Revenge in Red Latex – Fetish

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Revenge in Red Latex

Ancilla Meyers knew that her husband was cheating on her. He was acting all jumpy and skittish. He came home at odd hours, claiming that he was at work. She knew he wasn’t because his secretary was a dear friend and had told Ancilla otherwise. He wasn’t even being that careful about hiding it, he and the other woman had been spotted having lunch. Ancilla was not the type to give up her marriage without a fight. The slinky blonde had beat out all the other girls to claim Barry as her own. He had often told her that it was her sexy French accent but Ancilla also believed there were other, more obvious reasons. Through exercise and diet, she had taken very good care of those “reasons”. Perhaps it was time to remind her husband that she was still gorgeous and sexy and exciting?

She wanted to really spice up her wardrobe and yet, she had a huge closet full of sexy outfits and drawers full of lingerie. Ancilla decided that she would kick it up a notch. Something with leather or PVC or latex — something that would make her stand out from other beautiful women. A bit of fetish wear to let Barry know there was still a fire burning within her. Something he wouldn’t expect, that would catch him off-guard and make him re-examine his priorities.

Her friend Jessica knew where to send her. She didn’t want to ask Jessica why she always knew about places like this. Ancilla figured the curvy brunette was entitled to keep some secrets. Her friend had never married, opting for life as a swinging bachelorette. “Oh no, I’m not making that mistake,” she would say when asked about marriage. Jess had played by her own rules ever since 7th Grade when the school sent her home for coming to school in a short skirt and high heels. Her liberal parents sent her right back and told them unless she was violating some strict dress code, to “mind their own fucking business”. All the boys in class had stared at Jess, who had the body of a 20-year old by the time she was 14.

She found the shop easily from Jess’ directions. It was totally unlike anything she had expected. She had expected the store to look a bit dingy or grungy or even perverted and be badly lit. Instead, it was in a well-traveled section of town, nearly immaculate with real hardwood floors and extremely well lit. Everything in the shop looked well made, nothing cheap or tacky. Ancilla looked around the store for a bit, unsure as to what look she wanted and what to buy. She was looking around when a young woman came around the corner and approached her gently.

“Hello and excuse me if I’m bothering you,” the young woman said to Ancilla. “I noticed you looking around and wondered if there was anything I could help you with. My name is Mosh and this is my store.”

“Mosh? Is that your first name or your last name?” Ancilla asked.

“It’s my only name,” the younger woman said in a soft tone. “I changed it because I wanted something playful and unique — just like me!” Mosh certainly could have been described as unique. She was petite and almost wasp-waisted. Her hair was coiffed in a style reminiscent of the 1930`s and was platinum blonde. Although if you looked close enough, you could see places where it was the palest of pale blues. It was the young woman`s clothes that caught your eye the most. Her top was black and her skirt was powder blue. What they were made of puzzled Ancilla. Both were sleek and very shiny. Her high heels were at least 5 inches with pencil-thin heels. “You didn’t answer my question — is there something that I can help you with, Miss . “

“It’s Mrs. and my name is Ancilla ,” said the blonde, holding out her hand.

Mosh laughed lightly. “You thought I had a unique name? You’ve been looking at my outfit, do you like it?”

“It’s quite fetching and . unique,” Ancilla smiled, using that word again.

“It’s made of latex. It is surprisingly comfortable and a lot of my customers love the material. There is just something about the shiny look they can’t resist. If you want to turn on a lover and if they have just the slightest bit of kink, something like this will usually do the trick,” she explained.

“I do think it’s sexy and it displays your beautiful body so nicely,” Ancilla noted. Mosh smiled at her and not for the first time.

“I think you’re beautiful too, so thank you,” Mosh smiled. She led the blonde wife to a rack of latex tops and dresses. “I think you could easily wear latex, you’ve got the perfect, slim body for it. I’d put you in . ah, here it is . a red latex dress with matching red spiked heels!”

