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Heal the root of any issue – in minutes.

With a holistic approach to healing the mind, body and spirit, Dr. Alex Loyd empowers people to live whole, happy, and healthy lives.

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Dr. Alex Loyd, best-selling author of The Healing Code and The Love Code, helps people live their happiest, healthiest and most successful lives through unique practices and methods that are proven to reduce stress, heal the mind and body, and remove barriers that hold people back in all areas of life.

Using a combination of psychology, medical science, energy medicine, and spiritual principles, Dr. Alex has developed dozens of methods that help people heal in minutes. No matter whether your issue is physical, emotional or spiritual, Dr. Alex’s teachings and practices get to the root causes of anxiety, stress, depression – even issues like cancer – so you can feel your best every day.

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Stories of Hope

I was introduced to The Healing Codes by a friend, and I have to admit that at first I was a bit skeptical. Once I heard and read the amazing testimonials of changed lives, and found out that The Healing Codes system was discovered after twelve years of prayer, is completely in harmony with the Bible, and is steeped in science, I wanted to learn more. Shortly thereafter I had the opportunity to spend time with Dr. Alex Loyd. If I had any doubts, they were erased: Alex is a walking testimony to the system he developed. Not only has Alex facilitated his own family’s physical and emotional health breakthroughs, his compassion for those in need and willingness to help people at all costs make him unlike anyone I have ever known. Alex is one of the most contented, giving and peaceful men I have ever met. I have watched Alex Loyd and The Healing Codes dramatically improve the health of friends and family, producing measurable results physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Beyond Willpower is a GAME CHANGER! It’s rare for a book to come along that’s not only a great read, but that also fundamentally changes our perspective. The information and tools in these pages will radically transform your ability to create success in your life.

Dr. Alex Loyd has the defining healing technology in the world today–it will revolutionize health. It is the easiest way to get well and stay well fast. Dr. Loyd may very well be Albert Schweitzer of our time.

I have used almost all of the latest and greatest technologies, treatment protocol, techniques, systems, philosophies, and healing modalities in both conventional and alternative medicine and if I were to choose one it would be the work of Dr. Alex Loyd. I have found no other process that is as elegantly simple, effortlessly learnable, inherently portable, profoundly effective, and fundamentally timeless. The highest commendation I can give is that I use it for myself, my family and my patients.

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