Primitive Man – His Food and His Health – by Dr

diet dr nasty

Diet dr nasty

The accounts of early voyagers, explorers and missionaries are considered together with anthropological studies and knowledge gleaned from various nutritional surveys and medical inspections made in the primitive world. It is drawn from a literary survey of the people of many lands, including all continents and many islands. It covers centuries of time involving observations of racial groups living in the early 16th century to those of the modern day.

Reproductive efficiency permits parturition (birth) with no difficulty and little or no pain. There are no prenatal deformities. Resistance to infectious disease is high, few individuals are sick , and these usually rapidly recovering. The degenerative diseases are rare, even in advanced life, some of them being completely unknown and unheard of by the primitive. Mental complaints are equally rare, and the usual state of happiness and contentment is one scarcely known by civilized man. The duration of life is long , the people being yet strong and vigorous as they pass the three score and ten mark, and living in many cases beyond a century.

These are the characteristics of the finest and healthiest primitive races living under the most ideal climatic and nutritional conditions. Even primitive races less favored by environment have better teeth and skeletal development than civilized man. We note that people living today, under the culture and environment of the Stone Age, have far surpassed civilized man in strength, physical development and immunity to disease. This fact poses an important question to modern medicine and should arouse serious thought and consideration.

It is the nutritional habits of primitive man that are responsible for the state of his health, and as long as his native foods remain in use, as important physical changes occur, and the bacterial scourges are absent – even though a complete lack of sanitation would indicate that pathogenic bacteria might be present. When the native foods are displaced for those of modern commerce, the situation changes completely . And the finest sanitation, that the white man can provide, together with the best in medical services, is of no avail in preventing the epidemics that take thousands of lives.

I am presently engaged in putting together the dietary practices of the most magnificently healthful and successful primitive races from all parts of the world – as recorded by both ancient and modern explorers of these primitive cultures, who have accumulated their knowledge over a period of many thousands of years of experience.

Dr. Stanley S. Bass, New York 5/99

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Interview with Dr. Bass:
What is the “Paleolithic Diet”?
The Paleolithic Diet was the diet used by early man for hundreds of thousands of years preceding 10,000 years ago. It is now called the Hunter -Gatherer Diet.
It consisted of a small amount of fruit, mostly berries (in the North), leaves and vegetables, nuts, fish, poultry & meat, occasionally eggs. No grains or legumes were used until appr. 10,000 years ago, when men began to settle in cities, plant crops, grains, legumes, and raise animals for food. From a (hunter-gatherer) diet that was largely raw and based on animal products and vegetables, man changed to a (agricultural) diet that was high in carbs & sugars and cooked foods.
This began a period of degeneration, even though the food was whole, natural and of high quality. As among the ancient Egyptians who were in terrible health (mummies show obesity and diseases). Their diet was based on fresh, organic vegetables and fruits – low-fat, but high in grains.

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