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dukan diet pancake

Shop for Low Carb Foods in Canada

Find all the most popular low carb products – including tortillas and pita bread, pasta & noodles, PB2 peanut butter & cinnamon raisin spread, super-awesome bread and other meal time foods. Indulge your sweet tooth with a huge selection of sugar free & low calorie tasty treats such as Endulge peanut butter cups & candy bars, Walden Farms pancake syrup, Healthsmart Foods Chocolite treats, Fla-Vor-Ice Light ice pops and more. Or perhaps you’re looking to satisfy cravings for a salty snack with Frito Lay Baken-Ets Pork Rinds and other guilt-free chips and snacks. Supplement your diet with a delicious variety of nutritional and protein packed treats like Advantage nutritional shakes, Endulge & Quest protein bars, Special K Protein Plus Cereal and a variety of nutritional supplements.

To help you decide, read product reviews and nutritional information, or ask us a question and when you’re ready, order online or visit us at one of our locations in Toronto, Markham, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Burlington and Vancouver/Burnaby.

The Low Carb Grocery Store makes it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle – read through our library of amazing low carb related content in the Low Carb Lifestyle blog section, or connect with us on Google+, Facebook, or Instagram today!

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