Oh My Ghost

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Oh My Ghost

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  • Drama: Oh My Ghost
  • Revised romanization: Oh Naui Gwishinnim
  • Hangul: 오 나의 귀신님
  • Director:Yoo Je-Won
  • Writer:Yang Hee-Seung
  • Network:tvN
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: July 3 – August 22, 2015
  • Runtime: Fri & Sat 20:30
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

Na Bong-Sun (Park Bo-Young) works as an assistant chef. Because of her timid personality and low self-esteem, she doesn’t have any friends. Since she was a child, she has been able to ghosts because of her shaman grandmother. One day, she becomes possessed by seductress ghost Shin Soon-Ae.

Kang Sun-Woo (Cho Jung-Seok) is a star chef. Na Bong-Sun has a secret crush on him. He is good looking and confident as a chef. Even though he is popular with women, he has yet to get over his ex-girlfriend. He begins to notice Na Bong-Sun after her sudden change.

  1. “Oh My Ghost” takes over the tvN Fri & Sat 20:30 time slot previously occupied by “Ex-Girlfriends’ Club” and followed by “Second 20s” August, 2015.
  2. First script reading took place in m >Cast
Park Bo-Young Cho Jung-Seok Lim Ju-Hwan Kim Seul-Gi Park Jung-Ah
Na Bong-Sun Kang Sun-Woo Choi Sung-Jae Shin Soon-Ae Lee So-Hyeong
Kang Ki-Young Choi Min-Chul Kwak Si-Yang Oh Eui-Sik Lee Dae-Yeon
Heo Min-Soo Jo Dong-Cheol Seo Joon Choi Ji-Woong Shin Myeong-Ho
Shin Hye-Sun Shin Eun-Kyung Lee Jung-Eun Lee Hak-Joo Ryoo Hyoun-Kyoung
Kang Eun-Hee Jo Hye-Young Seobinggo Shin Gyeong-Mo Policewoman Kang (ep.13-14)

Additional Cast Members:

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  • 2015 (4th) APAN Star Awards – November 28, 2015
    • Excellent Actress (mini series) (Park Bo-Young)
  • tvN10 Awards – October 9, 2016
    • Two Star Award (Cho Jung-Seok)
    • Content Main Prize

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christina Apr 07 2019 11:48 pm This drama has a little of everything – romance,comedy,thriller and a tiny little bit of jump-scare. The chemistry among all the casts was amazing – I guess there must be lots of fun. Good cinematography, editing. nice soundtracks that are ever there at the right time. It is the kind of drama that keep viewers going from episode to episode. I am particularly glad with how the writer dealt with the character Choi Sung-Jae because his growing up was no better, if not worst than Bong-Sun and Sun-Woo. So said, I am a little disappointed with the ending. the very thing the story started out with just ended with some girly giggling sounds – doesn’t match the character of Bong-Sun who is gentle, bashful, submissive and loving by nature. No matter what happened through the years away, the very person that Kang Sun-Woo saw at the beginning should not change. Longing stares that melt down to hugs that lead to a endless lingering kiss before the camera shut was the least expected of ‘D’ day, no.

Frxzhxl Feb 08 2019 12:54 pm Just realized that Sun Woo’s restaurant really looks like Chef Lee Yeon Bok’s restaurant after watching All The Buttlers.

jade Jan 12 2019 10:04 pm I am glad i watched this drama. it’s a wow for me. funny and inspiring at the same time. the part that i love most was that this drama had a proper ending. congrats to the whole Oh My Ghost team. a drama well-done indeed. luv!luv!luv! it a lot !

Ipti Dec 15 2018 12:35 pm Park Bo Young, she is too cute. I loved the drama so so so much

Beth Nov 20 2018 6:34 pm I love this show and yes ill watch it again and again! Totally enjoyed this heart warming show, good job to tje cast.

mary mckeown Nov 03 2018 12:01 pm this show is so great. the cast, writing and sets are wonderful.

Toto Sep 29 2018 11:47 am Kang Sun Woo reappeared in Familiar Wife as a cameo character. Hahaha. I’m so shocked to see him there. Like 3 years has passed. Nice job tvN.

prettyme Sep 27 2018 8:21 pm the best ending ever! , i can watch this drama 10x more. im so inlove with chef sun woo. im also impressed to Park Bo Young such a good actress. and im still waiting for your new drama or movie.. A must watch korean drama!, Love it

Nunu Sep 06 2018 1:23 pm Good drama and happy ending I like it.. I’m happy that officer choi not die and he love his wife but he lost his memory this is sad..

Seeyaah Aug 23 2018 6:28 pm I haven’t finished the drama, but I’d like to say that I honestly enjoyed this drama the first few episodes. However, the ghost becomes quite annoying. It’s not like she cares for anything or anyone but herself and her family. I understand she didn’t want to be stuck in BongSun’s body, but her character really irritates me. How did the chef fell for her sudden-changed behavior? Was it her blunt attitude? Fast remarks? Silly drama? I dont usually like super timid characters as well (even tho I am one irl), but there could be something in Bongsun that sparks the chef’s interest in her. Let’s start with how she reminded him of his bullied past and instead of hating bullies and becoming one himself, he hates someone that possessed the same character as his past.

