P90X Nutrition Guide

p90x nutrition guide, p90x nutrition plan

P90x diet plan pdf

What to eat? If you’ve lost your copy of the P90X nutrition guide, there’s two steps you need to take:

First, download the P90X nutrition guide here.


For some reason, that version of the guide is missing some critical pages. Namely, the pages that tell you how much of a food is equal to a portion, you’ll need that info to be able to follow the plan.

To fix that, grab a free Team Beachbody account here.

Now go to the Get Fit tab and pick Workout Sheets. Download the Excel spreadsheet titled P90Xcel – you have to scroll to the BOTTOM of the page to find it, scroll past the worksheets at the top. There’s a ton of tabs in the Excel, the ones called Nutrition Setup and Portion plan fill in the blanks left by the p90x nutrition plan pdf. This same Excel has some really useful tracking features for adding up your calories each day, so check out all the tabs.

I don’t know why they don’t just have the full P90X nutrition guide like when you get when you order the DVDs. But, for a long time it wasn’t available at all, so oh well!

Watching what you eat is a huge part of your results, so go here for some discussion on how to stick to the p90x diet plan. You might also want to consider trying Shakeology to help simplify your nutrition – or go here for some P90X-friendly recipes. We’ve found that our results have been due in a LARGE part to following the plan. so make the changes, go push play, and BRING IT!

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