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Oral Surgery – Tulsa, OK

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, Drs. Christopher R. Mastin and Dan E. Patterson, provide oral and maxillofacial surgery services to patients in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Surgical procedures and treatments include: dental implants, removal of wisdom teeth, bone grafting, gum grafting, oral pathology, facial trauma, and more.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are changing the way people live. The benefits of dental implants include: restoration of natural chewing ability, preservation of natural facial contours and a youthful appearance, prevention of bone loss, and restore of brilliant confident smiles.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt within the mouth. When they align properly and gum tissue is healthy, wisdom teeth do not have to be removed. Unfortunately, this does not generally happen. The extraction of wisdom teeth is necessary when they are prevented from properly erupting within the mouth.

Bone Grafting

Over a period of time, the jawbone associated with missing teeth atrophies or is reabsorbed. This often leaves a condition in which there is poor quality and quantity of bone suitable for placement of dental implants. In these situations, most patients are not candidates for placement of dental implants.

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