Alina Aug 12 2018 12:10 pm This was my first ever drama and I just loved it. I don’t really know Korean but this I still loved it. I had to pause it a couple times to read in English. but I just loved the storyline and the cast and just everything about it. Park Bo-young was a great actress everyone was words can’t explain how much I loved this drama it was just perfect.

?? Aug 06 2018 2:51 pm This drama has one of the best storyline. the Chemistry was good and I love the main girl’s acting (she is honestly one of the best actresses)

boyoungi Jul 20 2018 6:49 am loved this drama so much that i had to comment and i’ve never done that on this website before. the chemistry between park boyoung and cho jungseok will literally make you squeal. i watched it again a week after finishing because i missed na bongsun and chef sunwoo so much. the cast also did a great job with acting and giving funny, heart warming performances. really recommend that you watch this.

Michelle Jul 13 2018 9:09 am Watching it, finally, for the first time. Currently watching ep.4 One thing that’s slightly uncomfortable, what she’s doing is sexual assault. If the roles were reversed people would react completely different. Either way, I love it so far !

Leslie Jul 07 2018 1:53 pm I am watching this show for the second time right now. Still one of the best dramas I’ve ever seen. The writing, the music, the editing, and the acting are all just perfect IMO!

phikr1 Jun 30 2018 2:11 am didnt think this is a drama with such well written plot, the story also progress nicely.

the relationship between the three of them is really interesting. i mean look at the circumstance of relation, one is ignorant than he is loving two different women, one is spending her time with her loved one but doesnt really ‘experience’, one ended up loving him for real while knowing she cant be with him, i think thats really sad and cruel

also i pretty much agree with what @Kairan wrote, also i think fact that bong sun is actually ‘sunshine’ help him realize his feeling too

Keiran Apr 16 2018 1:06 pm Everyone else is saying that chef was attracted to na bong sun because soon ae posessed her and after bong sun revealed the truth, chef suddenly became fond of real bong sun instead of ghost.

My opinion is different btw. I think even before she was posessed chef was worried and cared about her without realizing that he actually likes her. Thats why he came forward and took her side when that blogger blames bong sun and he was trying to convince her to be strong. I think they had a special bond between them due to the fact that both of them grew up so alone with hardships and she reminds him his old self and he did not want her to become like him. But he didn’t realize that he has true feelings for her until the end when he talks with her grandmother and he felt a special bond to her through her blog.

In the beginning they did not become close because bong sun was very timid and they did not have any encounter other than giving advices and harsh blames. IMO what soon ae did was actually to bring the two of them to a close proximity which they can communicate and share their feelings. Its true that they become close because of soon ae but i don’t think chef suddenly fell in love with na bong just beacuse soon ae posessed her. It happened in that way because chef was kind of already fond of her.

Its true that sometimes chef was attracted to the brightness and charms of soon ae but i think its merely a attraction rather a true bond. when soon ae was so provocative it was really annoyed the chef too. And the outer appearance also has to do something here. Despite whoever inside her its still na bong sun in outside so infact chef fell for the na bong sun not the ghost.

And the other fact is even when na bong was not posessed, chef treated her in the same way and felt the same bond to her. The reason for him to only reminds the memories with ghost posessed na bong sun is he actually spent more time with soon ae sharing her desires instead of real na bong. real na bong sun did not get any chance to share her thoughts with chef. So in the end I belive that na bong sun is the one chef actually loved not the soon ae despite he briefly attracted to her charms.

Eileen Apr 01 2018 5:43 am I have watched this twice now and still thoroughly enjoyed it. Thought the two leads are well matched. There was enough in the story to entertain, romance, comedy and a bit of pathos which made me shed a few years. I’m from the UK and I am enjoying watching a lot of these KDramas, I find the humour very much like our own

no thanks Feb 11 2018 11:53 pm This drama was half good, half terribly awful.

The parts between the ghost, Bong Sun, and the chef were fine.

However the plotlines dealing with the ghost’s past were riddled with holes, inconsistencies, and were quite frankly unrealistic. The later half of the drama starting around episode 10 made me so frustrated i had to keep pausing it out of anger when the twists happened or important information was shown.

The writing become infuriatingly bad. If you enjoyed the ghost’s past plotline and thought it was good, i’m sorry. It quite frankly ruined this drama for me.

