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The Ultimate Diet 2.0

When dieters attempt to achieve extremely low body fat levels, hunger, muscle loss, and crashing hormones are all part of a coordinated set of physiological adaptations that occur in the body. The Ultimate Diet 2.0 not only explains the physiology behind those adaptations but will give you a specific training and diet program to sidestep them and achieve your goals.


About the Ultimate Diet 2.0

When trying to diet to extremely low levels of body fat, muscle mass and performance loss, crashing hormones, runaway hunger and others are perennial difficulties that the non-genetic elite (or natural) dieter has to face.

The Ultimate Diet 2.0 (UD2) provides the answer to all of those problems and more. Building on previous cyclical diets such as the original Ultimate Diet by Dan Duchaine and Michael Zumpano, as well as Bodyopus, the UD2 includes a full discussion of the physiological hurdles that dieters must clear to reach their goals of extremely low body fat levels.

Based around cutting edge research into bodyweight regulation, calorie partitioning and more, The Ultimate Diet 2.0 is a coordinated program of training, nutrition and supplements that will let the most genetically average individual sidestep the problems I mentioned above.

Every aspect of the training cycle, what to eat, how to train and what supplements to take are described in detail. As well, modifications to the diet for different goals are described as well. Variations for powerlifters, endurance athletes and those seeking mass gains are detailed as well.

Please note: the UD2 is an advanced diet for advanced dieters and is only for those seeking very low levels of body fat. A male should be at 12-15% body fat or lower and females at 21-24% body fat or lower prior to considering the UD2. As well trainees must have at least 6 months of consistent training in the weight room under their belt before they even consider the UD2.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What this book is and who it’s for
Chapter 2: Your body hates you
Chapter 3: Why is it so hard: Part 1
Chapter 4: Why is it so hard: Part 2
Chapter 5: Fat basics
Chapter 6: Fat cell metabolism
Chapter 7: Muscle growth: Part 1
Chapter 8: Training systems
Chapter 9: Ultimate Diet 2.0 overview
Chapter 10: The low-carbohydrate phase
Chapter 11: The carb-load
Chapter 12: The weekend
Chapter 13: UD2 Variations
Chapter 14: Final commentary


The following is from Chapter 1: What this book is and who it’s for

What you should expect during the diet
I’ll say up front that the UD2 is not an easy diet. You’ll have to count/decrease calories and carbohydrates 3-5 days out of every 7. While you don’t get to eat everything in sight on the other days, it’ll sure seem like it. On some days you can even eat some junk food. If you use the fat loss variant, you should be losing a pound or more of fat per week, while gaining some muscle. At the very least you’ll maintain muscle without loss which can be an improvement for most people. Performance athletes can lean out while maintaining or even increasing performance as well. For the muscle gain variant, it’s a little harder to predict. Women, of course, will have slightly smaller changes overall for what should be obvious reasons.

Despite what you may be used to, you’ll only be lifting 4 days per week. Each workout should take about an hour or so, with one running maybe an hour and a half. If you can’t find 4 hours per week to train consistently, this diet won’t do you much good. Cardio is optional for men, but generally necessary for women to lose their lower body fat at any decent rate. Still, you shouldn’t need a ton of cardio with this diet, not nearly as much as you think anyhow.

There are only one or two required supplements, although there are some that can be genuinely helpful. Beyond that, the diet revolves around basic foods that you can get at any supermarket (I assume that bodybuilders and athletes have no problem with protein powder). While I’ll mention drug options to further optimize the diet, they are by no means required.

Reader Feedback

“After years of bouncing from 200lb to 180lb, I constantly found that I was just looking like a smaller version of myself with lost strength. It wasn’t until I implemented Ultimate diet 2.0 for 8 weeks that I finally achieved the stronger and leaner version of myself that I was trying to achieve all along.”

Before 203lbs
After 183lbs” – Ryan A

“Lyle McDonald is known in the industry for being able to sift through the most advanced and recent research on human physiology, and then distill it all into simple and effective methods which truly works! That is the true hallmark of a great writer in my opinion. Where most people who want to diet to extremely low body fat levels face the challenges of losing muscle and feeling like crap, The Ultimate Diet 2.0 is a set of guidelines for a specific, integrated dieting and training program which will allow you to lose fat safely and effectively, while not only retaining muscle but in many cases BUILD muscle and strength!

I’ve used The Ultimate Diet 2.0 to achieve the best conditioning of my life in national bodybuilding competitions, and on a multitude of clients in bodybuilding, fitness, and sports where functional muscle mass with low body fat is just the advantage they need to beat their competition. Make no mistake, The Ultimate Diet 2.0 is a tough program and requires you to adhere to a strict setup (although suggestions for alternate schedules are included), but the results you will achieve will be dramatic and beyond your expectations!” -Borge (aka Blade) – Norway – MyoRevolution

Weight -6.2 lbs
Waist: -1in
Hips: – 2.5in
R thigh: -1.5in
Bi’s: +.5in

“I’d been warned that, by using conventional dieting methods, I’d likely lose hard-earned muscle mass from my upper body and end up looking skeletal, while attempting to whittle away at the long-held stubborn fat on my lower body. On the contrary, with The Ultimate Diet 2.0, I was relieved to see not only the preservation of existing lean body mass, but also noticeable upper body gains, while fat loss on my lower body was well underway.

This book offers a detailed explanation of both the science and the process; I learned not only “how”, but also “why”. While the schedule and diet plans are strict and precise, variations are offered that allowed me to align the plan with my scheduling challenges and family obligations. The workouts and meal plans are varied enough to prevent boredom, while allowing me to partake in normal social events and enjoy most of my favourite foods without feeling deprived. UD2 isn’t easy, and requires discipline, but tangible results from week to week made it easy to stay motivated and compliant.” – Anne, Canada

“After countless cycles of cutting and bulking, I found myself exactly where I started: 197 pounds and a high bodyfat percentage. The traditional approaches to cutting and bulking were just not working for me, at which point, I found Lyle’s Ultimate Diet 2.0. After implementing UD2.0 for 12 Weeks (4 Weeks on, 2 off, and 6 more on), I went from 197 pounds at 14-16% bodyfat, to 179 pounds at 7% bodyfat. The diet was incredible for maintaining lean body mass, shedding bodyfat, and increasing strength in the gym. The book lays out exactly what to do and when to do it. If you follow Lyle’s plan, you cannot fail in your quest to get lean while retaining lean muscle mass. The Ultimate Diet 2.0 is just that: The Ultimate Diet. I will never diet any other way”

B. Hayes – Washington, D.C.

Purchase Options

The Ultimate Diet 2.0 can be ordered in a number of different.

The PDF version contains a single PDF which can be opened in a PDF reader but will not change size with your screen.

The Hardcopy version is the physical version of the book only.

The Hardcopy + PDF bundle includes both products in a single purchase.

The Ultimate Diet 2.0 can be purchased as part of the Ultimate Leanness Bundle, including digital versions of The Ultimate Diet 2.0, The Stubborn Fat Solution, The Ultimate Diet 2.0 Addendum and The Stubborn Fat Solution Patch 1.1.

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