Palmaria Restaurant Portovenere, Cinque Terre Dining, Grand Hotel

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Palmaria Restaurant is based in a spectacular veranda overlooking Portovenere. You will find yourself inside a sort of contemporary sailing ship that is about to sail towards the horizon: the choice of rubberized teak wood flooring, in nautical style, recalls the ancient technique of caulking, ie the waterproofing of the hulls by the numerous master caulkers of the Gulf of Poets. The cushions, made by a local upholsterer, are yellow, pink and green just like the colors of the houses in the village of Portovenere.

Here nothing is left to chance : a refined atmosphere and candlelit dinners, first-class service, a menu made up of marine flavors and entrusted to the professionalism of our Executive Chef Massimiliano Volonterio whose team will know how to satisfy even the most demanding of palates.

The menus are inspired by the ” Grand Tour “, that is, the long journey in continental Europe, particularly in Italy, that was undertaken by the European aristocracy, from the seventeenth century. At lunch we propose light and well-balanced unique snacks and salads while still keeping a selection of more eclectic and refined dishes on the menu.

Palmaria Restaurant, which is part of the Italian Celiac Association (AIC), is attentive to the specific needs of its customers and also offers gluten-free menus. The complete exclusion of gluten from the diet is not easy to achieve as the cereals that are not allowed are found in many dishes of Italian culinary tradition, but the awareness and professionalism of our team will able to offer a menu specially designed for the celiac.
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