RIP Catherine Zeta Jones face!

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RIP Catherine Zeta Jones’ face!

Nice knowing ya

by Anonymous reply 173 01/20/2018

She’s written a letter to daaaddy

by Anonymous reply 1 10/24/2017

Brutal comments. ‘Terrifying monster..’

by Anonymous reply 2 10/24/2017

What the heck happened to her nose? I know it gets bigger as you age, but it looked normal a year ago.

by Anonymous reply 3 10/24/2017

She’s obviously had more work done and it hasn’t settled. And probably never will.

by Anonymous reply 4 10/24/2017

Barely out of her twenties She is way too young to do this to herself, poor thing.

by Anonymous reply 5 10/24/2017

“Brutal comments. ‘Terrifying monster..'”

Lol, people are such bastards!😂😂😂

by Anonymous reply 6 10/24/2017

Well, I guess her freaky new plastic face isn’t quite as ghastly as her very elderly husband’s freaky face.

by Anonymous reply 7 10/24/2017

She looks weirdly similar to Renee Zellweger.

It’s like they went to the same doctor who gave them both a #3 Facial Rejuvenation.

There’s something oddly similar about what their surgeons tried to do with their faces – as if they both had the same aesthetic about what “beauty” looks like.

by Anonymous reply 8 10/24/2017

The dress is fabulous though. I would love to swirl around in that in my living room.

by Anonymous reply 9 10/24/2017

Eeek! She’s got that squinty Melania look.

by Anonymous reply 10 10/24/2017

There’s no way she’s 48. It’s not just her elderly face, look at her body in the op’s pic, her posture. Is the posture of a woman well into her 60s.

by Anonymous reply 11 10/24/2017

The face, it’s true, is no more. But 48 she is. In her 60s? Ridiculous. She’s just acting as if she’s in her 60s–hence that “work” she’s had done.

by Anonymous reply 12 10/24/2017

She was a strong Welsh lass that would have aged into a handsome Welsh elder lady but she had to go and mess about with all that surgical stuff and nonsense.

by Anonymous reply 13 10/24/2017

Apart from the botoxing and lifting, she looks like she’s been taking “Say ‘Prune'” lessons from the Olsons.

That long wavy hair isn’t doing her any favors either. She should either wear it up, or cut it to max. shoulder length. Something closer to age-appropriate would go a long way towards normalizing her look.

You know who’s next for this very same problem? Angie Jo.

by Anonymous reply 14 10/24/2017

Bitch stole my do

by Anonymous reply 15 10/24/2017

Obviously plastic surgery makes you look older instead of younger.

by Anonymous reply 16 10/24/2017

Unless you’re Jane Fonda or Catherine Deneuve, r16.

by Anonymous reply 17 10/24/2017

That caked-on makeup is doing her no favors either.

by Anonymous reply 18 10/24/2017

R11 you hit the nail on the head. The joke here on DL that she’s “barely out of her teens” is because some years ago someone noticed that a few years had been shaved off her Wikipedia page. Suddenly she was younger than DLers she had once been older than. Now she’s “Forever 21” or “too young to remember the 80s”

by Anonymous reply 19 10/24/2017

She looks like she’s auditioning for Real Housewives of New Jersey.

by Anonymous reply 20 10/24/2017

Omg it’s horrible. You would think that rich famous women who have access to top surgeons would look better. The only celebrity who has done it right, is Christie Brinkley

by Anonymous reply 21 10/24/2017
by Anonymous reply 22 10/24/2017

She’s either 48 and the surgery has made her look 60 or she’s 95 and now looks fabulous!

by Anonymous reply 23 10/24/2017

HOLY FUCK. Just when I think I’ve seen it all. Wow. A different person totally. Fuckkkkkkkkkkj

by Anonymous reply 24 10/24/2017

While I’m sure cosmetic surgery is to blame for most of this, she is diagnosed as bi-polar so some of this could also be a side-effect of medications

by Anonymous reply 25 10/24/2017

Having a tan is so out of fashion that she looks bizarre. Also, honey you’re not 16, wear a bra.

by Anonymous reply 26 10/24/2017

Wow! I always thought she was gorgeous. Why would she ruin herself like that?

by Anonymous reply 27 10/24/2017

Some of it us bad ‘updating’ of eye makeup. She has small eyes. She put those ridiculous fake lashes and fake eyebrows on that so many girls wear now and it looks very wrong on her.

by Anonymous reply 28 10/24/2017

She also has an old fashioned body. That is why it looks ’65’. It’s aging like that type of big boobed, thick waist, skinny legs body always does. It’s a WW2 Dame body.

by Anonymous reply 29 10/24/2017

Honestly, she looks like she drinking, a lot.

