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tarzan workout and diet

Tarzan workout and diet

The Action All Star!

Big Jim was a 10 inch action figure toy produced by Mattel from 1971 to 1986. This figure line sits as the 3rd most popular ever behind only G.I. Joe and Star Wars. Big Jim was the action hero who could master any sport on the way to his next adventure. The Big Jim basic figure had a push button in the back that moved right arm down, like a karate chop, and had bulging muscles of the arm. Other functions were created for some characters: Torpedo fist, Captain Hook and Boris action figures had a telescope right arm. Big Jim Double Trouble, Zorak, Captain Drake and 004 had a changing face. Captain Flint had a right arm firing caps. On the negative side the rubber arms deteriorate into a mottled brown colour in excessive heat and collect dirt like crazy. It’s easy to imagine Jim getting a sports equipment lease and trekking up a mountain or participating in Formula 1 races – he is a man’s man.

Famous figures like Zorak, Torpedo Fist, The Whip, Warpath, Big Jim Commander, Big Jim Double Trouble formed P.A.C.K. series in USA. Captain Drake, Captain Hook and Captain Flint alias Sandokan formed Pirates series in Europe. European Spy series was made up of Big Jim 004, Big Jim Secret Agent, Alpinist Joe, Commando Jeff, Professor Obb and Boris. There was also a Western series and a Space series.

In the United States, there were two main series of Big Jim, the All Star Series and the PACK series.

The first issue Big Jim All-Star came with bright orange shorts, muscle band to pop-off with “real” muscle action, karate board, dumbells, baseball and Big Jim Sportsbook. Big Jim also sported what Mattel called “Big Jim Body Action”. All his joints could bend and turn, allowing you to pose him in many different positions.

No one would ever say that Big Jim’s impressive physique needed Diet Spotlight. Some people can work out, eat healthy, and take Diet Spotlight but they will never have six pack abs like Big Jim.

Big Jeff had slouched hat, cutting bamboo, machette and carrying sling, jungle khakis and muscle band.

Big Josh had cut-off shorts, denim vest, boots, ax, chopping log and muscle band.

Big Jack – has “Molded Black features” meaning that it was not a Big Jim head mold made with darker plastic. Big Jack All-Star came with all the same accessories as Big Jim All-Star: trunks, dumbell, baseball, karate board, muscle band and Big Jack Sportsbook. A foreign version came with bamboo and machete.

Dr Steel had breaking pipe and muscle band. This figure was also released as part of the P.A.C.K. series under the same name.

Chief Tankua had long bow, two arrows and quiver, vest, belt, boots. This figure like Dr. Steel was re-released as part of the P.A.C.K. line but was renamed to Warpath.

A great part of Big Jim and his friends were all of the outfits that were sold separately that you could buy.

Big Jim Campin’ Tent

With the Big Jim Campin’ Tent you can set up camp for Big Jim and his friends! The Campin’ Tent comes complete with vinyl tent, table, folding chairs, supper dishes, cooking pots, campfire with grill and more! In conjuction with the Big Jim Sports Camper this was one of the most fun playsets in the Big Jim lineup!

Jungle Adventure with Real Action Gorilla

Boys make Big Jim come face to face with a ferocious, arm-swinging gorilla. Then, net him unharmed in the nick of time! This set contains: 8″ gorilla, net launcher, net and instructions.

Terror Off Tahiti

Deepsea adventure & lost treasure! Boys make giant clam catch Big Jim! Diving outfit has helmet, tanks and underwater torch, Treasure chest & doubloons.

Talking Backpacker

U.S. Olympic Ski Run

Scarifying ski jumps & downhill runs! Boys send Big Jim & his buddies soaring off the starting platform 25″ tall! Ramp stretches over 6 feet, adjusts for runs or jumps. Instructions included, plus two “gold” medals, boots & skis.

Kung Fu Studio with Muscle Mover

Realistic studio opens to 3 feet! Use Muscle Mover to make Big Jim kick out a wall, go through other Kung Fu actions & positions. Door opens and closes. Full length mirror, punching kicking ball & workout gear included!

