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Dr. Richard Schulze Review – 13 Things You Need to Know

Dr. Richard Schulze is the brainchild of a range of supplements which are intended to improve your overall health. He claims that his products are ‘100% natural and pure without any preservatives or chemical components’. While we appreciate Dr. Schulze’s expertise and products such as his Super Organic Protein Plus look good at first glance, we have to question any products that are so strongly tied to a sales agenda.

We also wanted to verify that the products are, as advertisd, all-natural. So, we decided to do an independent review of the ingredients of his products, their benefits, side effects, the clinical research behind them, and overall customer satisfaction. Below is the Bottom Line on Dr. Schulze and his health product line.

Dr. Richard Schulze can be purchased through their Official Site.

Who is Dr. Richard Schulze?

Dr. Richard Schulze is a single individual behind a range of health supplements that he claims are 100% pure and made from natural herbs. He’s developed an endless number of health products that have no parallel in the market. Such services include those for robust health, cleansing, detoxification, trauma, first aid, and survival. Each of these categories incorporates different products developed by him, all being chemical and pesticide free!

Dr. Richard Schulze is a man who has dedicated his life to helping people understand themselves in regards to improving their health by using only natural products. He claims to use the most natural and pure herbs available on the earth, and there aren’t many reviews that go against his claim. He’s passionate about using and finding the cleanest and most potent herbs, along with ingredients that are only organic to make up a formula that’s pure, natural and clean. What differentiates him from other manufacturers and companies selling similar supplements is not just the fact that he uses the natural and purist herbs. Dr. Richard Schulze also publishes books and videos that can help you in different dynamics of life and also teaches how to make remedies and formulas by yourself.

“Your body can completely HEAL ITSELF of ANY problem … All it needs is your assistance”

Products Similar to Dr. Richard Schulze

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How did Dr. Richard Schulze’s Products Start?

The history behind the launch and availability of Dr. Schulze’s products is itself something that instills confidence in individuals planning to utilize his products. The significance of his history aid in understanding his massive amount of research and understanding of the human body and the use of natural herbal products.

Dr. Richard Schulze started off with opening a clinic for ‘Natural Healing’ in New York in the 1970s, which was soon moved to southern California. He worked in his facilities from the 1970s to the 1990s, which almost makes up two decades of practical experience with patients. During this time, he came across different patients with diverse problems, many of which he was able to heal. This real-life and practical experience is what makes him different from many other doctors.

After decades of experience with patients and formulating countless herbal medicines for them, he decided to make his products available to the public so that everyone can benefit from their use. Dr. Richard Schulze commenced with American Botanical Pharmacy in 1994, which manufactured and sold his products and formulas. Later, he launched his website ( to expand his distribution of organic herbal products made by American Botanical Pharmacy.

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Dr. Richard Schulze’s Claims About His Products

Dr. Richard Schulze claims that his products are 100% natural and pure. There is no form of preservatives, pesticides, or chemicals in the products that anyone could prove are unnatural. He believes in the fact that no problem is incurable; thus, there’s always a natural solution to those conditions. His products provide a 100% guarantee to the customers using his products. “Your body can completely HEAL ITSELF of ANY problem… All it needs is your assistance.” – Dr. Richard Schulze.

The History of Dr. Richard Schulze

Dr. Richard’s story is undoubtedly sad, but it is primarily the reason for what he is, and where he is now. At the age of 11, he experienced the passing of his father. Three years after that, when he was 14 years old, his mother died of a heart attack. Sadly, both his parents died at an early age of 55 years old.

At the age of 15, Dr. Schulze became seriously ill. The doctors had declared that he would live past the age of 20 unless he underwent heart surgery, primarily because his heart would not be able to pump blood through an adult body. Since he wasn’t willing to go through heart surgery, he decided to discover other ways of curing his problem.

That is when he started to become involved in intense alternative lifestyles and natural healing techniques. After three years of experimentation and research, he went to the same doctor that diagnosed him with his heart issue and declared it to be incurable without surgery. This time… that same doctor told him his healed heart was a miracle!

