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country heat diet plan

Country heat diet plan

Deliciously satisfying

Our team personally taste all the meals to make sure they meet our own – pretty exacting – standards! That way we know they’ll keep you satisfied all day. And you can choose from lots of low GI dishes, designed to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Whether you’re a lover of Lasagne, tempted by Thai or simply want a salad, at Jane Plan we a have wide range of diet meals to suit everyone. Start your day with a beautifully balanced breakfast, enjoy a convenient lunch – we have soups and salads, ideal if you are on the run and finish your day with a delicious dinner. You’ll even receive a selection of skinny snacks, which means you won’t ever go hungry. Not only is your diet plan deliciously satisfying, it is also portion and calorie controlled so you’ll lose weight the easy way. Even better, we’ll deliver your diet to your door – no fuss, no hassle.

Perfectly fresh

Freshly made and prepared with you in mind! We use carefully sourced produce so all our tasty dishes are bursting with goodness. Each one is packed in an individual container, perfectly portioned and calorie controlled just for you.

There’s no need to keep your delivered diet meals in the fridge or freezer – they will stay perfectly fresh in their sealed containers. All you need to do is heat – and enjoy!

For your convenience your diet plan meals are delivered monthly, direct to your door or your desk – whatever you prefer! Our unique cooking method means we never use any artificial preservatives*, instead our food stays fresh because we use a method very similar to the popular sous vide method, which not only seals in the flavour, but the goodness too. All your diet meals use chef inspired recipes to create delicious dishes just for you. Just as importantly, our Nutritionist personally checks the nutrients in every dish, so you can lose weight the healthy way!

*Please note, while we never use preservatives in the cooking process of our food, curing ham is a preserving process and we use a cured ham in our Pea and Wiltshire Ham Soup.

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