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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Dear Park Bo Gum.

The much awaited Park Bo Gum ( that superduperhandsome S.Korean K-drama actor) Fan Meet slated on April 27, 2019 at the Mall of Asia, is postponed. The safety of the artist, staff and probable audience were taken into consideration due to the recent earthquake that has been hitting parts of the Philippines, greater Manila, included. Thus, Park Bo Gum’s May Your Everyday Be a Good Day has been postponed to June 22, 2019. At least, it’s in the same year.

PARK BO GUM courtesy of Philippine Star

Anyway, there’s this Park Bo Gum Fan Page in FB that has a link for submitting letters for Mr Park. The post indicated that Bogummy prefers to receive letters rather than gifts from his fans.

So! Heck! I wrote one and submitted it online. I’m not really sure if my letter will reach Mr. Park but just in case he does not, I’d post it here and hope against hope that sometime in the next 25 years, when Park Bo Gum is 50 and he has nothing better to do a cold Seoul winter night, he’ll type in and search for Dear Park Bo Gum, and this page will be number 101 on he list of searched links.

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