The New Direction, Remember Recovery is a Reachable Goal

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The New Direction

Remember Recovery is a Reachable Goal

T he New Direction operates in a beautiful turn of the century farmhouse nestled in a picturesque Catskill Mountain valley. Its charm is accented by a huge red barn, 200 acres of rolling meadows, trout streams and a lovely spring-fed pond; ideal for swimming in the summer and skating in the winter. Inside the house is a bright cheery atmosphere of love and understanding, superb food and comfortable surroundings intended to make our guests’ stay a memorable one. More . . .

O ur mission at The New Direction is to help men and women who are experiencing addiction to various substances, including alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and prescription drugs. The recent epidemic of opiate based drugs, including Oxycontin, Vicodin, and Percocets, has afflicted people of all ages and backgrounds, including young people who are often most vulnerable to peer pressure to begin the use of these drugs. More . . .

G uests attend daily in-house group meetings conducted both mornings and afternoons by staff facilitators, each meeting lasting approximately two hours. Guests are also afforded ample opportunities for individual meetings during their stay.
Because we each feel it is vitally important to include family members, we encourage visits.
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Smoke friendly Facility

We at New direction understand how hard it is to focus on your recovery while going thru nicotine withdrawal. As such we have:

  • Dedicated serene smoking areas on a covered porch overlooking a breathtaking lake

Family friendly Facility

  • The residents are in a loving caring home on over 200 acres with lakes , barn and gym.
  • Are meals being home cooked providing a well -balanced diet

Private Pay Facility

  • As insurance in not accepted , there are no medical records to follow the patient. This is often critical in the patient’s future when applying for :
    • Schools
    • Civil service jobs
    • Medical Fields
    • Law enforcement
    • And many other vocations

We accept credit cards (Discover and Amex), cash.

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