Rum-Kokos, Casali

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Casali Rum-Kokos

Casali Rum-Kokos brings a tropical feeling to your palate. Because the round dragee balls are all about the popular coconut fruit: Whether alone or with friends – these bite-sized balls are a treat for lovers of coconut, which provides you with the taste of life.

Enjoy the exotic

made of sugar cane as a liquid core

melting chocolate balls with fine coconut flakes

chocolate shell with cocoa from our own roasting

With every Casali Rum Coconut Dragée, zest for life is coming your way. No matter how you choose to enjoy it. Passionately, by biting it wildly; or tenderly, by sucking the Rum Coconut Dragée slowly and sumptuously until you reach the liquid filling. The complexity of this moment of pleasure has many facets! Because every Casali Rum Coconut Dragée is pure exoticism. Made from a liquid core of real sugar cane rum coated with numerous layers of delicately melting chocolate with fine coconut
flakes. It is this complexity that makes our Rum Coconut Dragées so unique. The convenient, resealable stand-up pouch is also ideal for carrying and sharing (if you want to). Treat yourself and your friends to some pure joy.

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