? Damn, I love that song.

by Anonymous reply 17 04/28/2014

[quote]So, only frau’s .

by Anonymous reply 18 04/28/2014

Wendy Williams went on the show and said the show had the best lighting ever. Wendy, who’s a foodie, never talked about the actual food though.

by Anonymous reply 19 04/28/2014

R16 chef art smith? He was on Trisha’s show.

I kind of like how dead eyed Trisha is. She’s just so cold, it’s great. It’s the opposite of what I thought southern women strove to be.

by Anonymous reply 20 04/28/2014

In person she’s not cold at all.

by Anonymous reply 21 04/28/2014

R16 Unfortunately a GREAT gay chef from the deep south died before The Food Nitwit Circus et al became really popular. His name was Graig Clairborne and he wrote cookbooks about lighter, low sodium cooking because he, himself was a sick man. I saw him interviewed and he was charming and soft spoken.

P.S. I just remembered that Alton Brown is from Georgia and he is weight conscious, but he’s too busy being a buffoon on the above mentioned network.

by Anonymous reply 22 04/28/2014

OP, you are wrong about the olive oil.

by Anonymous reply 23 04/28/2014

Bring back Bran Boitano.

by Anonymous reply 24 04/28/2014

R16, is there any wiggle room in the “charming” and “gay” requirements?

by Anonymous reply 25 04/28/2014

Craig Claiborne would have fit the bill perfectly, R23. There must be someone like him out there somewhere.

by Anonymous reply 26 04/28/2014

No wiggle room (and no soup) for you, R26.

by Anonymous reply 27 04/28/2014

I like her and her show. She giggles a lot with her guests, which adds a warmth and a realness to it.

by Anonymous reply 28 04/28/2014

show with Kelly Clarkson

by Anonymous reply 29 04/28/2014

Wendy Williams is a foodie? what dies that make Laura Calder?

by Anonymous reply 30 04/28/2014

Thanks, R30. Duet starts around 18:55.

by Anonymous reply 31 04/28/2014

[quote]And Pioneer Woman is in far northeastern Oklahoma; that’s not really the south either.

Then what would you call it? They say “y’all” and eat biscuits and gravy, sounds Southern to me.

by Anonymous reply 32 04/28/2014

I grew up in the South. My mother and her sisters could put on a feast of Southern cooking the likes you wouldn’t believe.

I’ve never seen Trisha’s show so I can’t comment. I no longer eat “home” cooking unless I’m home and it’s a family type gathering. That food will always spell comfort to me.

Day in and day out now I eat as clean as possible except 1 day a week.

by Anonymous reply 33 04/28/2014

Clean? As opposed to food with dirt in it?

by Anonymous reply 34 04/28/2014

That food stamp diet chef who is gay has southern roots.

by Anonymous reply 35 04/28/2014

If you don’t know what eating clean means then you must living in a cave with a 24/7 supply of Twinkies.

by Anonymous reply 36 04/28/2014

Anonymous is way too sarcastic to people on here. Let each person have their say without some smart aleck comment.

by Anonymous reply 37 04/28/2014

I’m not a Trisha Yearwood fan and I have never liked Okies anyway. She is way too full of herself and the fact that she’s married to Garth Brooks doesn’t impress me either. Notice how she gets her guests on the show to do things for her? And I would NEVER eat anything that anyone cooked or prepared while wearing jewelry or nail polish. How disgustingly unsanitary. Do you k.ow how much dirt and oils collect in jewelry? Don’t you know nail polish wears off and chips? Trisha is not a terribly talented old fashioned type cook but a lot of what she makes looks good to me, but then I don’t care for southern food. The jewelry wearing while cooking is a deal breaker though.

by Anonymous reply 38 04/28/2014

Trisha Yearwood is just another fat redneck, like Wynona Judd. Most people think if you’re big and fat you must know how to cook. That’s not necessarily the case.

by Anonymous reply 39 04/28/2014
by Anonymous reply 40 04/28/2014

I found a recipe from one of her books that I love, Chicken Pie. Similar to Chicken Pot Pie but the crust is much better due to the buttermilk used.

by Anonymous reply 41 04/28/2014

I’d never cook or eat anything she does, but I find her show very pleasant to watch.

by Anonymous reply 42 04/28/2014

LOL and WW for R35!

by Anonymous reply 43 04/28/2014

R40 – Not fat now.