“Do you think I could?” Ancilla gasped as she eyed the slinky dress Mosh held in front of her. It would leave little to the imagination and would most certainly capture Barry’s attention. The dress was short and cut low in the front. It would accentuate her cleavage. The hem of the dress ended just below her waist and was daringly short. Red latex gloves went with it. This outfit was daring and very risqué but was Ancilla brave enough to wear it?

“I would like to at least try it on,” Ancilla breathed. She was excited. For this one time at least, she would see another side of herself. Mosh took her to the back room and she managed to slither and wiggle into the tight garment. It left little to the imagination and looked sensational on her. “Oh my,” she gasped as she saw herself in the mirror. “I can hardly believe that’s me, I feel so naughty!”

“Latex should look sexy and make you think naughty thoughts,” Mosh smiled as she watched Ancilla admiring herself. “Are you thinking naughty thoughts?”

“I am,” Ancilla smiled for the first time in a long while. “Although I’m not quite sure if they’re thoughts my husband would approve of!”

” Fuck him, then!” Mosh blurted out. “Why should we let men decide how we think? We’re entitled to our own opinions and naughty fantasies. If they can’t deal with that, it’s their problem, not ours!” She fumed.

“You’re absolutely right, I’ll take the dress,” Ancilla said as she slammed down her credit card. “I will need the shoes to go with it. My husband isn’t going to know what hit him. I hope this can put some of the spark back into our marriage.”

“Uh-oh? Trouble in paradise?” Mosh asked as Ancilla did her level best to sit down in the constricting garment.

“I think so, yes. Barry — my husband — I think he is having an affair. No, scratch that — I’m sure of it. I want to fight for my marriage and I thought something spicy would help. This outfit is what I had in mind, but now, I’m not so sure,” Ancilla confessed.

“Oh?” Mosh sat beside Ancilla and took the woman’s hands in her own. “In what way aren’t you sure?”

“I was hearing what you were saying and it was like I was outside my own body,” Ancilla said to Mosh. “Why am I trying to seduce a man who cheated on me? He’ll only cheat again when he gets bored. I’m beautiful . aren’t I?” Mosh nodded and was smiling. “Then I’m going to start feeling beautiful and acting beautiful and naughty too, if I damned well feel like it!”

“There’s the spirit!” Mosh said before doing something unexpected. The petite beauty leaned in and gave Ancilla a fleeting kiss on the lips. It took Ancilla by surprise and yet, it wasn’t unpleasant at all.

“I’m sorry; I don’t know why I did that!” The younger girl apologized.

“Don’t worry, it didn’t bother me. It was kind of — nice,” Ancilla smiled. “I’ve never been kissed by a girl and I’m surprised that it didn’t bother me. It didn’t bother me at all.”

Mosh broke into a sunny little grin. “That’s very nice to hear. So, would I be right in assuming you might be looking for a little fun?”

” May -be,” Ancilla said with a bit of hesitation. “What kind of fun?”

“Sexy fun. Naughty fun but no further than you want to take it. If you can hang around for an hour or so, I’d like to take you somewhere. I hope – I think — that you’ll like it. Let’s get you the shoes to go with that dress because you’ll be needing them.”

Ancilla was both troubled and curious. She found herself liking this young girl and decided to go out on a limb and trust her. When Mosh closed the store, she escorted Ancilla to a sporty little MG. “Trust me,” the girl said as she kissed Ancilla for a second time. “I think tonight is going to be exactly the medicine you need.”

Ancilla was still working on trust but she had decided all or nothing. They drove for only a few minutes to a place Ancilla had never seen before. “We’ve arrived,” Mosh said as she parked the car. “Come with me and follow my lead.”

The two women walked towards the building. It was stately and imposing, Ancilla had no idea what she was getting herself into. Mosh held tight to her hand as they approached a positively massive man guarding the door. The man had to be 6’6″, nearly 300 pounds and all of it was solid muscle. “Hey there, Miss Mosh, who’s your new friend, the hot blonde in the red latex?”

“This is my new friend, Ancilla. Ancilla, this large-scale stud is Jason. Jason, I’m bringing Ancilla tonight as my guest, if that’s okay?” Mosh smiled as she stood on her heels to try and reach his face for a tiny peck on the cheek.