“You can heal yourself of ANYTHING, any health issue. Just STOP doing what made you sick, and START doing what will create powerful health. Your body is a self-healing machine.”

“Natural Healing is simply helping your body to become stronger and healthier, so it becomes more powerful and effective healing and repairing the machine. In my clinic, I discovered that with most people, it doesn’t take much to get their body to heal unforeseen circumstances. Most of my patients’ issues were caused by what they were doing to themselves.” – Dr. Richard Schulze

Dr. Richard Schulze

Dr. Richard has researched and worked under the supervision of numerous natural healers of the previous century, which is where he started learning. He opened his natural healing clinic in the 1970s. He practiced in his clinics for two decades which helped him to learn more about different cures. . The primary reason he was able to cure his patients with a miracle was that both the parties had nothing to lose. Since the patients were declared to die soon, they were willing to work with Dr. Richard, which allowed him to conduct new techniques, therapies and herbal medicines that were beyond the comprehension of western medicine at that time.

In 1994, Dr. Richard Schulze opened the American Botanical Pharmacy, where he used to sell his natural herbal medicines to the public. Dr. Schulze has continued to work on his mission of curing people with his natural healing programs. He publishes books, articles, CDs, and DVDs that explain his clinical Natural Healing programs. For a list of all his books & media, plus a downloadable PDF version of “The 2018 Herbal Product Catalog,” visit his website – and click on the Natural Healing tab.

Dr. Richard has communicated with the public on a daily basis through his website and continued to help people in any way he could. Although this natural healing business is a massive money-making industry, Dr. Richard’s history just goes to show that he’s not in this for the big bucks but rather to help and provide people with remedies that are natural, organic and highly effective.

Dr. Richard Schulze’s Nutrition Cleansing

Dr. Richard created the “formula #1,” which results in a therapeutic action as described on his “” website. It is the first step in the foundation treatment and should be repeated every three months for prevention purposes.

This stimulating tonic is both cleansing, healing and strengthening to the entire gastrointestinal system. It stimulates your peristaltic action (the muscular movement of the colon) and over time strengthens the muscles of the large intestine, halts putrefaction and disinfects, soothes and heals the mucous membrane lining of your entire digestive tract.

This herbal tonic also improves digestion, relieves gas and cramps, and increases the flow of bile which, in turn, cleans the gallbladder, bile ducts, and liver. Additionally, it destroys Candida albicans overgrowth and promotes a healthy intestinal flora, as it destroys and expels intestinal parasites, increases gastrointestinal circulation and provides to be anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal.

Dr. Richard Schulze’s Ingredients

Dr. Richard Schulze uses an array of ingredients while making his products. There’s only so much that can be covered on the variety of ingredients that he uses in his formulas and product lines. The range that he uses for his weight-loss product, SuperSlim, is what we’re going to shed light on to get an idea of what type of ingredients he uses, and the credibility of them to efficiently work. The ingredients used in SuperSlim, as mentioned on his website, are categorized as follows:

Appetite Suppressants

The first step to losing weight is eating less food, which can only be done once you have less of an appetite. For this particular reason, Dr. Schulze uses Hoodia Gordonii and HerbalMucil Plus. Both of these ingredients are effective in their unique ways.

According to WebMD, Hoodia Gordonii is a leafless spiny succulent plant famous for its ability to assist in losing weight. It works by hindering the chemical messaging system that makes you want to eat food. By blocking the chemical messaging system, it effectively reduces the appetite for more food. A chemical in hoodia called P57 is thought to decrease feelings of hunger. But it is not known if hoodia has this effect when used in people.

HerbalMucil Plus is self-developed by Dr. Richard Schulze. It’s an organic and herbal remedy that is rich in fiber. This efficiently works because the fiber in it swells inside the stomach, which fills the stomach up, causing a feeling of fullness and subsequently reducing the appetite.

HerbalMucil Plus holds more water in suspension in your food waste, so it doesn’t get dried out or become too hard in your colon. This added liquid makes it very easy to have effortless, normal bowel movements.

