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Sample Keto Diet Meal Plan

Sample Keto Diet Meal Plan | Simple Keto Meals | Keto Example Meal Plan | Basic Keto Meals

So it looks easy enough, cutting out carbohydrates from your diet to lose weight . But what does it really look like in perspective?

Day 1

For breakfast , we can start out the day with some scrambled eggs with cream and onions, along with four slices of bacon. To get more in depth, the meal is made from two large eggs, unsalted butter, Farmland classic cut bacon, heavy cream, and onions. Using a food tracking app, the calories come to a total of 521. 4 grams consists of carbohydrates, 46 grams from fats, and 22 grams of nutrients from protein.

Lastly for dinner , you can end the day with Ribeye and a side of mushroom sauce and broccoli. In this meal, the ingredients consist of a grilled ribeye steak, a cup of raw mushrooms, salted butter, heavy cream, and a cup of broccoli. In this meal, you will take in 656 calories. 8 grams of energy will come from carbohydrates, 57 grams from fats, 25 grams from proteins, and 3 grams from fibers. Heavy cream, like certain cheeses, are a great source of fat. It is also a easy choice to use as a dressing. In total, you will receive 1,991 calories.

Day 2

The second day will kick off with some ground beef mixed with spices, onions and vegetables, and coffee or unsweetened tea. Coffee mixed with butter is very good for ketogenic diets, as it has little to no carbohydrates. Coffee also speed up metabolism. It is also wise to not eat too many vegetables, as keeping your protein intake to a moderate level is optimal.

Choosing vegetables that are dark and leafy tend to have lower protein levels. Some example are kale and spinach. For the afternoon, baked fish, stir fry cauliflower dressed with oil, and salad greens would be a good option. The baked fish can be dressed with dill butter sauce. Most sauces in ketogenic diets should have some fatty content in them. Some good foods to make a sauce with are dairy products like butter, avocados, mushrooms, and olive oil. As for the cauliflower, it is best to saute them in butter or olive oil, giving it more fat content than using vegetable or cooking oil.

The salad greens should also be dressed by another fatty product such as butter. You can also add in blue cheese on top of the greens. You can finish off the day with a dinner of pork shoulder, shredded cabbage with butter dressing, and another helping of salad greens. For a beverage, water, coffee, or unsweetened tea also work. Because a ketogenic diet is a little limited for dishes, a good way to essentially cheat while cooking is to make two helpings of a dish in order to eat later in the day. In this case, you can make two servings of salad greens in the afternoon and serve it later for dinner.

Sample Keto Diet Meal Plan | Simple Keto Meals | Keto Example Meal Plan | Basic Keto Meals

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