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The To Make a Mommy Fertility Diet: Nourish your body with clean, whole foods

A clean, organic, whole-foods diet is the most important step you can take towards reclaiming your fertility and improving your chances of conceiving. The To Make a Mommy Fertility Diet is based on the diet I followed immediately before getting pregnant. I absolutely believe it was the number one step I took that helped my eggs grow healthy and strong. Additionally, after only one month of following an optimized diet, I felt absolutely amazing. I was energized, excited, and enjoyed eating healthy, nourishing food. After one month I stopped craving sugar and truly enjoyed eating massive amounts of vegetables!

NOTE: This is the diet that worked for ME! You need to figure out the diet that will work for YOU! You are different than me. Check out my free e-book on how to figure out the perfect fertility diet for YOU here!

Here are six reasons why you should commit to a fertility diet today:

1. You will become healthier than you have ever been in your whole life.

2. You will save money from not eating out.

3. You need to learn to make healthy, homemade meals anyway before you have babies.

4. You will have more energy than you’ve had since high school.

5. You will be super healthy before you get pregnant which will increase your chances of having a healthy pregnancy.

6. YOU WILL MAXIMIZE YOUR FERTILITY. Seriously. The internet is filled with stories of women who completely changed their diets and got pregnant. Including women in their fifties. I’m not kidding. It’s time to do this!

If after reading the diet described below you are freaking out and thinking “She’s crazy! I can never do this! It’s too much for a normal person!” just stop and remember some important things:

  • Although you should eat like this for your entire life you only HAVE to eat like this for three to four months in order to optimize your eggs. If you want to pound three lattes a day after you’ve had your babies, do what you must.
  • This is SCIENCE. ALL of this is evidence based- this is not touchy feely hippy advice.
  • It could work. And if it doesn’t, you’ll probably be the healthiest you’ve ever been Maybe your body is just waiting for you to start eating healthy before it feels comfortable growing new life. Or maybe your “baby in waiting” wants you to overhaul your diet before they make their grand entrance. I personally feel part of my miracle was discovering a diet that made me truly healthy BEFORE I had my babies!

Even though there are many foods you must eliminate, the overarching theory behind the diet is to NOURISH. Thus, there is no limit on quantity- eat as much organic vegetables as you can!

Every time you consider consuming a food or beverage ask yourself, “Will consuming this take energy away from my ovaries, eggs, and womb, or will it help create more energy for my reproductive organs?” Things like caffeine, alcohol, and sugar, deplete our reproductive energy, and worse, poison our reproductive processes. Foods like bone broth, leafy green vegetables and nourishing grains like quinoa PROVIDE energy to our reproductive processes.

Please know that although this diet was perfect for ME, I am not assuming it will be perfect for EVERYONE. Read my post and download my free e-book on Your Perfect Fertility Diet: How to Tailor the Diet to YOUR Needs and YOUR diagnosis!

*This post contains affiliate links which at no cost to you provide me with some small change to help keep this blog running! If you decide to buy something I recommend, please consider clicking through one of my links to help support this blog and my family! Thank you!

The diet overview is below. I will be blogging individual posts about each aspect to give you the full detail behind why it is so important and how to make the change easier.

  • Eliminate: Sugar, Sweeteners (honey, agave, high-fructose corn syrup, etc.), Soy, Processed Food, Caffeine, Refined/white carbohydrates (pasta, white bread, white rice), Alcohol, anything with Trans Fats
  • Cons >This diet probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you. You’ve probably seen similar diets on other fertility websites or in fertility books. The main differences between my diet and the others are three-fold:

  1. I ask you to completely eliminate alcohol, caffeine, white carbs, and sugars. Many diets simply say “reduce.” Well, “reducing” didn’t work for me. I had to go all-in. Science backs this up. Even a small amount of sugar (found in sweeteners, carbs, or alcohol) can trigger an insulin response which can hurt egg health for up to 90 days! Additionally, research has shown that even just a half cup of coffee a day can lead to decreased birth rates. I’ll be blogging about each of these individually and why it is so important to completely give them up to optimize fertility.
  2. I ask you to consider eliminating dairy and gluten. Research shows that many, many people have food sensitivities and intolerances that they aren’t aware of. Long-term exposure to food sensitivities can provoke an immune reaction in the body which can lead to problems with ovulation, egg quality, and early miscarriage. If you have any of the symptoms of a food intolerance or if you have any kind of identified immune issue related to infertility (or multiple unexplained early miscarriages), I would suggest completely eliminating dairy and gluten. I knew I had a sensitivity to dairy, so I completely eliminated that, but not gluten. If you have an diagnosed gluten intolerance, however, it can absolutely make you infertile. The best way to be sure is to just eliminate both dairy and gluten.
  3. I want you to limit your supplements. Don’t go crazy. Unfortunately many websites and books are filled with all sorts of wonderful super herbs and pills for fertility. Soon you wind up with sixteen powders and twenty pills a day! For most healthy women, all you need to do is nourish yourself to optimal health. Leafy green vegetables are your friend. For SOME women with SPECIFIC diagnoses, other cures may be helpful. For example, Vitex is often recommend as a miracle herb for fertility. It is- but only for certain types of infertility. I have always had a very regular period, so I would never take Vitex because it might mess that up, even if it might also help with egg health. Do extensive research before committing to a supplement! Check out my posts on my thoughts on fertility supplements here!

