Timeline Shift, Mandela Effect: Mandela Effect List

coke diet scotty boy

Coke diet scotty boy

Mandela Effect List

Updated List of Some of the Most Well Known and Some of the Less Well Known ME’s for all time through 2018.


The changing of Ghandi to Gandhi is interesting, because about 14 years ago I was blogging something and spelled it Gandhi and was taken to task by another blogger who corrected me and said it was Ghandi. But now it is back to Gandhi. so that is kind of funny.

I have one for you that no one has posted anywhere (that I have seen) but if you have older readers(born in the 40s or 50s, they might remember. My mother was given the RhoGam shot in 1961/62 for two children (oldest siblings) because of blood RH incompatibility between my father and her. We had lots of discussions about this over the years, the most recent in about 2004. Well, now that shot wasn’t even invented and administered for the first time in 1968.

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