After I got sober, it took about a year and a half for my face to return back to normal. At first it looked very drawn out and gaunt, due to losing all of the booze weight that I had put on, but eventually, my skin snapped back in to place, so to speak. It was devastating at first, because I thought I had lost my original face forever.

She looks just like I did when I was lushing it up. Very dry, uneven surfaces and skin tone, big nose, puffy eyes, moon face.

Alcohol will fuck up your skin and body as badly as meth, it just takes longer for the wear and tear to show up. It’s much worse on women, than on men.

by Anonymous reply 30 10/24/2017

Catherine, put down the bottle!

by Anonymous reply 31 10/24/2017

R13 CZJ is also part Irish and they don’t age well.

by Anonymous reply 32 10/24/2017

Old husband’s are aging the you get women they are married do. It has got to be depressing being married to an old man.

by Anonymous reply 33 10/24/2017

[quote]That long wavy hair isn’t doing her any favors either. She should either wear it up, or cut it to max. shoulder length. Something closer to age-appropriate would go a long way towards normalizing her look.

That hair doesn’t look like all of it’s real, does she have extensions or whatever it is people use to make their hair look fuller?

by Anonymous reply 34 10/24/2017

January 2017, her hair looks a lot less luminous.

by Anonymous reply 35 10/24/2017

Without the headline I wouldn’t have known it is her. She looks ten years older she actually is.

by Anonymous reply 36 10/24/2017

I’ve barely aged a day bitches!

by Anonymous reply 37 10/24/2017

Is she the one with the vagina that gave her husband cancer?

by Anonymous reply 38 10/24/2017

[quote] There’s something oddly similar about what their surgeons tried to do with their faces

Here’s the thing. Plastic surgeons are not artists. Con artists maybe; but they have no idea how to sculpt features to suit your existing face. They are not talented, people.

They are craftsmen, tradespeople if you will, like a plumber or electrician.

by Anonymous reply 39 10/24/2017

She is 35. Leave her alone.

by Anonymous reply 40 10/24/2017

That dress makes her look thick waisted.

I think she looks okay

by Anonymous reply 41 10/24/2017

Some plastic surgeons are artists. It truly depends on the surgeon, just as much as it depends on the individual getting the work done.

Plastic surgery rarely looks good on anyone, but there are some people who it works for very well. It depends on the melanin and collagen levels of the skin. That’s why there are certain people who it looks fantastic on. They look like themselves, but refreshed, while others look pulled within an inch of their lives.

I was told by a plastic surgeon at UCLA, that the younger you get it (a facelift) done, the better the results. If you’re Caucasian, with very fair skin, do it in your early to mid-forties. If you’re Hispanic, mixed black/white, middle eastern or Asian, you can wait until your early to mid fifties, and if your very dark, African American, you can wait until your early to mid sixties, or may not need it at all.

by Anonymous reply 42 10/24/2017

Holy shit. I guess she’ll deny it and say that it’s just because she’s happy or something. Wasn’t that Renee’s shit response ? Catherine didn’t need to bother. Her husband is about 97 so she would always look young to him anyway.

by Anonymous reply 43 10/24/2017

[quote] Some plastic surgeons are artists.