Another Dr. Richard Schulze original “organic herbal formula,” HerbalMucial Plus has the following botanical organic ingredients: psyllium husk, psyllium seed, marshmallow root, slippery elm bark and aloe vera leaf making up a 5-gram proprietary blend per rounded teaspoon.

Fat and Carbohydrate Blocking

The next step is apparently to stop the body from consuming more fats and carbohydrates. For this particular purpose, Dr. Richard uses Garcinia Cambogia, White Beans, Apple Pectin, Bladderwrack, and Kelp.

Garcinia Cambogia is a favorite fruit which uses the Hydroxycitric Acid in its rind to stop the body from carbohydrate absorption and from converting carbohydrates into fat, states WebMD.

White Beans obstruct the body from chopping down the carbs that are consumed while interfering with the digestive system to hinder its ability to digest carbs and sugar.

Apple Pectin is a soluble fiber and is widely known as a fat blocker. It becomes a part of your body’s bile acid and subsequently obstructs it from absorbing fat and sugar.

Last, Bladderwrack and kelp are also fat blockers and work in a similar way to apple pectin. They also increase the body’s fat-burning metabolism, which is a great way to lose weight.

Metabolic Stimulation

The next powerful complex of ingredients relates to interfering with the body’s metabolism, which plays a vital role in consuming and absorbing fat. The set of ingredients used to stimulate the body’s metabolic rate are somewhat well-known and straightforward. Dr. Schulze uses three ingredients for metabolic stimulation which are Green Tea, Bitter Orange, and Cayenne Pepper & Ginger Rhizome.

Green Tea helps by creating more heat inside the fat tissues and fat cells that facilitates in burning fat more efficiently and readily. It is researched and well-known for decreasing body weight overall.

Bitter Orange extracts are very effective in oxidizing fat while exercising. This gives the body the ability to burn more fat while working out, explains Livestrong.

Cayenne Pepper and Ginger Rhizome are spices that have a well-researched background for decreasing appetite and burning fat inside the body. They’re used to target abdominal fat in the body.

Urinary Complex

The last step for weight loss is to extract from the body whatever is causing it to gain weight. For this purpose, Dr. Richard Schulze used two herbs name Dandelion Leaf, Uva Ursi Leaf. These herbs mainly assist your excreting organs to extract more waste.

Dandelion leaf is the bitterest globally, which gives it the ability to flush the liver, while Uva Ursi Leaf is used as a catalyst by your kidneys to excrete more urine.

Does Dr. Richard Schulze’s Product(s) Work?

Do natural and organic products work? This question is not very difficult to answer for Dr. Richard Schulze because the answer is just yes. . His history of curing himself and thousands of other individuals goes to show that his products are worth taking.

The products individually work because the formula Dr. Richard makes for any purpose has ingredients that are 100% pure, organic and natural. These ingredients are specially chosen to target the specific problem that you may want to fight, for example, weight loss. All these claims are backed by the fact that he openly confesses to having tried to heal his patients with extreme programs and formulas that he made himself, on patients who were going to die anyway. Eventually, this helped patients in recovering from health problems.

In one of his books titled Curing with Cayenne, Dr. Schulze explains why cayenne is the one herb that people need to know about.

“It’s very simple. I’ll say it this way: One thing I saw in my clinic that makes people sicker more often than anything else is blockage of blood flow.”

“When you have a sick area, the blood flow is blocked off. Blood is what takes nutrition and the healing properties of herbs to those cells. It’s also what carries out and removes the crap and waste material. Well, when you have a sick area, the first thing you know is that there is a restriction of blood flow to that area.”

“Cayenne pepper is like TNT; it’s like nitroglycerin; it blasts through all that blockage to get to that area that’s sick, taking with it all the vitamins and minerals from the food you eat, and all the vital chemicals from the herbs you take – all the way to the sick area.” – Dr. Richard Schulze

Benefits and Results of Dr. Richard Schulze

The benefits of using Dr. Richard Schulze’s products are exact and simple to understand. Dr. Richard claims to make products by using only natural herbs and organic elements that have fewer side effects on consumers. The ingredients are always listed on the products, and there’s no doubt that there is no use of any chemicals or pesticides that are not natural.

