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Skittles Experiment Melting Magic – Quick and easy science projects for k >

Who has heard of the Skittles Experiment Melting Magic – Quick and easy science projects for kids. This is so simple but SO MUCH FUN. My kids have done it several times, but every time we do it, they ooh and aah and ask if they can do it again. Another great thing about Skittles Experiment Melting Magic , is it is low cost. Plus you normally have everything you need right in your kitchen.

Who is ready to get started? To make your very own Skittles Experiment Melting Magic you will need:

  • Skittles
  • White plate or bowl
  • Cup with warm water

Yes that is right, all you need is 3 items! To get started you will need to find a FLAT surface that does not wiggle. A sturdy table or counter is best. We tried to do this outs />

Start by putting your Skittles around the edge of the plate. You can put them in any order. But this is also a great time to teach your kids about patterns. My kids decided to do a pattern around the plate. Once you have the Skittles lined up slowly pour in the warm water. You want the warm water to cover them halfway. Now you just wait for the Skittles Experiment Melting Magic to work. It starts working its magic within just a few seconds. Make sure you do not bump the plate.

The colors will start to stretch or melt into the middle of the plate, creating a rainbow. You can watch the rainbow grow right before your eyes. Not sure about your kids, but mine were happy to eat the candy even after they were wet and the color was gone off the back side. Not sure if I should be proud or grossed out by this, lol. What is the old saying, “waste not, want not” I guess it is nice they are not wasting candy.

Hope you enjoy Skittles Experiment Melting Magic, as much as my kids did! We would love to hear what your family thought if you try it too!

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