I assume plastic surgeons go to medical school. Art school, not so much.

by Anonymous reply 44 10/24/2017

To be fair, one needn’t have gone to art school to be an artist.

by Anonymous reply 45 10/24/2017

R43 he cheats all the time reportedly, as hard as it may be to believe.

by Anonymous reply 46 10/24/2017

^ all that’s why I’m terrified of getting rhinoplasty even though I desperately need it

by Anonymous reply 47 10/24/2017

She’s was quite beautiful when she was younger. 80’s Thick voluminous hair suits more women than the plain straight parted down the middle styles today @R37

by Anonymous reply 48 10/24/2017

Shut the door R46 ! Really ? Am surprised any woman would go near that wrinkly old man with jowls you could hang washing off. Didn’t he blame giving Catherine too much oral sex on him contracting throat cancer ? Actually wish I hadn’t posted that. I could do without that imagine ingrained on my mind . .

by Anonymous reply 49 10/24/2017

What kind of society makes women prefer to look like a 40-year-old alien rather than a 50-year old woman. A society where old fat ugly men expect to have a girlfriend/wife 20 years younger than themselves who looks like a model.

by Anonymous reply 50 10/24/2017

R45 you are correct. I was going to add a clause to that effect. But what with being lazy and thinking that it was rather obvious, I decided to go with the analogic equivalent of medical school.

by Anonymous reply 51 10/24/2017

Catherine is an example of really bad work.

The mid-face has been way over-filled, most likely with poly l lactic acid (Sculptra) which is always uncertain. Surgeons need to stop overfilling this area and leaving no transition!

People don’t seem to understand that so much of a result is dependent upon the surgeon. For instance, Madonna was 49 here. But she was smart enough to go to James Baker in New York. Once you get into your mid fifties even good work begins to look done so the adage that less is more there is quite true. Even so, Jones should not look this bad at this age, not with her resources.

by Anonymous reply 52 10/24/2017

Damn, R52 Madonna looks amazing there. People can say what they want about her but she looked amazing for a long time. She still looks pretty decent to be almost 60.

by Anonymous reply 53 10/24/2017

Shit. I know we always made fun of her age here on DL, and I assumed it was just nonsense in good fun, but that photo. wow. There is no way that is a 48 year old woman — and one who just turned 48 no less(birthday in Sept.)!

by Anonymous reply 54 10/24/2017

R19 wasn’t the story about CZJ (I heard it here on DL after having heard it prior about a decade before) that her and Michael were invited to the Clinton White House and when the basic background check was done she was found to be 10 years older? Urban legend maybe, but that pic makes me believe it could be true.

Also, several years ago Sharon Stone’s wiki went from a birth year of 1956 to 1958

by Anonymous reply 55 10/24/2017

Sophia Vergara’s birth year went up a few years on Wikipedia too. It used to say 1966. Now it says 1972.

by Anonymous reply 56 10/24/2017

It looks like her face fell off and they glued it back on wrong. This is what you get for taking the name of Olivia De Havilland in vain!

by Anonymous reply 57 10/24/2017

Hey, even Prince lied about his age. I checked Grove’s Encyclopedia after he died, and it put him at a year younger than the obituaries. Carol Marcus had it right: If you’re going to lie, lie big. Losing one year wasn’t really enough to lie about.

by Anonymous reply 58 10/24/2017

R42: He’s wrong. That’s too young. You risk being Meg Ryan.

I thought she had a clause that she got $1M every time he cheated? Urban legend?

by Anonymous reply 59 10/24/2017

Yeah, but Madonna doesn’t look good now so it hardly matters when she started. She started aging very early when she lost all her body fat. Early 30s. I think she started even earlier.

by Anonymous reply 60 10/24/2017

*Started the fillers/surgery even earlier.

by Anonymous reply 61 10/24/2017

Part of it looks like perimenopause/menopause to me. The effects can be much more drastic for some, than for others.

by Anonymous reply 62 10/24/2017

The tragic part is that she’s only 26. Like her contemporary Megan Fox, she felt the need to start mucking with her face at a tender age.

by Anonymous reply 63 10/24/2017

If she’s going to be photographed at a night event, she needs to ditch the tanned look and the heavy makeup. She looked ok earlier in the month when photographed in better lighting.

by Anonymous reply 64 10/24/2017

I forgot to sign my post at R63

by Anonymous reply 65 10/24/2017

Ok, let’s see how you all look when you turn 30!

by Anonymous reply 66 10/24/2017

If you want to get work done on your face and you have the money South Korea or Russia would be a better option. The South Korean plastic Surgeons are known for doing work that is sympathetic to your face. The Russians also.

by Anonymous reply 67 10/24/2017

Come on, she’s a dewey 32!