by Anonymous reply 44 04/28/2014

I like her gonna try her crock pot mac and cheese (also tried Paula’s it was a disaster) BUT her favorite is creamed beef on toast she uses hamburger. Even DL fave Sandra Lee wouldn’t stoop so low. BTW did they fire Sandra?

by Anonymous reply 45 04/29/2014

r46 Creamed beef on toast reminds me of the chow halls I knew when I was in the military. That stuff is great, even better than the version made with chipped beef.

by Anonymous reply 46 04/29/2014

R36 who? I know the one that got the long thread on DL is straight and has been married forever.

by Anonymous reply 47 04/29/2014

R16: Isn’t that Bobby Deen’s show.

by Anonymous reply 48 04/29/2014

Hey Food Network trolls, if you want to talk about other shows, start a thread already. The OP didn’t ask for a rundown of your favorite cooking show.

As for Yearwood, yes, she no doubt got this show to fill the gap left behind by Paul Deen.

He shit is all can based and, as someone else said, tends to be mostly redneck potluck and crockpot style recipes. Tuna casserole with canned peas and bread crumbs and deserts made with mini Reeces cups. It’s horrible. Real southern food would be minimal packaged products and a lot of baking, use of flour for rouxs and gravies and such. She does none of this.

As from my recollections of her, she was never a particularly pleasant person. At the height of her fame I even thing she was known not to be so humble and nice. She seems fake to me, like her cooking.

by Anonymous reply 49 04/29/2014

R50 don’t be a hall monitor control freak. Threads take on a life of their own. live with it.

by Anonymous reply 50 04/29/2014

What’s sad is that she was an amazing singer who was almost more of a torch singer than a country singer. She was highly ambitious — with a business degree — but seemed to lose interest when she didn’t become a big star, as if it were all or nothing — or maybe just by being Mrs. Garth.

by Anonymous reply 51 04/29/2014

Is Jeffrey Zakarian gay? Who’s had him?

by Anonymous reply 52 04/29/2014

Never fry using olive oil, OP?

My breaded chicken breasts done in olive oil and butter might change your tune.

by Anonymous reply 53 04/29/2014

[quote]She doesn’t know how to chop and leaves on her gigantic mega-carot diamond ring.

by Anonymous reply 54 04/29/2014

R52, not sure how famous she got but I remember her being huge with the lesbian crowd back in the early 90s. Not sure why but every gay girl I knew back then was insane for her.

Agreed about what someone said re: her chopping and such. When I’ve watched, she clearly doesn’t know her way around a kitchen. She uses the most basic tools, leaves all her jewelry on and when when cuts things us. she’s very slow and careful and doesn’t appear to know how to use a knife very well.

This is not someone who has lived in the kitchen. With fame and fortune and being on the road, I’m not sure how she has managed to be such a “down home cook” all these years, which she claims to be.

Also if you watch, you’ll hear her attempt to use terms she’s apparently picked-up from other shows or act as though she’s in on some new trend. But it’s all very sad because the poor woman is just a bullshitter.

Those Baptist church frau friends of her are tiresome too. One day she had her Zumba class friends helping her cook. They made some redneck cheesy casserole type of thing with sugary ‘sangria’ and bread and such. It was like watching a herd of cattle feed.

by Anonymous reply 55 04/29/2014

R53 GEOFFREY (not Jeffrey) is married with children (not that that is an indicator . )

by Anonymous reply 56 04/29/2014

She and her husband chose to live in Tulsa, one of the most bigoted Jesus-y cities in the U.S. Birds of a feather.

by Anonymous reply 57 04/29/2014

R58 I think they live there because Garth’s kids (from marriage #1) are there. And R39, she’s not an “Okie,” she’s from Georgia.

by Anonymous reply 58 04/29/2014

[quote]Is Jeffrey Zakarian gay? Who’s had him?

I wish! That’s one hot piece of Armenian ass I’d love to tap!

by Anonymous reply 59 04/29/2014

At one time Garth was going to name one of his kids after Barbra so he can’t be all bad.

by Anonymous reply 60 04/29/2014

She has an outstandingly good recipe for pecan pie without corn syrup. I made it last Thanksgiving, using my own all-butter piecrust recipe. It was gone so fast I didn’t get a piece.

Beyond that, I don’t know anything about her. I pulled up the rest of her Food Network recipes and nothing else looked appealing.