“Sure Miss Mosh, anything for you,” the dark-haired man smiled. He was gorgeous in that brawny, he-man kind of way. “You always bring us the nicest people and they almost always come back.”

“What is it that goes on here?” Ancilla asked Mosh quietly.

“You’re about to find out. Don’t worry, you’ll fit in nicely,” Mosh told her as they entered the building. They were immediately greeted by the sounds of raucous music, voices chattering and by the sight of various people in various states of undress wearing various types of clothing. Some leather, some lace, some PVC and some latex.

“What is this place?” Ancilla asked as she scanned the room.

“A fetish club,” Mosh grinned, hugging her new friend at the waist. “Lots of things go on here, from simple dress up, to BDSM, to sex and to voyeurism. It’s why I brought you here, darling Ancilla. You can dip your toes in, go wading or jump in the deep end. It’s entirely up to you,” Mosh said.

“Oh, wow,” Ancilla breathed as she took it all in. There were bodies everywhere and a lot of the people in the room were beautiful and sensual. Some of them were magnificent specimens and Ancilla noticed they were all dressed erotically. She felt completely at ease, relaxed and as sexy as any of them.

“You’re not freaking out, are you?” Mosh asked, fearing she might be pushing her new friend into something she was not ready for.

“GOD, no!” Ancilla said as she spun around to face Mosh. “I think I want to go for a swim,” she giggled. “Do you have any recommendations?” She was hoping that Mosh might suggest Jason, the brawny man who had met them at the door.

“No, but I think I’m about to,” Mosh chuckled. Two very handsome men and an alluring brunette were heading their way.

“Hello Mosh, who’s your gorgeous friend? I know you sold her that dress, it looks lovely on you, darling,” the brunette said as she took Ancilla’s gloved hand.

“Kirsten, meet my new friend Ancilla,” Mosh introduced them and turned to her new friend. “The gorgeous man on her right is her husband Patrick and the gentleman on her left is her boyfriend, Connor.”

Ancilla’s face showed her surprise, but no sign of disapproval. The men both looked at her with lusty eyes. Kirsten was wearing a garment made up entirely of leather straps and chains. Her gorgeous tits and pussy were on full display and she was wearing thigh-high black leather boots. “Are you here to play or to watch, sweetheart?” Kirsten asked, touching Ancilla’s face gently.

” Play , definitely!” Ancilla chirped as she stared at Connor. He was dark and almost sinister in appearance. Like his girlfriend, Connor was clad all in leather. “Your eyes are staring holes through me, handsome,” she said to him. “Would you perhaps like to fuck me?”

He grinned like a small boy and it changed his entire look. Now he looked like a statue of Adonis. “Let’s find a private room,” Kirsten said to Mosh. “I can’t wait to see my baby fucking that sexy bitch and Patrick and I have missed you, sexy cunt!” She linked arms with Mosh while Ancilla and Connor were already 3 steps ahead of them.

When Mosh caught up to Ancilla, she made sure that the woman wasn’t just acting out. “Are you really going to let Connor fuck you?” Mosh asked.

“Oh no, I’m going to let all of them fuck me, eventually,” Ancilla grinned. “You only live once and they’re all gorgeous. Tonight is my night and I’m going for it.”

Mosh was surprised at the latex-clad blonde’s willingness to embrace a new lifestyle. There was something fun about Ancilla and she believed the woman’s husband was a fool. You didn’t cheat on a woman like this. You asked her to join you on the path to a kinky new world.

In the private room, Connor had already stripped and an eager Ancilla was on her knees in front of him. “I hope you have a big fucking cock,” she said to Connor. “I want to suck it and have you cum in my mouth and maybe I can share it with your girlfriend, or maybe, Mosh? I’m going to slut it up with all of you tonight, I want to swallow loads of cum and pussy juice and have myself a time.”

Mosh was stunned at the transformation in her new friend and she was surprised to hear that Ancilla had thought of her in that way. She thought about it and decided that if her time came, she would like to play with the gorgeous blonde. She was a person of intelligence and quality and very sensual. She looked so hot in the latex dress but even hotter as she was sucking cock while wearing it. How could a woman look so beautiful and yet be a total whore?

