Sylvester Stallone Workout: Rocky – Rambo, Pop Workouts

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Sylvester Stallone Workout: Rocky & Rambo

Sylvester Stallone Workout

Rocky’s physique was born way back when Sylvester Stallone won the Oscar for “Best Picture” way back in 1976. Yet, Sylvester Stallone is still going strong.

Sylvester Stallone Rocky Workout

The Sylvester Stallone Rocky workout changed from movie to movie. When he looked leaner, like in Rocky 3, he used metabolic conditioning circuits. When he wanted to look bigger, like in Rocky Balboa, he used traditional 6 days-a-week bodybuilding workouts.

When asked about his workouts, and where he learned how to get a good body, Sylvester Stallone says:

I wanted to look like Tarzan – sleek, tight, almost catlike. I wanted to forget the bulk and go for well-developed muscles. I began a hardcore weight-lifting program, working out twice a day. When I made Rocky, I increased my exercise.

Sylvester Stallone Rocky II Workout

The Sylvester Stallone Rocky II workout utilized two-time Mr. Olympia Franco Columbu as his trainer. Sly knew that Columbu had helped train Arnold Schwarzenegger. Stallone would go on to use Columbu as his trainer throughout the Rambo and Rocky movies. Franco Columbu says:

I had to charge Sly a good amount for the training because he wanted to train full out, just as if he were preparing for the Mr. Olympia contest. That meant two workouts a day, six days a week. I had to drop almost everything else in order to concentrate on getting him in the best shape of his life.

Franco Columbu got Sylvester Stallone in shape by forcing him to do the training that he did for Mr. Olympia. This meant that Sly had to do the same weight that Columbu was using. Stallone might not have been able to do as many reps, but the goal was to stay up the best he could.

Columbu describes the workout routine:

I worked out a program that was right for him and then I led the way, constantly increasing weights and reps. I knew for sure that this would motivate him to try and keep up with me. If I took a weight and did 12 reps, Sly would have to try and do at least seven. After all, I may be stronger than he is, but not that much stronger. Then, next set, I would do 15 reps, so he would have to increase his reps to at least 10. By the end of our training, he was doing curls with 70- pound dumbbells!

For Rocky II, Sylvester Stallone had to lift heavy weights to develop his physique. This was because he not only used Franco Columbu’s routine, but worked out with him. Here is the workout for Rocky II (source: Franco Columbu workout routine) and beyond.

Rocky II Workout 14-Day Split Routine

The Sylvester Stallone workout for Rocky II used a 14-Day Split Routine:

Day Morning Afternoon
Day 1 Chest / Shoulders Arms/Abs
Day 2 Back Legs
Day 3 Chest / Shoulders Abs
Day 4 Arms Abs
Day 5 Legs Back
Day 6 Chest / Shoulders Abs
Day 7 Rest
Day 8 Arms/Abs Legs
Day 9 Back Abs
Day 10 Chest / Shoulders Arms
Day 11 Back/Abs Legs
Day 12 Chest / Shoulders Abs
Day 13 Arms Abs
Day 14 Rest

Rocky II Workout Chest Routine

Exercise Sets Reps Details
Barbell Bench Press 3 15/10/4 Superset #1
Cable Crossovers 3 20 Superset #1
Flat Bench Dumbbell Flys 3 20/15/6 Superset #2
Cable Crossovers 3 20 Superset #2
Barbell Incline Press 3 15 Superset #3
Barbell Pullovers 3 15 Superset #3
Dips 3 AMAP Superset #3
Cable Crossovers 3 25 Superset #3

For Superset #1 and #2, Stallone would pyramid up in weight and down in reps. This means add weight each set, but do less reps. Superset #3 is called a “dagger set,” as you do a superset of all 4 exercises, then repeat them 2 more times all the way through. This should put a strain on your muscles, hence the name “daggers.”

AMAP= As Many As Possible.

Rocky II Workout Shoulder Routine

The Rocky II Workout Shoulder Routine has no supersets. Just one exercise after another. You must use a smith machine or spotter for the Behind-the-Neck Press. It is dangerous to do alone. Also, make sure to watch the video (in the link) for details.

Exercise Sets Reps Details
Arnold Press 4 10
Standing Lateral Raise 4 10
Bent-over Lat Raises 6 10
Behind-the-Neck Presses 4 10 Use Spotter or Smith Machine
Alternating DB Front Raises 3 8
Cable Lateral Raises 3 10

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