I’ve never seen her cooking show and now I won’t, based on comments on this thread. It’s hard to watch cooks who don’t understand technique.

by Anonymous reply 61 04/29/2014

This show is awful. It should be canceled.

by Anonymous reply 62 07/31/2014

Can’t stand that kitchen scullion! All these foodie shows on TV with bad cooks pouring gallons of olive oil and tossing handfulls of salt on shit it making everyone get diabetus.

Stop watching cooking shows. Quit thinking all the time about food and comforting yourself and go outside in the sun and fresh air and dig a goddamn hole for a swimming pool. Get some exercise and I don’t me flat-backing it either.

Damn tired of all this cooking mania!

by Anonymous reply 63 07/31/2014

Who has time for all that complicated food? Trisha should just get some white bread and canned apple pie filling and let me show her how to make a dessert the kids will love!

And if you’re watching your waist, my recipe with reduced-calorie Bisquick, canned cherry pie filling and Diet Dr Pepper is just what you’re looking for!

by Anonymous reply 64 07/31/2014

Is it cocktail time yet? Andy’s been kind of cranky lately and Aunt Sandy needs to get a buzz on.

by Anonymous reply 65 07/31/2014

And yet she has her own show, OP, and all you got was this silly thread.

Go see a musical

by Anonymous reply 66 07/31/2014

Somebody needs to slap the sweet potatoes right out of that cunt’s mouth .. and I’m just the dame to do it!

by Anonymous reply 67 07/31/2014

She is very cute and has “sometimes” good ideas. But I have watched every episode, and have not found ONE I would try! All boring and bland looking. sorry.

by Anonymous reply 68 12/25/2014

Food Network needed someone southern and white trash enough to replace Paula. So now you get the redneck Semi-Drunk With Sandra Lee Southern Style

by Anonymous reply 69 12/25/2014

Hate to break it to you, but she won a Daytime Emmy in 2013.

And I agree: her recipes are from hunger.

by Anonymous reply 70 12/25/2014

You people are ridiculous. I have tried a couple of her recipes and they are good.

by Anonymous reply 71 12/29/2014

This thread is hilarious, now I want to see this show. Kelly Clarkson probably eats a lot of crap seeing she has really chubbed out.

by Anonymous reply 72 12/29/2014

I watch the show nearly every time it’s on just because Trisha is so darn likable. I have never listened to her music, but she is so much fun, and not in a fake syrupy sweet sort of way, that it makes me happy just to see her. It’s the exact opposite of how The Pioneer Woman makes me feel. The southern chef from Louisville whose show often follows Trisha’s is far more adventurous and challenging cooking. She is a chef/instructor, and she is quite good. Her name is Demaris something.

by Anonymous reply 73 12/29/2014

Demaris is the new Paula Deen, not Trisha. Demaris is restrained from showing her true persona, don’t know why because she was a huge flirt with Alton on Food Network Star. They should just let her rip.

by Anonymous reply 74 12/30/2014

Thanks expressed to the poster up thread who mentioned Craig Claiborne. He was a great influence on me – I was a teenager learning to cook when he was publishing cookbooks and writing regularly for the NYT, as food editor and restaurant critic. He was a fine teacher and his recipes were reliable, easy to master, and delicious.

What I appreciated about him and some of his contemporary chef/teachers was that it didn’t feel like they were showing off or talking down to the reader – just teaching what they knew, with the straightforward authority of trustworthy experience.

It’s annoying how Ina, Giada, Pioneer Woman, and so many TV chefs will describe, in a somewhat self-congratulatory tone, a cooking tip or technique as though they had invented or discovered it entirely on their own through years in the kitchen. Invariably it was sourced from someone like Claiborne or a professional chef, or a wise, old-school home cook who crossed their paths.

I give Trisha credit – she makes an effort to tell where or from whom she learned a recipe or kitchen tip. I don’t care for her recipes but like some posters have said, her pleasant, easy style and kitchen banter with family and friends can create pleasant viewing.

by Anonymous reply 75 12/30/2014

None of these chefs have any appeal unless you’re an absolute cracker or just waiting to die.

by Anonymous reply 76 12/30/2014

Met Trisha several times when she participated in Broadway events. Fun, approachable and down to earth – and a terrific vocalist. She seems the same on the show and I like the way she uses family and friends and has outtakes. Np pretense of being a chef-she constantly says she’s a home cook and who she got the recipes from.

I do recognize the majority of the trashy recipes from church cookbooks my mom used when I was a kid. Bacon, boxed cake mix and Cream of Mushroom soup for everyone!