One of the reasons I am calling this the “Ultimate Fertility Diet” is because it is inherently an anti-inflammatory diet, which is going to be important for anyone struggling to conceive. When your body is suffering from inflammation, your fertility is reduced. To tame the inflammation we have to avoid the most inflammatory foods- caffeine, alcohol, trans fats, sugars, white carbs, and processed foods. For many people gluten and dairy are also inflammation-causing foods (not not for all), and that is why they often need to be eliminated.

It is also an Ultimate Fertility Diet because it eliminates all the foods that research has shown hurt fertility- trans fats, alcohol, caffeine, sugars, and soy. It also includes foods that have the nutrients needed for optimal fertility- leafy greens, beans, nuts, seeds, organic lean meats and fish, and free range organic eggs.

For many women, this diet will be all they need to get pregnant quickly, whether they are trying naturally or through IUI or IVF.

I think it is important to mention that for some people, especially those who have severe autoimmune disorders, this anti-inflammatory fertility diet will simply not be enough. Many women find success with the Auto-Immune Protocol Diet, which is very similar to Paleo and Whole 30 Diets. It is basically the my diet here, but you also remove all known gut irritants including all grains, beans, nuts, seeds, nightshades, and eggs. Then you do a gradual reintroduction to identify foods that are causing issues for you.

To find out more about how to tailor this Ultimate Fertility Diet to YOUR needs and YOUR diagnosis, go now to my post on Your Perfect Fertility Diet and download my free e-book!

Below in the Amazon block, I’ve picked for you my favorite prenatal vitamin ( a whole-foods based vitamin that makes it easy for your body to absorb the nutrients), my favorite wheat grass and spirulina powders to add to your fertility smoothie, and the book I referenced, The Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis, that will help you understand your Chinese Medicine diagnosis and look up a diet that is specific for your particular situation.

Are you ready to make a major commitment to your baby journey by starting the To Make a Mommy Fertility Diet? What do you need to do to commit? If you aren’t going to commit to it, what is holding you back? Which parts of the diet would you like me to blog about sooner rather than later to help you understand why you need to make that decision and help you figure out how?

Are you ready to discover YOUR perfect fertility diet?

Tired of all the conflicting fertility diet information? It is up to YOU to take control of your fertility journey and do the research to figure out YOUR perfect fertility diet. I’ve developed this free e-book as a guide to jumpstart the process. It includes tailored diet information for many infertility diagnoses, such as PCOS, Endometriosis, Anovulation, Luteal Phase Defect, Thyroid Problems, Fibroids, Unexplained Infertility, and more! It is completely free to download! Enjoy!

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About Anna

I’m Anna and I beat the odds and got pregnant naturally after the doctors said it wasn’t possible. I blog about how I did it and encourage my readers to take charge of their fertility journey and get happy, healthy, and pregnant!

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I have been doing this diet for about 2 months, it definitely wasn’t easy at first, but after about 2 weeks, my husband and I were both on board! Not only will it make you feel more healthy in general, you also have a positive mental state knowing that you are doing everything you can to enhance your fertility. I hope to have good news soon! 🙂

I’m so glad you are feeling more healthy in general and you feel like you are in charge of your baby journey! Best wishes, and let us know when you get pregnant so we can share your story in a blog post!
baby dust!
xo Anna

OH MY GOSH. I just found your blog and I’m freaking out! You’ve inspired me. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for awhile now and it’s maddening. I am super addicted to sugar and I’ve decided today that I’m going cold turkey. Thank you for your inspiration!

Yes. Ditch the sugar. It’s not forever, just for now!! You can have it again when you get pregnant . Stay the course and don’t be tempted to cheat. Woohoo!!

Thanks for all the wonderful resources you’ve gathered here for us. I’m quite pumped to get started. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on Spelt as a Gluten grain. I’ve read multiple sources saying it’s just as bad as the other wheat (gluten-rich) grains but at the same time I read that it’s not nearly as bad.

I saw your diet recommends cutting off Gluten but eating Sprouted Spelt. Please help me with some clarifications.

Great question! Here’s the deal. When I got pregnant with my miracle I was eating organic whole grains, including things like sprouted spelt and other things that contained gluten. At the time, all the advice I could find was only to quit gluten if you had Celiacs. I had the Celiac test and was negative.