(Seriously, why the fuck do these women do this to themselves?! And they say Harvey is the enemy),

by Anonymous reply 68 10/24/2017

This is so fucking sad to me. I really thought she was aging well and looked natural enough despite the occasional light lift or eye work. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when the surgeon convinces these women and men that they’ll somehow look better when they go overboard. Hopefully the face will settle down.

by Anonymous reply 69 10/24/2017

And it’s a career killer. What the fuck are you going to cast THAT as>? The gypsy fortune teller? Now she has to compete with Cher and for the same reason.

by Anonymous reply 70 10/24/2017

Her rouge is tragic!

Looks like bruising or wind burn.

by Anonymous reply 71 10/24/2017

Mutton dressed as lamb!

by Anonymous reply 72 10/24/2017

I can’t be expected to play the ingenue forever. Dame Time visits us all, and frankly, as I enter my thirties it’s time to embrace her with open arms.

by Anonymous reply 73 10/24/2017

I actually gasped.

by Anonymous reply 74 10/24/2017

[quote]Mutton dressed as lamb!

That’s lamb dressed as mutton to you, Mister!

by Anonymous reply 75 10/24/2017

Me too, R74, though I shouldn’t be surprised. Damn, what a mess. She must be crying her eyes out over the reactions. That’d actually be an improvement, sadly.

by Anonymous reply 76 10/24/2017

They all need to go to Jane Fonda’s surgeon. He never seems to do too much. Her last one was as bad as it got and it settled in fairly quickly.

by Anonymous reply 77 10/24/2017

As we say in the South.. Bless her heart!

by Anonymous reply 78 10/24/2017

Didn’t she once sue a magazine as they took a picture of her eating cake at her wedding ?

by Anonymous reply 79 10/24/2017

She might look better if she had lighter hair.

by Anonymous reply 80 10/24/2017

I’m still a ravishing 33!

by Anonymous reply 81 10/24/2017

Blowsy and frowzy.

by Anonymous reply 82 10/24/2017

Damn, I need to do another film with this bitch soon! I’ll look fab in comparison!

by Anonymous reply 83 10/24/2017

Getting old must suck for women like her, at one point she was THE most beautiful nin Hollywood

by Anonymous reply 84 10/24/2017

This is what she did with her Feud money? Made herself look like a slapped ass?

by Anonymous reply 85 10/24/2017

omg I almost screamed

by Anonymous reply 86 10/24/2017

The thing is, I think if she had just left her face alone, she would have aged beautifully.

by Anonymous reply 87 10/24/2017

Actually, I blame this on the cosmetic artist who did that garish make -up. Too harsh and bright. Too much contouring-a mess! Oddly enough, I don’t think this disaster is the result of plastic surgery.

I believe that She wears lacefront wigs and this one is styled badly and would be unflattering on anyone. She looks worse with lighter hair, so that’s not a good suggestion. A less severe style and some layers would soften her up. She looks great in side part bangs.

The dress is not flattering either. She looks better in darker shaded and showing less skin. Finally, the lighting is soooo unflattering. She is still a beautiful woman and will bounce back.

by Anonymous reply 88 10/24/2017

Why is her waist so big?

by Anonymous reply 89 10/24/2017

Her facial collapse is complete.

by Anonymous reply 90 10/24/2017

This is the photo she handed the doctor. “Here. This is what I want!”

by Anonymous reply 91 10/24/2017

Can you imagine what the women of the 1950s would have said about showing a thick waist like that in public?

by Anonymous reply 92 10/24/2017

Remember when the Secret Service refused to let her in the White House for some event because. her date of birth on her driver’s license did not match to their background check. she had to fess up to them what was her real age. She is a few years older than 48.

by Anonymous reply 93 10/24/2017

They signed up for the group rate under the family plan.

by Anonymous reply 94 10/24/2017

I didn’t know Kirk Douglas married a ventriloquist dummy

by Anonymous reply 95 10/24/2017

Cathy, dahling, dahling, No!

