Raw apricot kernels seed extract powder said to be answer to cancer

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Watercrest diet


Begin your road to recovery with a diet change. Cut out the junk, white sugar, processed foods, sodas, etc. Get in the Sun. From the beginning and continuously thereafter, eat your apricot seeds. For prevention people take a few a day, if you’re dealing with an issue, anywhere from 10-50 a day along with digestive enzymes (Megazyme or your choice) Next, purify your water and raise your body’s Ph. One way to accomplish this is by adding coral calcium to your water. The raised pH and added minerals cause blood plasma nutrient transfer to quicken which in turn boosts the immune system and suffocates fungi and unwanted cells. Make sure you cleanse and stimulate your digestive system in order for your body’s intestinal track to absorb the most from your food intake and be able to expel waste and toxins as quickly as possible. We suggest Ultra-lax which is a powerful colon cleanser and bowel mover. Coffee enemas are used by many fighting cancer. Milk Thistle helps detoxify and improve liver function and the silymarin actually helps the liver regenerate. At this point it can only help to pick a couple of the herbal formulas that specifically target the part of your body that has succumbed to disease. We have herbal combinations for most of the organs and systems of the body including the lungs, heart, colon, brain, pancreas, liver, prostate, the circulatory system, the immune system, stem cell generation, pH, the kidneys, bladder, blood pressure, joints, bones and skin. We are not professionals, however we supply product developed by Professional Direct your questions to health@apricotsfromgod.info

If all of this is too much for you, start small. EAT YOUR SEEDS and take your enzymes. Adding Coral to your water cleanses it, raises it’s pH and saturates it with 74+ important minerals besides Calcium and Magnesium which are necessary for proper metabolic function.

Remember, the seeds may kill cancer cells but there is more to beating cancer then just killing off or shrinking a few tumors. For a body to develop cancer, it’s inner environment has been compromised. You must supply it with the right stuff and cut out the wrong. Although Chemotherapy might temporarily shrink a tumor, it is a powerful poison that deteriorates cellular fabric, subsequently speeding up the progress of disease. If you choose to use chemo, do all that you can to keep your organs and cells well protected. Study and you will find that disease loves sugar, carbon dioxide, acidic environments and that it hates oxygen, certain enzymes, non-acidic environments, and most of all the nitrilosides found in over 1200 foods, one of them being apricot seeds.

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Other Therapies that you should look into are: Hydrogen Peroxide therapy, The Budwig Diet, Juicing, Essiac Tea, Light therapy, Baking Soda/Molasses Therapy, Magnets and Electrotherapy.

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