TODAY most fertility coaches recommend everyone struggling to get pregnant completely ditch gluten and dairy. This is because they are the two foods MOST likely to be causing inflammation in the body. I agree. The fact is, I got lucky. I could have easily had a sensitivity to gluten and not gotten pregnant.

I have been gluten free for two months now and I’ve realized something very important. Because I don’t eat a lot of “gluten-free” substitute products I am forced to eat less carbs!! And, now we know (if you see my Macros post) that we need to keep our carbs under 40% of our daily diet we cam greatly increase our egg and embryo health. So– do women quit dairy and gluten and get pregnant because they’ve reduced inflammation or because they’ve reduced carbs? (Dairy has high sugar/insulin response). Who knows? Who cares? Let’s get pregnant!

In the future I do plan to reintroduce foods like organic sprouted spelt because I am not anti-grain and I felt so nourished eating it. Right now the main flour I am using for cooking and backing is organic blanched almond flour.

Best wishes. I’ll try to clarify in the post!!

Hey Anna, Thank you very much for the informative and detailed response. I decided to ditch anything Gluten or Gluten-ish all together to be on the safe side. Thank you once more.

best infertility specialists in Hyderabad says

You did a good job on this topic and You have given us such a great and useful suggestions and information. You made a good site it’s very interesting one.

I already follow a low-glycemic eating plan (and am also gluten free because of stomach issues) with no simple carbs and lots of whole foods, but you’ve definitely convicted me to eliminate dairy. We’ve been trying for about 5 cycles to conceive (which I know isn’t that long compared to others but it feels like forever with long cycles) and perhaps dairy is part of that. I already drink almond milk so now it’s just the cheese and butter to go (sad face). But that would certainly be worth it if it makes a difference. Thanks for all the great info!

Yes! I hope this pushes you over into super fertility. Good job taking care of yourself so well! And- don’t forget the mind-body work and eliminating the toxins!!

Thank you for this blog post. I have been reading all I can on fertility diets. I have, in the past, done whole30 and a Candida cleanse. I lost too much weight and it wasn’t sustainable because I was missing proteins and fats. Thank you for all of your info.

You are so welcome!! Yes, you have to keep a ton of healthy fats and protein in your diet. Best wishes and baby dust!

Thank you so much for all of this! I just found you by accident and your story sounds like exactly what I am going through! We are now at 2 years of trying with endometriosis and low AMH and now have an appointment to talk about IVF. This has all inspired me and I have just ordered a ton of your recommendations and am totally going to give this a 100% try! Thank you 🙂

You’ve got this GIllian! Baby dust and good luck at the RE.

Hi Anna
M from.India m 34 Feb 2018 I convinced my first baby through IVF …but on 2 April ..I had a natural Misscarge..
Now my main worry is tht before IVF I was having PCOS …but in IVF tht is not imp. N now b even don’t have any embryo m ready to go through tht stress again.e n me n my husband want to try naturally now… But I m worried abt PCOS..I don’t wether it’s still there..
Now will it will happen naturally …
Age is a factor also making me upset…
Waiting for your reply
Love Ashwini

I am so happy for your first miracle, and I am so sad for your miscarriage! I hope you can figure out your diagnoses and get healthy and pregnant!! If you are very anxious remember to do the mind-body work- meditation, visualization, yoga, etc. It is the best way to get happy on your journey! Baby dust!

Thank you for all your advice!! I’ve completely changed my diet. I started with a FSH of 78 and dropped to 13 in 2 months. Your blog has given me so much hope. I’ve read a few of the books referenced and follow all your recommendations. Thank you!!

That’s awesome. I’m so glad!! Hoping your baby is soon to follow- keep us posted!!

Its sounds great.. thanks for sharing

Such a great blog! Thank you for inspiring us and providing information during TTC. I am not able to download Fertility Diet ebook. Could you please help. I mailed you already yesterday.

Thank you for incredible blog! I have a big confusion about safe and clean seafood. I am told to avoid shell fish. What other fishes are good to eat? Internet is driving me crazy. I am going through IVF currently.

I am so thankful to have found your blog! I had a miscarriage in July and have not been able to get preganant since. I began very loosly following your diet plan in February but have decided to do ALL THE THINGS for the next 4 months! I am having a difficult time meeting my protein benchmark each day. I find the more meat I eat, the easier it is to get enough proteins without dairy and without overdoing it on carbs and sugar. I really don’t want to have to eat so much meat each day (especially red meat). I am, of course, eating eggs each day, adding vital protiens in my daily smoothy, and drinking my daily cup of homemade bone broth, but I’m still not getting there without meat! What other kind of foods do you recommend?

Thank you!


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I’m Anna and I beat the odds and got pregnant naturally after the doctors said it wasn’t possible. I blog about how I did it and encourage my readers to take charge of their fertility journey and get happy, healthy, and pregnant!

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