Too much sun, too many Marlboro Reds, not enough sleep, and too many Drinkie-poos are not good for a 32-year-young ingénue, Dahling!

by Anonymous reply 96 10/24/2017

Maybe she thought the horror of her boobs would distract from the horror of her face.

by Anonymous reply 97 10/24/2017

Looks the same. It’s not a Zellweger.

by Anonymous reply 98 10/24/2017

C’mon! She’s 58-years-old. I should know.

by Anonymous reply 99 10/24/2017

Most hilarious passive aggressive photo caption alluding to the fact they’re fully aware of how hideous her plastic surgery is and that they’re posting these photos to mock her:

[quote] Catherine couldn’t wipe the smile from her face as she announced the recipient of the FIFA Puskas Award alongside Diego Forlan

by Anonymous reply 100 10/24/2017

I think she’ll be OK once it settles down. Too much filler in her cheeks. She’s beginning to look like a catlady but she’s not all the way there yet. Close.

by Anonymous reply 101 10/24/2017

[quote]too many Marlboro Reds

She smokes?? Well, there goes your skin, then.

by Anonymous reply 102 10/24/2017

She has access to the best surgeons in the world. The best. Though she can easily afford the medical costs, and the surgery recovery time, Mother Nature is unkind: nothing, no amount of money, no amount of surgery can reverse the recession of the eyes as one ages. Otherwise, undergoing such eye surgery procedures, one will end up with “Kenny Rogers'” or “Renee Zellweger’s” eyes.

by Anonymous reply 103 10/24/2017

[quote]They all need to go to Jane Fonda’s surgeon.

Or Kris Jenner’s.

by Anonymous reply 104 10/24/2017

I can’t believe that’s her:

by Anonymous reply 105 10/24/2017

Holy shit, if Madonna was really 49 in those photos then, yeah, she had some damn good surgery compared to Jones. I always say that Madonna didn’t start out beautiful but she had a brief period there when, because of good surgery, she became beautiful.

by Anonymous reply 106 10/24/2017

I agree with you r106, Madonna looks much more youthful and attractive in those pics than Catherine Zeta Jones. I would put Madonna at late middle 30s to very early 40s. Jones looks much older.

by Anonymous reply 107 10/24/2017

Behold! The ravages of surgery!

by Anonymous reply 108 10/24/2017


by Anonymous reply 109 10/25/2017

If you notice, Madonna is with Guy in those photos where she looks so great. They have to be close to 20 years old. Duy also looks about 33.

by Anonymous reply 110 10/25/2017

Madonna looked even better in 2010. In the next year she debuted the alien look though.

by Anonymous reply 111 10/25/2017

R103, why on earth did they take so much skin away from Kenny Rodgers’ upper eyes for? It seems only an unwitting student doctor would have been so aggressive, either that or he was going for feminisation surgery. It must have been intentional, since his scars are almost way up in his brows.

by Anonymous reply 112 10/25/2017

It’s the nose that’s mystifying me the most. Where did that huge schnoz come from? Also, the hair is TERRIBLE. She needs to get a good, shoulder-length, layered cut with a side parting and she’ll look about a million times better. That and lay off the fillers and her looks could somewhat recover.

by Anonymous reply 113 10/25/2017

Her depression meds would be fucking with her looks as well.

by Anonymous reply 114 10/25/2017

As I look at her I see more of Bullock in her face . Maybe the same plastic surgeon?

by Anonymous reply 115 10/25/2017

R202, you can still find the pap photos of a topless and heavily pregnant CZJ smoking.

This gossip from 2004: “Jones, Catherine Zeta. “Insecure, vain, clingy and whiny.” A little too impressed with herself. Lies about her age; is actually 10 years older than she claims (or perhaps not–this is disputed). “She’s a selfish, immature bitch. She tips 10% on the nose.” “A walking nightmare” to work with. Drinking problem. Linked with Sean Connery and Michael Douglas (yuch!).”

by Anonymous reply 116 10/25/2017

Menopause does a major number on the hair and skin. Her hair definitely looks thinner. That said, she blew it with the cosmetic surgery/fillers.

