These women entrepreneurs – success stories all have one thing in common! Times of India

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These women entrepreneurs’ success stories all have one thing in common!

After working in the corporate field for 9 years, Sheetal Kabra decided to take a break, owing to a high-risk pregnancy. This break brought her back to her long-lost love for arts and crafts. It was also then that she realized the need for truly natural products, especially in the field of personal care. When her baby did not react well to the traditionally available options of baby soaps, she decided to try her hand at creating hand-made soaps that would help her kid. After noticing the stark difference from the mass-produced soap options that filled the market stands and the hand-made soaps that she created with love and nurture, Sheetal began her entrepreneurial journey by selling her hand-crafted soaps to her family and friends, and Earthy Sapo was born. Today, Earthy Sapo offers a wide array of natural soaps, hair oils, moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, etc. They are all natural, chemical free and crafted with love.

Kanchan Rakesh, Dadi’s Handmade Pickle

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