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tracy reifkind diet

Tracy reifkind diet

Dan John’s 40 Years with a Whistle: Life Lessons from the Field of Play—40 years of coaching tips woven into a touching memoir of a coach’s life.

The System

Periodization for the Strength Coach

In The System, coaches Johnny Parker, Al Miller, Rob Panariello and Jeremy Hall lay the foundation for a scientifically based, field-tested, and effective system of training using periodization with sport athletes for both strength and conditioning.

Thomas Plummer

The Soul of a Trainer

In The Soul of a Trainer, Thomas Plummer shares his hard-
earned insights not only about the fitness business,
but also about a life well lived.

Available in print, ebook and audiobook, read by the author.

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Sue Falsone

In Bridging the Gap from Rehab to Performance, physical therapist Sue Falsone walks the reader through the thought process and physical practice of guiding an injured athlete from injury through rehab and back to the field of play. To both health care professionals and strength and conditioning experts alike, she describes the path as her athletes move through pain and healing toward optimal function and advanced performance.

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