The actress whom I think has aged amazingly well is Julianne Moore.

by Anonymous reply 117 10/25/2017

If she hadn’t smoked like a chimney her whole life, she might not have had to get work done so early.

by Anonymous reply 118 10/25/2017

Put her in a photo with Jane Fonda. 80 years old and still beautiful. and she’s had work done too.

by Anonymous reply 119 10/25/2017

Yeah, she’s definitely had work done, but I honestly believe it can be meds too. If you’re on some kind of cortisteriods for arthritis or even anti depression meds, it’ll definitely mess with your looks. And Catherine Zeta has to be in her 50’s.

by Anonymous reply 120 10/25/2017

Kathleen Turner is a good example of that R120.

by Anonymous reply 121 10/25/2017

She had her children at too young an age and it wrecked her face! Plus, she’s married to a Lifetime Channel Sexual Dysfunction Of The Week.

by Anonymous reply 122 10/25/2017

Julianne Moore has aged astonishingly well, it also probably helps that she’s never lied about her age or set foot in the sun without sunblock.

by Anonymous reply 123 10/25/2017

I love it when celebs debut their new face. Like a coming out ceremony of sorts.

by Anonymous reply 124 10/25/2017

Always helps to put on make-up before you leave the house. Lots and lots of make-up.

by Anonymous reply 125 10/25/2017

Looks like a Halloween mask

by Anonymous reply 126 10/25/2017

Forget the face. Can someone please explain the dress? Why are there scattered patches of beige underneath like a floating landmass?

by Anonymous reply 127 10/25/2017

Sandra Bullock, Julianne Moore, Jane Fonda. who else ?

by Anonymous reply 128 10/25/2017

There are bad photos of people everywhere, R125. In all fairness, Madonna is probably the most photographed woman in the world so it’s inevitable she’s going to take a bad photo. Even so, in her 40s and early 50s hers was a pretty good example of the best surgery money can buy. Is that surgery perfect, no–no surgery is–but it sure was better than what Miss Jones has undergone.

by Anonymous reply 129 10/25/2017

who else what R128?

by Anonymous reply 130 10/25/2017

I think R128 is referring to actresses who have aged well, naturally or un. I assume un with all of them, though I think both Moore and Bullock have had the sense not to overtweak. Moore clearly doesn’t monkey with her eyes–she’s figured out that eyework pretty much always looks unnatural. She’s also avoided big weight losses or gains. Bulock looks like she’s had more done, but she still looks like herself.

Both CZJ and Renee Zellwegger have roundish faces with not a lot of bone structure. Zellwegger, in particular, had a face that was never going to age well naturally. Once her eyelids drooped at all (and everybody’s does), her eyes were going to disappear.

Helen Mirren’s aged well. Judi Dench–they both figured out that there was more work for a good-looking older woman than a woman trying to look young.

Her face doesn’t move, but Nicole Kidman still looks like Nicole Kidman. Susan Sarandon looks okay (she just needs to never-ever Tweet)–again, she allowed some aging around her eyes to occur.

by Anonymous reply 131 10/25/2017

oh. well I disagree that Sandra Bullock has aged well or has had work that makes her appear like she’s aged well. Maybe her work has settled, but she was looking quite cat-like for a while. Sandra, like Jennifer Aniston looks less and less like her former self and I’m always baffled when someone says they look terrific.

by Anonymous reply 132 10/25/2017

She was on QVC at the end of September selling her Casa Zeta-Jones line. She must have sold a shitload of stuff and treated herself to the plastic surgery.

by Anonymous reply 133 10/25/2017

[quote]And Catherine Zeta has to be in her 50’s.

And yet she’s not. She’s been in the public eye since she was a child actress (the original West End “Annie”) so she’s never been able to lie about her age. She’ll be 50 in two years.

In the meantime, her hard living (booze and cigarettes) has taken a drastic toll on her looks.

by Anonymous reply 134 10/25/2017

I think she looks good in the QVC pic. She looks like a hot 45 year old milf.

by Anonymous reply 135 10/25/2017

C’mon guys, she’s gorgeous!

by Anonymous reply 136 10/25/2017

Someone claims that is due to botox R136, which I highly doubt. I really liked her looks when she was younger.

by Anonymous reply 137 10/25/2017

She used to be a couple of years older than me, and I an 50 in May next year. I remember her from The Darling Buds of May in the early 1990’s.