I don’t like the show because she should have spent the time recording a few more albums instead. She’s a really great singer.

by Anonymous reply 77 12/30/2014

R. 51 – She made it pretty big in country music. Maybe not to the level of Reba or Dolly, but Trisha had quite a few big hits. I would love to be hooke up with Garth. Hot body, muscles for days, really sexy guy.

by Anonymous reply 78 12/30/2014

“real” Southern cooking is fresh as hell. Grands and Great-grands usually had their own herb/veggie gardens as well as laying chickens (which occasionally got their necks wrung). Iron skillets, butter, pig grease, fresh milk (and cream!), fresh peaches, apples, muscadine grapes, blackberries, figs etc.

Fresh food by season. Biscuits, pie crusts, cakes, and bread made fresh and from scratch (no Pillsbury anything!). 3 staples one always had: flour, sugar, salt.

Canned stuff was post-WW2, so it’s no surprise some in that Boomer gen remember Southern cooking so disasterously. That was during the southern suburbia/townie boom. But real southern is real rural, pre-Ww2.

by Anonymous reply 79 12/30/2014

R73 R74 DAmaris, not Demaris.

by Anonymous reply 80 12/30/2014

I finally caught an episode where Garth was guest . and she called him “Gartha Stewart.”

by Anonymous reply 81 12/30/2014
by Anonymous reply 82 12/30/2014

Thanks, R79. That’s how women cooked in my parents’ families.

Cake yeast, baking soda, baking powder, flour, salt, pepper, sugar and chocolate (usually Hershey’s cocoa) were among the few things they bought. They made their own butter and rendered lard; those were the only fats they used.

by Anonymous reply 83 12/30/2014

R77 – Problem is recording an album won’t make her any money.

by Anonymous reply 84 12/30/2014

She’s married to Garth Brooks AND has her own TV show– I don’t think she’s hurting for money.

by Anonymous reply 85 12/30/2014

Yeah R85 she’s doing the TV show out of the goodness of her heart.

A selfless act to share her cooking secrets.

by Anonymous reply 86 12/30/2014

Watched to the show with Kirt Warner and his wife. She made bbq ribs in a cooking bag and baked beans. Also cookie bars. This is something people do everyday. Nothing special about it. I agree this is not cooking. Cooking things like meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Turkey meatloaf sandwiches. The food channel needs to get a real southern cook. This is just a rich person that wants a cooking show and can afford to buy whatever she wants.

by Anonymous reply 87 01/28/2015

I just saw my first two episodes of this show and have to agree that’s it’s completely idiotic.

Trisha Yearwood starts out each episode saying “But what people DON’T know about me is that I’m also known for my cookin!” Uhm, NO. No, you’re not.

It’s Trisha Yearwood opening a lot of soup cans playing like she knows her way around a kitchen in a poorly designed set-up kitchen. She’s attempting to make ‘Southern favorites’, but it’s mostly recipes most of my Southern aunts and grandmas would throw together and take to the Baptist church suppers. Just common bullshit, not worthy at all of a kitchen show. At least Paula Deen had her own recipes and was actually somewhat authentic.

How does she expect any fucking person to believe that while she’s been traveling the world and living on tour buses and singing concerts, that she was also simultaneously cooking shit nearly every day?

I have no doubt she scored this show because she had money to lobby Food Network for it.

She has no chemistry with the camera, she’s awkward, she can’t even break eggs. I mean, it’s so clear this woman has never been any type of dedicated cook.

by Anonymous reply 88 02/14/2015

love your show Trish, my granddaughter does a lot of cooking in her special ed class at high school, you make easy family food, by cooking they learn reading spelling,math and so much more, make meals for staff need to plan, shop, know how much to charge and figure profits for next meal. I have been unable to find a cook book for the young students (not children) do you have one ? we live in a small community of 900 but our rural families make our school of 2300. By the way our youngest daughter and her family live in Yukon, and my sister and her family live in Owasso, so visit your area several times a year. Thanks for the interesting show. We are in Michigan which I hear you will be visiting soon.

by Anonymous reply 89 02/14/2015

Bless your heart, R89. And I think we know where your special ed granddaughter got her smarts from.

by Anonymous reply 90 02/14/2015

Wow it must be awfully lonely up on that pedestal you’ve put yourself on. All I hear is jealously.

by Anonymous reply 91 02/18/2015

I loved her music when she first came out. About her first four CDs. Then meh. Walkaway Joe is about as good as a country song can get. Plus it gave Matthew McConaughey his first break in the video for the song. Then she just got fat and icky.

by Anonymous reply 92 02/18/2015

[quote]As for Yearwood, yes, she no doubt got this show to fill the gap left behind by Paul Deen.