Looking at reviews of his products online leads us to the conclusion that customers who are using his formula and supplements are delighted with them. All his products come with a 100% customer satisfaction. All the ingredients are identified and explained in detail so that customers can better understand the idea of using every component. Also, listing all the ingredients with explanations helps all consumers identify whether or not they can use the product. Even though he uses only natural and organic ingredients, individuals may still be allergic to any of the ingredients used and subsequently lowers down the possibility of having side effects from the product itself.

These are some impressive “Natural Therapy Programs,” and the list of what can be treated with his creations range from abdominal bleeding, acne, angina pectoris, arthritis, asthma, seizures, tremors, tumors, warts and even wheezing. For every ailment, Dr. Richard lists the correct formula or tea/tonic to fix the problem, not treat the symptoms like Western medicine.

Details of Dr. Richard Schulze and Weight Loss

SuperSlim is a product by Dr. Schulze that specifically targets people who want to shed pounds of weight naturally. There is a wide range of other products available in the market that promise to be natural and help facilitate in losing weight but aren’t 100% natural and may contain specific, unneeded ingredients in it.

SuperSlim by Dr. Schulze targets four aspects of the body that help in losing weight. It is a unique mixture of widely known weight loss super foods and includes about 20 of them in one supplement. It consists of ingredients that lower the appetite, block carbs and fat from getting attached to the body, and stimulates the metabolism and urinary extraction. The ingredients like Hoodia Gordonii and Garcinia Cambogia are very well-known for assisting in weight loss and are overall effective.

Potential Side Effects of Dr. Richard Schulze’s Products

Even though Dr. Schulze uses wholly natural and organic products, that doesn’t mean they can’t potentially cause side effects. While the product itself may be tested and evaluated not to induce negative reactions on the user, it doesn’t mean the natural ingredients incorporated in those very products won’t have detrimental consequences. Every individual is different in their way, and so each body responds and reacts differently to a variety of products. A few side effects were extracted from reviews and seemed to be consistent with what people who regularly used Dr. Richard’s natural healing product experienced. These side effects include unpleasant reactions like diarrhea, headaches, stomach ache and bloating. No evidence reveals whether these responses were because the individuals were non-compatible with one of the ingredients, or whether it was the product that caused the side effect.

What Users Are Saying

“I have been using Dr. Schulze’s products for years, and they continue to be consistently great! I have never been disappointed.”

“I read reviews and gave it a shot…not too sure I saw much of anything happen. I’m no worse but can’t say I felt much better. Meh.”

“Did nothing as advertised – both for me and my wife. You feel sick after taking these – a pungent after-taste effect in your mouth. I’m a verified purchase and genuine customer. I did NOT like it – rather prefer Prunelax Jam to this stuff. I do NOT recommend.”

The Bottom Line – Does Dr. Richard Schulze Work?

So, should you run out and buy one of these herbal supplements? Well, we like that Dr. Richard Schulze’s ingredients are all natural. It’s also good to see that these products are sold directly through the main website. Then again, we have some doubts about these formulas because no solid science is presented to support their claims. Also, we’re concerned about the side effects that some users have experienced.

If you’re trying to shed some pounds, then we advise you to select a product that is easy to use anywhere, does not cause any harmful side effects, and contains clinically tested ingredients for weight loss.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Burn TS. It contains a combination of four unique ingredients, which have been shown in published clinical research to help ignite fat loss and speed up metabolism. We can’t pinpoint any discouraging user comments, and customer feedback on the web indicates people see real results.

The makers of Burn TS are so positive about their product they’re offering a 2-Week Sample, which is uncommon.

“Your body can completely HEAL ITSELF of ANY problem … All it needs is your assistance”

Choosing the right weight-loss system can be confusing and often times frustrating. Let us help. Let us know a little more about you and your goals.