Maybe you can make a supposition about her age based on the fact that the guy who played her husband in the DBOM is now 61, looks like strange casting if she is only 48!

by Anonymous reply 138 10/25/2017

I make fun of the Catherine Zeta-Jones age trope as much as anyone here, but in truth it’s highly unlikely she’s lying about her age. If there is any lying going on, it’s at most a year shaved off, but consider the following: (1) she got her start in entertainment as an eleven-year-old in 1981, in productions of Annie; (2) she is close with her family, including her two siblings: an older brother by two years, and a younger brother by three years; (3) you can find articles dating back over twenty years ago that consistently give her birth year as 1969.

So basically, if she’s lying, her whole family is in on it because claiming to be the middle child within a five-year span limits the possibilities, and she’d have to have been lying about her age since she was in her mid-twenties.

by Anonymous reply 139 10/26/2017

Wrong R134. She was caught by the Secret Service lying about her age. She was attempting to enter the White House for an event and they wouldn’t let her in as her date of birth on her drivers license DID NOT MATCH her background check birth date. She had to fess up to the Secret Service that she was actually some years older than the age she uses.

by Anonymous reply 140 10/26/2017

Who hasn’t claimed they were 11 in a production of ‘Annie’ in 1981?

by Anonymous reply 141 10/26/2017

Did she ask for the Jimmy Durante nose special?

by Anonymous reply 142 10/26/2017

[quote] Maybe you can make a supposition about her age based on the fact that the guy who played her husband in the DBOM is now 61, looks like strange casting if she is only 48!

Actually, given the way these things normally go, there’s nothing strange about that age difference in casting. Much older men are routinely paired up with younger women cast as their partners and romantic interests.

by Anonymous reply 143 10/26/2017

Square fat is booze fat, r89

by Anonymous reply 144 10/26/2017

Lady Elaine Fairchilde lives!

by Anonymous reply 145 10/26/2017

I was a little kid when CZJ was playing adult roles on TV. She now claims to be younger than me. It’s so sad to see her ruin her looks.

by Anonymous reply 146 10/26/2017

If you were a little kid in the early 1990s, you’re not in your 40s now.

by Anonymous reply 147 10/26/2017
by Anonymous reply 148 10/26/2017

I can’t laugh at the jokes about this — I love her! 😥😥😥😥

by Anonymous reply 149 10/26/2017

Now I’m starting to believe those rumors about her shaving a decade off of her real age. I never thought she was as beautiful as SHE thought she was. There is a coarseness in her facial features. And she she ugly legs.

by Anonymous reply 150 10/26/2017

When I was filming the Academy Award winning musical film “Chicago”, I had to spend one hour each day on my studies. I certainly didn’t want to grow up to be one of those actresses who never completed their education. Because I am an accomplished actress, I possessed the skill to portray an older woman of the world. As I now near thirty, I wear my “wrinkles” with pride and look forward to more mature roles. But I would be open to again being the gamin I am.

by Anonymous reply 151 10/26/2017

CZJ on QVC right now.

She definitely looks like she had work done, but it’s not as terrible as the photo in OP’s post.

by Anonymous reply 152 10/26/2017

R152 thanks for the heads up. In those harsh lights she looks good!

by Anonymous reply 153 10/26/2017

Although I’m going to restate–the studio lights are turned way down

by Anonymous reply 154 10/26/2017

Is QVC always live? Because she may have filmed a segment some time ago. That naff range has been promoted for a couple of months. This latest work is very recent.

by Anonymous reply 155 10/27/2017

Is she trying to frighten Michael to his eternal rest?

by Anonymous reply 156 10/27/2017

Please post a screencap or two of the QVC appearance.

by Anonymous reply 157 10/27/2017

QVC is a live presentation. If you click on the link below there is the option to view the presentation from yesterday’s show.

by Anonymous reply 158 10/27/2017

I was flipping channels, and stopped because “Halloween” is one of my faves. But after a couple of minutes I realized that wasn’t Michael Myers. it was Catherine selling her wares on QVC!

by Anonymous reply 159 10/27/2017

I love these idiots who think a blind item that isn’t clear at all is proof that CZJ is older than she is.

She was 11 when she was in Annie in ’81. She’s 48 now. She’ll be 50 in 2019. And her looks are falling prey to her extremely unhealthy living.

by Anonymous reply 160 10/27/2017

The evidence suggests she really is the age she claims. Just as some of us are 55 but totally look 30, some people actually do look more mature than their age. It happens.

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