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Snack Mix (Paleo, Keto, Whole30)

A quick and easy paleo snack mix recipe that’s gluten-free, keto, Whole30, and perfect for snacking. This party mix recipe is a real crowd-pleaser!

This paleo snack mix is addictive. Salty, smoky and garlicky, it reminds me of traditional snack mix, but without the not-so-desirable ingredients. Just pure nutty goodness accented with garlic infused olive oil and smoked spices. It’s one of my favorite paleo snack recipes. And if you’re looking for keto or Whole30 snack ideas, this recipe is perfect because it’s low carb and has no added sugar or sweeteners.

You can make this snack mix with just about any kind of mixed nuts. I used a cup of sliced almonds and they added extra crunch to the mix. They were thin and crispy with plenty of surface area for the spicy coating. The walnuts were hearty with lots of nooks and crannies to hold the spices. I originally used cashews in this recipe, but now use pecans because they are lower carb and have more nooks and crannies to hold the spices.

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This recipe is so simple—just olive oil infused with garlic and the smoky spices. Because there are so few ingredients, this is the time to use spices that pack a lot of flavor.

I’ve been buying a lot of smoked spices lately and this was a perfect opportunity to use some of my latest finds. I used a Yakima applewood smoked sea salt and a combination of Spanish sweet and hot paprika, along with some roasted garlic olive oil.

You can substitute a little bit of dehydrated garlic if you only have plain olive oil, but I would not substitute the smoked paprika—it really makes the flavor. And the smoked sea salt takes the smokiness to the next level. The result is a smoky, savory paleo snack mix that would complement any drink.

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