That must be a really huge gap!

by Anonymous reply 93 02/18/2015

Someone should her the recipe for those Datalounge buns.

by Anonymous reply 94 02/18/2015

When it comes to cooking, this horrid woman is as fake as her husband is in his pretend heterosexualism.

by Anonymous reply 95 02/18/2015

As much as you bitch about her show, it’s not going away. Ratings are very high. Get over it.

by Anonymous reply 96 02/18/2015

“All I hear is jealously.”

An thats wut uh luvvv uhbowt tha sowwwuth!

by Anonymous reply 97 02/18/2015

Her food isn’t all that amazing, but I like the show. I like when she and her sister are on together. They have a natural family banter. She says she’s a home cook and that she is known by her family and friends as a good cook. Not chef. Home cook. That’s all I expect out of the show. It’s enjoyable.

Most of her cocktail recipes aren’t that great, but Summer In A Cup is a great summer cocktail. Also did her glazed ham and it turned out great.

by Anonymous reply 98 02/18/2015

Food Network is to blame for this type of show. Although I think that moron Pioneer Woman is about as low as it gets. Why is Yearwood doing a food show? She is married to one of the richest men in the world. She has/had a music career. She is NO cook. All that canned and processed stuff. What an insult as well as unhealthy. What amazes me most is the ratings. We all know with any TV, if you don’t have the ratings you’re gone – no matter whom you are married to!

by Anonymous reply 99 04/19/2015

her food is straight up shit lol I can’t believe she got a cooking show when her recipes are so basic and fattening as hell.

Enough with the over abundance of “country food” themed shows. There are so many types of cuisine out there and it’d be nice to expose Americans to them.

by Anonymous reply 100 12/19/2015

I honestly can’t handle watching this woman’s show, but I do so. I think I’m actually hate watching her. She has no idea what the fuck she’s doing. I’m no chef or cooking expert myself, but I know my way around the kitchen. It’s clear she’s even unable to hold a damn knife. Seriously. Tune-in, watch her attempt to chop something. She’s wearing a massive, tacky diamond ring she wants to be sure you see. She never takes it off, it’s there every episode, along with her pretend, frauen dream kitchen; the one she had made on her ranch in order to convince Food Network to let her have a little show. (I’ve read rumors that she pays for the production until it makes money. She apparently had to beg them to let her have it and may actually be PAYING the network.)

Her odd, awkward sister seems like a nice woman, but she buzzes in and out of the episodes because it’s clear Trisha has no real friends, just her weird sister who seems like she’s suffering from PTSD or domestic violence or some mental illness. Trisha is also clueless as to how a stand mixer works. She fumbles with it, it’s awkward to her touch. She has no idea what it’s supposed to do.

She claims she’s “always been a cook, ALWAYS homemade”. My question is, how the fuck did she tour the country in the 80s and 90s when she was a mega country star, the darling of lesbians everywhere, perform, record, travel and yet supposedly had time to cook for her crew “almost every night” as she says. Can this possibly hold a grain of truth?

Every recipe is everything my Southern Baptist grammy would have made. Lots and lots of cans or tomato paste and canned beans and canned this and boxed that. She makes Sandra Lee look like Julia Child. (Whatever happened to Sandra Lee anyway? Is she still around?). Then there’s the ‘wacky’ outtakes. where at the end of each show, or sometimes between commercial breaks, she airs the crazy parts of filming they had to take out. You know, cause they were so spontaneous and everything (wink). Only, they’re as staged as her sad show and it’s usually her and her sister saying something or flubbing a word, then they break down into hysterical faux laughter. Like, it’s the funniest thing EVER! The sister typically pauses for Trisha’s cue, because I think Trisha beats her when she fucks up, after the crew had left and headed back to the Bumfuke Oklahoma Motel 6.

From the tired “Love You More” magnet on her fake kitchen’s fridge, to the ‘rustic charm’ kitchen sign reading “This Is My Happy Place”, placed obviously, ‘cleverly’ in a recipe book holder, to the now done-to-death Martha Stewart seafoam green walls and hot pink stand mixer (you know, cause Trisha is just a crazy gal that way. She’s a wacky, crazy cook. Nothing’s too wild for THIS girl!), it’s an exercise in surrealist television.

by Anonymous reply 101 05/07/2016

..and one more thing. Her husband’s gay so, there’s that.

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