The Firm 7 Day Diet Plan, Healthfully

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The Firm 7 Day Diet Plan

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The 7 Day Diet Plan, or the 7 Day Detox Plan, promises weight loss in just seven days by following the exact instructions given to you. Because results are different from person to person, speak to your health care professional before beginning a new diet program.

What It’s About

The plan works offers a detoxification process, increased immunity and the production of feel-good chemicals, known as serotonin, in the brain. Dr. Brianna Goldberg, a dietary consultant with the California Medical Association, says that this is definitely not a long-term diet program and should only be used for seven days, three or four times per year.

How It Helps You Lose Weight

The regimen of the diet relies solely on fruit, vegetable and yogurt consumption and claims to be effective in detoxification of the body. Says Goldberg, “The first day of the plan is very tough, but if you follow the plan accordingly, you will slowly notice that your body has been detoxified.” Weight will be lost because the plan is controlled and has a combination of a low-fat and calorie diet. The fruits and vegetables you take in will also infuse a large supply of vitamins and minerals into your body.


The major disadvantage associated with this diet program is the high cost of fruits and vegetables it involves, and some of the meals take a lot of time to prepare. Nutritionist Laura Finnigan recommends that you try this diet during a week when you are relatively free, or at home, because the detoxification process could lead to headaches.

Daily Plans

Day 1 involves having only fruits, with the exception of bananas. Finnigan recommends sticking to only watermelons; it promotes faster and steadier weight loss because the calorie intake is very low.

Day 2 involves having only vegetables, cooked or raw. There is no limit to the vegetables you can have, but try to stick to high-fiber food items.

Day 3 allows you to have a mixture of fruits and vegetables, with the exclusion of bananas and potatoes.

Day 4 involves eating up to eight bananas and three glasses of milk. You are allowed to have a vegetable soup if you like.

Day 5 allows you to have sprouts, tomatoes, and other vegetables, though you need to increase your intake of water in order to detoxify the internal system of the body.

Day 6 also includes an abundance of sprouts, vegetables and water.

Day 7 ends with having fruit juices, vegetables, and brown rice. Ideally on day 7, the vegetables should be taken in a salad form.

Who Should Try the Diet

The diet is hard to follow for those who are used to consuming meat on a regular basis, as it is a strictly vegetarian diet. If you are pregnant or have diabetes, Goldberg says you should not try this diet.

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