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Dr. Richard Schulze Questions & Answers Q&A

Unless you are allergic to any of the natural ingredients then you will have no heavy side effects. Your body will start to detoxify itself and your overall health will improve. First-time users may experience occasional gas and bloating.

The general feedback is that they are dietary supplements and can help with weight loss. It seems to have helped many on their weight loss journey.

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible – so we created our own product, Burn TS, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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His supplements range in price from $30-$45. There are also package deals that give discounts for buying more than one bottle.

His supplements can be purchased on

They usually tell you to take two pills, three times a day with a meal. Some products tell you to start out with 1 pill, three times a day depending on the natural herbs in the supplements.

Dr. Richard Schulze can be purchased using their Official Site.

To contact customer service, just call 1-800-Herb-Doc (1-800-437-2362), Monday through Sunday between the hours of 6am-7pm Pacific Standard Time.

Yes, you can return any supplements you are not satisfied with and your account will be credited within 14 business days.

Complaints about Dr. Richard Schulze’s supplements include side effects, such as bloating and upset stomach, as well as their taste, which are not appealing.

17 Dr. Richard Schulze Reviews

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How can I get this productos if I live in Colombia?

You can order this product online to be shipped extremely fast and well anywhere in the world. Also, there are many healing stories and testimonials on his page along with support and very intimate details. Also, new product out by him called “SuperSlim 30 Day Weight Management System,” and “100% SuperSlim Formula.”

One night I woke up and my tonsil on one side was sore so I got up and gargled with Dr Schulze Oral Therapy and before I went to bed it was better and it was totally gone the next morning, and has not come back, this is strong stuff but really works.

Dr Schulze Intestinal Formula 2 cured me of ulcerative colitis which no specialist could help me with. My GI specialist says there is no longer any active sign of the disease in my body. It didn’t happen overnight. More like a year of faithfully taking his products. I applaud these products & am now trying his Super Slim line. I feel very full after drinking one of the servings before each me. It definitely has decreased my appetite & I am finding that I am not hungry at all. Going to try it for at least a month. The stuff tastes pretty nasty so get yourself a sweeter organic juice to mix it with. I don’t know that you can get used to the horrid taste of the cayenne pepper! ?

I have used and am using the Dr Schulze SuperSlim product. If you look at his blog on his website he does give a 30-minute lecture on how the ingredients work to raise metabolism, cleanse the colon, and burn fat. It is harsh tasting but I mix it up with grape or cherry juice and knock it back to avoid the taste. If you restrict diet, juice veggies, exercise, and try some of his other products like Formula 1 and his great tasting DeTox tea, then weight loss should be easier.

Hi Eduard. That’s too bad that you didn’t like the taste. We agree with you that having a healthy diet and exercising plus using a dietary supplement make it easier and quicker to lose weight, if you chose to take this route, consider Dietspotlight Burn. It has clinically tested ingredients and very positive feedback from customers.

I have been using Dr Schulze’s products for 25 years and have attended many of his lectures and seminars. Richard may seem pretty crusty, to some, but he has always been a straight shooter and says it like it is, regardless of whether someone wants to hear it or not. That is just the way he is. When using his products, each individual needs to keep in mind that all of the products are “food”; food that becomes their medicine. It is important to watch and listen carefully to Richard’s videos and tailor his instructions to your own individual needs. If a person is used to taking Pharmaceuticals with the mindset of “one size fits all”, that is not how this works. You must be willing to increase or decrease amounts of what you are using and be willing to experiment. When using the Formula 1 and 2, everyone is different. Some people tend toward loose bowels and others toward constipation. So, using the quantities of each is going to vary. During a colon cleanse, one person may require three or four capsules of the Formula 1 to balance out the daily intake of the Formula 2. In my own case, I use only one Formula 1 every other day to balance out the Formula 2. I have friends who have constipation problems and most take 1 to 3 capsules of the Formula 1, on a daily basis. In my own case, I used to have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and had to take two of the Formula 2, until my colon corrected itself. Another example is Dr Schulze’s Eyebright tincture. The instructions on the bottle call for 10 drops in 1oz of water. I have never been able to get past 1 drop in an eyewash cup of water. But, I am also very sensitive to Cayenne Peppers. One bottle has lasted me several years. The Super Food I used religiously for decades and hated it! Then, I found out that I was sensitive to wheat. Go figure. If you are willing to put your trust in a man, of integrity, who has been helping people for over 35 years and “knows his stuff” and are willing to experiment, in order to get it right, than this is for you. If you’re not, then best to find something else that works for you.