Ancilla felt hands on her body again, hands that were touching her with desire. She no longer gave a damn about her husband or his affairs because he couldn’t compare to the feelings she was experiencing now. A hard cock was in her mouth and an equally hard cock was pressed against her backside. Kirsten was now helping her to suck cock and she and the other girl were swapping tongues. She thought it was a lot of fun kissing a girl and she couldn’t wait to kiss and play with Mosh. She owed the girl so much for introducing her to these sexy people and for showing her there was a way out of her god-awful marriage. Plus, Mosh just had a foothold on sexy and erotic as far as she was concerned.

The hands were helping her slip out of the dress and Ancilla felt Connor’s cock sliding into her pussy — no, into her cunt , she wanted to feel like a slut tonight — and now it was Patrick she was sucking. Connor began pumping into her as she sucked the other stud and Kirsten was behind her, squeezing her tits. She felt like the perfect whore and knew that this was the person she had always been meant to be. Alive and free and not answerable to anyone, no longer a prisoner of her desires but the free, sex-crazed blonde whore who could take on all comers!

“I want you to fuck my ass,” she told Patrick. “Whenever you think you’re ready, I want the two of you to fuck me together. Do you think you can handle that?”

“Yeah baby,” Patrick said to her. “We do that to Kirsten all the time, she fucking loves it. Man, you are one hot bitch.”

“Mmm, you know it, lover,” Ancilla groaned as the big cock slipped from her mouth. They got her ready and it wasn’t long before she was riding on the two biggest cocks she had ever felt. This was the kind of experience she had waited for all of her life, even if she hadn’t known it until now.

Mosh was having fun with Kirsten and still looking at Ancilla in utter astonishment. She was almost like a force of nature now; one simple red latex dress had brought out her new persona. To prove that point, Ancilla leaned over and kissed Mosh as passionately as she could manage while stuffed with two big cocks. “You’re next,” she said to the petite girl. “When these two studs are through fucking me, you and Kirsten do me next. I want to do it with a woman and then we’ll see what other trouble I can get myself into.” She continued to rock back and forth on the two invading shafts, waiting for an orgasm that she dearly craved.

Mosh knew that the fetish club had a new member and it would be a lot of fun showing Ancilla around. Her store also had a good customer and she had found herself a new lover. It was win-win-win for everyone.

“I’m going out with friends tonight, don’t wait up,” Ancilla said drily to her husband as she went out the door. He wondered why she was wearing a long coat; it was almost 80° outside.

As Ancilla stepped into the driveway, Mosh’s sporty little car pulled up. She got in, Mosh pulled her face close and they kissed. Ancilla really didn’t care if her husband saw them. She was talking to a lawyer she had met at the club last week and she was sure she was going to divorce Barry. There was no love left for the controlling bastard.

“Where are we going tonight?” Ancilla asked her new lover.

“Kirsten and Patrick have invited us to a swing party, are you up for it?” Mosh asked.

Ancilla opened her coat to reveal a black PVC top and skirt with high boots. “Does this look like I’m ready?” She giggled as they drove away. She was having lunch with Jessica tomorrow and wondered what naughty outfit she should choose for that? Jess was next on her list of seduction. There was no doubt that Jessica would play, there had always been a strong sexual vibe between them. She just needed to give Jessica a gentle push in the right direction.

Barry wondered where his wife was going, but he honestly didn’t give a fuck. As long as he paid the bills and fucked her every so often, the French bitch wasn’t going anywhere. He got on the phone and called his new young girlfriend.

“Hey Sonja baby, want to come over and have some fun?” He asked her. “Yeah, my wife’s out for the rest of the evening, she’s been going out a few times a week for the last few months now.”

“Sorry Barry,” the Swedish blonde answered. “I’m not just going to sit by the phone all the time and wait for your call. I’ve heard about this new fetish club on the other end of town that supposed to be pretty wild, people wear PVC and latex and leather, all sorts of crazy shit. I’m going to go check it out! I’ll talk to you later, lover!”

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