TA65 Scam

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TA65 Scam

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TA65 Scam: Anti Aging or Inviting Cancer?

TA65 scam is possibly one of the newest and unique types of scam one ever heard of. Aging is really a problem of the humankind. From the inception of the human civilization, men and women tried to get rid of the aging problems. No effective method was found till the modern era of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

To define aging, we must go to a little details of cell biology. We all have chromosomes in our body cells. These chromosomes have a little part at their ends named telomere. This telomere region is actually the marker of aging. An important enzyme of our system, called the telomerase, maintain the length of the telomeres by promoting the growth of the chromosome through enhancing the synthesis of the deoxyribonucleic acid or the DNA. As a human cell gets victim to aging, the length of this portion (the telomere) decreases through a process called deletion. Also, the activity of the enzyme telomerase is much lowered with the age. This process continues till an individual dies.

TA 65 is a drug which is supposed to lengthen the telomere region. It is an extract made up from a Chinese herb called Astragalus. The TA 65 is aimed at containing the Astragaloside IV or another component Cycloastragenol. These latin-named compounds are actually the part of that wretched herb (Astragalus). But, the mystery about TA 65 is that its manufacturing company does not reveal the actual composition of the drug (whether it contains the Astragaloside IV or the Cycloastragenol).

To discuss about the TA65 scam, the names of TA Sciences (who have the license for TA 65 formula) andCaliforniabased company Geron come. They claim that this drug actually promotes the activity of the telomerase enzyme and protects the telomere region of the chromosome from deletion. TA Sciences specially claims that one looks younger than he looks without using the drug. Some questions about the studies which support these claims are already in the air.

The first question which can be raised is a drug may not be always effective for every individual. Even, manipulating the length of the telomere can cause some mutations in the repetitive DNA sequences present there, which ultimately cause carcinogenesis (cancer generation) in the human body. Even, as every individual possesses his own set of cellular environment in the body cells, the TA 65 treatment may not be fruitful for everybody.

The second question is about the cost of the treatment. In an average, it costs $1200 to $10500 based on the protocols and the time required for the treatment. The economically rich section may afford it, but an average person (a retired person or middle-class/ lower middle-class people) may not find the solution in it. Moreover, there may be other causes of aging which can not be resolved in TA 65 treatment. Thus, not getting biased to the statement that there something exists as TA 65 scam, one can make a research on it and take his own decision. That’s the best solution.

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