I have used Dr Schultz products for over 25 years and have met the man several times at his conferences, etc. His products are very intense, because Richard does not mess around with wimpy recipes. The secret of his colon cleanse is managing the Formula 1 and Formula 2. It’s a balancing act so that you don’t become constipated or have diarrhea. Not only does this combo cleanse and repair the colon but goes further than that in cleansing the whole body. Most people have constipation, requiring the use of Formula 1 daily. I on the other hand, have suffered most of my life with irritable bowel which was made worse by surgery, for Pelvic Prolapse early in 2016. I resorted to 2 capsules of Formula 2, daily and the problem resolved itself in 6 months. I wold recommend Dr Schultz’s products to anyone. Not all are to my liking, but the ones I use have always worked for me.

Catryna, Thank you for posting on Dr Schultz products. I have ulcerative colitis and have been using Intestinal Formula 2 as a periodic cleanse for over three years. For the cleanse I take 10 capsules three times a day for a period of a few days to a few weeks. Then I will be fine for a few weeks or a couple of months. Eventually I begin to have diarrhea, nausea and loss of appetite again so will go back to the cleanse. I am interested in what you wrote about taking 2 capsules of Intestinal Formula 2 as maintenance. Do you also need to do a cleanse or do you just take it on a regular basis and are the effects long lasting? I am interested in any more info you can give me about this treatment for colitis or IBS.

Good products and quality. You have to do your research on his sight and follow directions. Make sure the products are for you. They are not for someone that thinks everything should taste good because most do not. You have to want to get healthy and make good choices.

I just was wondering whether you had anything that I could do with ingredients at home that I could use. I have RA and I am hoping I can make a immune booster that could help such a disease.

Your doctor is the only one that can adequately assess your risk/benefits as it relates to taking this product with your condition.

I use the Dr. Schulze Superfood Plus. In my case, I feel much better and have more energy when using it. Also my weight goes down while using it. When my bottle goes empty, amd I don’t reorder, my weight starts going up, even though my calorie intake remains the same. This is JUST MY EXPERIANCE. I cannot say it will do the same for anyone else. I think I am so toxic, and so malnourished, that when the Schulze mix gets in my system, the weight starts dropping, and toxins clean up. I also use brown vinegar and coconut oil with the mix. Whatever vitamins and supplements are in it, must get my metabolism fired up. I feel I could finally get my weight down if I stayed on the mix daily, without the gaps in using it. I am convinced now that my weight problem is not what I eat, but lack of the proper nutrition, and the Schulze mix enables me to burn calories properly. Another effect of the using the mix is that I do not get out of breath when doing simple things. The Dr. Schulze mix borders on magical .

Plse, I need an rc removed, and not sure which approach best. I think dr. Christopher is for leaving ligament in, other holistic dentist for removal. plse advise…started using your products…thanks so much
a. in removing a rc, are you for removing the peritoneal ligament and cleaning the bone

b. are you for leaving it and having the body dissolve it on its own if possible.

I really like Dr. Schulze’s products. They are of the highest quality. However, the Superslim packets in one word are REPULSIVE tasting and the new nutrition bar flavor is disgusting. My advice: Order only one before spending the big bucks to see if you can handle it. I’m only on day three of this diet. The program is guaranteed, however, the fine print says you must eat 1500 calories a day and exercise an hour a day. Duh! I could lose weight by doing that alone and not paying the $488!

I am using superslim but am not impressed, I’m really not eating 1500 calories a day, had high hopes will not use again when it is all gone.

How does an old upstate ny friend get a hold of the dr.

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