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Omnipoint Communications, Inc. / text messages

I have been getting non stop text messages from someone that knows about me. Threatening to harm me and my family. It has been a month now and police are getting involved. They keep changing their number using text now app and all numbers are reversing back to omnipoint. Please please help.

Omnipoint Communications, Inc. / harassing phone calls

I keep receiving calls with a 516 area code & 225 – last four #s always changing after I block them. They have tried saying I qualify for significantly lowering my interest rate on my credit card – yet they want all my credit card info – I’m not dumb so I say no thank you- please do not.

Omnipoint Communications, Inc. / omnipoint comm. calling me non stop

Beware of Kristine Dow, 3474519028 she loves to call you and listen to you breathe. Seriously had to do a reverse phone look up to see who the hell this was calling me saying nothing!! It’s beyond annoying, I wish these people get lives and leave people alone! There’s no reason why I’m at.

Omnipoint Communications, Inc. / several charges against my husband.

Someone called, he didn’t even give his name! Claimed it was urgent my husband call back because he was verifying his address and place of employment in order to have a warrant serverd for several charges that were being filed against him. This person said my husband had to call back right.

Omnipoint Communications, Inc. / scam irs call

3/19/2018 phone number (516)324-4874 called me pretending to be the IRS. When I asked to be removed from the data base a foreign voice cussed at me and said they had my name and address and would find me. He stated my name, phone number, and address. I hung up and blocked the number. Unfortunately he.

Omnipoint Communications, Inc. / threatening calls from employee

Beware of employee name Prashant Shah from omnipoint communication cap operations.. mobile no. +1 571-982-9069.. is giving life threatening Calls and trying to harass.. also cheating people and trying to extrot money.. he is goon.. he is keep on calling and also he is marked as spam on.

Omnipoint Communications, Inc. / scammers

BEWARE OF SCAMMERS! This provider (Omnipoint Communications INC -NY) is know to attempt fraudulent activities in possession of others information. Associated information with one such scammer under Omnipoint Communications INC is also linked to activities in darker parts of the.

Omnipoint Communications, Inc. / (929) 420-0801 scammer!! aka: ” [email protected] “

Clutch Coins (530) 482-8614 Soda Springs, CA SCAMMER is trying to sell Bitcoins at a lower than market value. Individual request money sent electronically and you never hear from hi again. SCAMMER is also using the telephone (cell phone) number (929) 420-0801 (929) 420-0801 Company: Cellco.

Omnipoint Communications, Inc. / pcs phone was stolen 2674078931

on the 25th of November in Darby Pa a Black male name Steven Townes Stole my Cellular phone from out of the theater or Mc Donalds where changed my name on the Phone that connects to my wife Yolanda Sams whose account it is in and Changed wireless service or is still using my account.

Omnipoint Communications, Inc. / service

Scammer trying to get information from me! They have been calling me since 1 week ago, I blocked other phone numbers but they are insisting through other lines. 786 667 8771 . It looks like a machine, and they trying that I response yes .. but it’s not the only company that is doing these.

Omnipoint Communications, Inc. / It’s a phone network, not a caller!

Omnipoint happens to be the cell-phone carrier of record for my own phone exchange. According to Wikipedia, it was absorbed in 2000 by a larger company, which is now called T-Mobile. It transmits the calls from most of the exchanges mentioned in the original complaints on this site, & many.

Omnipoint Communications, Inc. / Scam

My son received a call from this phone number 347-854-0426 on January 11th of 2016. Claiming that he was granted a federal grant for $7800. But that he has to send him $260 in order to receive the money. If you have any questions my email address is [email protected] Thank you, Julie Houle

Omnipoint Communications, Inc. – NY / Fake Check

I got a call from 646-571-8073. Search results show the carrier is through: OMNIPOINT COMMUNICATIONS, INC. YES, this is a SCAM! They guys said he worked for American Textile Exports but he uses different company names and schemes. The check was from a North Caroline account – thankfully my.

Omnipoint Communications, Inc. / Unsolicited telemarketing phone – calls

I know where you’re coming from. I’ve received calls like that and it’s annoying how these people still call you even after you repeatedly say NO. Not to mention being on the DNC list. I think it’s about time the authorities implement the law more effectively. So what.

Omnipoint Communications, Inc. / Scam / fraud

I received a message on my job today 6 / 6 / 2011 from a person who said his name was “alex morivan” with a foreign accent, stating that there is a pending lawsuit against me and they said the last 4 digits of my social security number on the message. They also left a telephone / cell.

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