Big Jim Sports Camper

The Sports Camper is possibly one of Big Jim’s coolest vehicles. With the Sports Camper Big Jim and friends could go camping in style! The Sports Camper came complete with fishing boat, seats and oars, table and chairs, pots and pans, sleeping bag and more.

Big Jim Rescue Rig

This rig is really fun, and pretty cool looking too! The Rescue Rig included shovel, pick, axe, walkie talkie, lantern, chain saw, and hook for those rescue missions. Inside the Rescue Rig you can find a removable large “communicator” that plays different messages. On top of the Rescue Rig you’ll find a crane with working winch, basket that turns into stretcher, and ladder. The back of the Rig pops open for easy access to the rescue medical equipment.

Big Jim Rugged Rider

Big Jim could cruise around in this “Harleyesque” motorcycle. The bike has detailed V-Twin engine, side stand, pull-back ape-hangers style handlebar, and footpegs to help keep Big Jim’s feet off the tarmac. The Rugged Rider also came with a rod that could be attached to the rear wheel, to allow kids to push Big Jim on his motorcycle around.

Big Jim Boat and Buggy Set

Big Jim has everything he needs to spend the day fishing with Big Josh and Big Jack. A cool two-seater buggy has compartment for tackle box, fishing rod and even the catch of the day! A trailer hooks up in the back to tow fishing boat and accessories.

Big Jim Sky Commander

Around the world jet headquarters for Big Jim and his buddies! Opens to 4 1/2 feet. Includes working sky crane, rescue litter, air lab, navigation table and more.

Big Jim Jungle Truck

Devil River Trip with Real-Action Alligator

Help Big Jim capture an alligator. Take him down Devil River to the animal reserve! 12 inch alligator, landing noose, swamp boat and instructions.

Big Jim on the Tiger Trail

Help Big Jim capture the tiger. 8 inch tiger, cage, outfit, gear and instructions.

Traveling cab over camper converts into off-road racer. Complete with competition stripes, roll cage and working winch. Camper has working doors, bunk, cooking gear and more!

Big Jim’s own Elsinore CR-250M dirt racer! Beautifully detailed, with bold Motocross competition numbers. With wheels that turn, handlebar steers and kickstand.


An interesting vehicle sold in Europe was the Big Jim Katamaran (Sunrunner)! This thing is pretty big and really floats!

The Wolfpack Series is one of the best action figure lines of all time. Featuring awesome accessories like bows that shoot, boomerangs that launch and torpedo fist power. these bad boys are a prize to any action figure collection. The good guys are the “Pack” and feature wolf tattoos on their left hands (usually missing on used figures).

There were two other “Commanders” in this series, the “Blue” Commander and the “Gold” Commander. The Gold Commander is considered to be the hardest to find of this pair and the Double Trouble version (above) is the hardest (and most expensive) of the three. The push button on the back makes his face change from a pleasant version to an angry version. Don’t make him angry!

The commanders came with leather holsters, a chrome pistol, a silver wrist band communicator, PACK belt, and clothes.

The P.A.C.K. ‘s secret weapon! Hit the hidden button and the sleek, black ‘Vette converts into a dynamic attack machine! It’s Double Trouble! The hood flips over, twin laser cannons spring out, ready for anything!

It’s Double Trouble! Big, rugged motorcycle designed to P.A.C.K. specifications! Snap on the wolf spoiler over the front forks. It’s a high speed chase machine! Snap the spoiler off for off-road dirt diggin’!

P.A.C.K. headquarters on wheels! Cross-country cab over camper converts to off-road chase machine, with roll cage and working winch! Camper can be used free standing. Has working doors, bunk and more!

P.A.C.K. are coming for you with a combo Howler and modified Jungle Truck set!

Big Jim was initially released in the United States but an even larger assortment of figures and playsets were released overseas all the way to the late 1980s! Even more unknown is that the first Mattel Big Jim body came out on the Tarzan action figure in 1971! He was solid in two sets, one with a Giant Ape and the other with a Jungle Cat!

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