Mari F Feb 08 2018 4:13 pm I encountered this title while browsing on my smart tv device. The title itself was catchy. The story plot kept me glued to the set. Each actor/actress was well-suited to his/her role. Their performance really portrayed their character so convincingly that one cannot separate one from the other. The actors/actresses “gelled” together very well that they were performing in concert with each other (much like when Chef Kang likened cooking with conducting an orchestra), resulting in a story that was captivating & well-put together. The plot covered a lot of life lessons, evoked deep emotions, inspired soul-searching. Several viewer comments mentioned a lot of emotions, & I believe that this should be attributed to the great performance of all the actors/actresses involved. The dialogue just did not cause shedding of tears but they also made one laugh through the tears. Isn’t that what a great story with great characters portrayed by great actors/actresses is all about? They also managed to tackle their ethnicity, religious beliefs & show off tourist spots; also gave hacks about food preparation & cooking. Soundtrack was great as well, contributing to this story’s success. I have also been watching this repeatedly, & have added it to “my list” for easy access because it has become one of my forever favorites. Kudos to all the cast & crew, & many thanks for such a great story & performance. Rating for me is 100% but the digital bar ends at 99%

Shining Jan 16 2018 1:30 pm I dunno why its very sad, when soon ae farewell to chef, i cried so much, because of her bong sun can get closer to chef and when she lived she was doing good, but why she get died? (i know it is for the plot i just feel so sad) ??

I Like Strawberry LOL Jan 16 2018 1:24 am This drama is great, i like the actress and jo jung suk, their act is superb, the plot is interesting, for me i find more cute between bong sun (soon ae) x chef, than bong sun (herself) x chef

Laura Jan 06 2018 10:59 pm I’m the only one, who hoped that Bong-Sun and Moon could become a couple? First I throught that he loves her but he is just absolute cute Goblin Dec 28 2017 3:53 pm Its literally the perfect drama to watch over and over again! I never get bored of it.

kdrama luvr Dec 28 2017 3:06 am this drama was pretty good. i liked the story line and the actors did great. the ending was very cheesy but it was happy so i liked it

Gabby Jay Dec 27 2017 1:38 am Best drama I’ve ever watched, i watched it like 4-time repetition already, very cute park bo young, , totally worth drama to watch.

But, am I the only one that wants Choi Sung-Jae r*ped in prison?

Because I hate him that much

Limadunia Dec 17 2017 2:58 pm Honestly this drama was horrible, I don’t get the many good reviews. For me it was boring, no chemistry between the mean characters, very weird plot that was rather frustrating and cringy than entertaining. Watched the first 4 and had enough, finished with watching the last two too, just to at least know the end of the story. The mean actress played really well though.

mycouponcodes Nov 26 2017 5:13 pm It’s laborious to seek out educated folks on this topic, however you sound like you realize what you’re talking about! Thanks

De’Ja McKnabb Oct 31 2017 7:12 pm When does Na Bong Sun get her body back? This is super frustrating and annoying.

Park Bo Young is an acting genius who so well portrays both characters to the point that I genuinely believe that she is possessed. But the character of Soon Ae is so annoying and selfish. She has no boundaries and the drama completely ignores the consent, opinions or feelings of the character Bong Sun. If it weren’t for that, the drama would have been enjoyable.

Olivia Sep 13 2017 11:36 pm Chi j seok and Park bo sun was a great team together I loved the chemistry they had on screen and off. Very adorable together. I’d love to see them do another drama romance together. God bless you all. I can watch this movie over and over.

Cutie Sep 11 2017 3:08 am Chef is on my list. I watch it and its so awesome. Best korean movie so far. Im so relate to the movie. Hes so perfect and i do hope that he has my boyfriend qualities hahaha i do hope i was cute as Bong sun hahahaha all the big love.

Maelin Sep 11 2017 3:01 am I do realllllllly love the movie. I cant barely move on huhuhuhuhuhu

Nadya Sep 09 2017 2:55 am Loveeee loveeee thiss dramaa sooooooooo much. Olivia Carr Sep 02 2017 7:54 pm Loved u in Oh my Ghost. The movie was great, also your acting is really great. Look forward to seeing I in other movies. God bless and stay safe.

FuzzyWuzzy Jul 29 2017 6:01 am I’m quite satisfied with this drama. There are no drawn out misunderstandings, the characters are smart and reasonable, and the pace isn’t dragging. While the premise isn’t wholly original, the execution was well done in a way that made character development believable.

I don’t want to reveal spoilers for people who may want to watch this drama. I just want to say that I was prepared to dislike this. I initially thought the plot was strange but I decided to give this a try out of boredom. I don’t regret that decision. I would definitely rewatch this drama.

Aireen Jul 24 2017 10:53 am Super Late, but it’s ok. I was watching this show n I have just finished it today..it is super cool and unique, great story line, amazing characters and most of all..chef and Na Bong Sun’s chemistry which made me cry and smile at the same time!! Good work has been done here really, since new stuffs were being portrayed in here, apart from just everyday love stories, the existence of ghosts in our lives and how they affect our daily life is what made this drama the best. Anyone looking for Kdrama to watch soon, I suggest this one.

Les Jul 11 2017 8:18 am 9/10 really great specially if u love rcmcom hopefully i can find another kdrama like this Love the characters Esp love ep.4/8/12 Yay supernice Iloveu chef

Mika Jun 16 2017 9:21 pm One of the most boring dramas I have ever watched ? I don’t it was so popular, perhaps the acting is the only good thing but still such a dull storyline and so slow. Stop watching it at episode 7

emma May 23 2017 1:31 am oh i reaally don’t know about this show, it was just fully frustrating me that Soon ae was in Bong sun’s body for so long and i just wanted her to leave i was so annoyed

Sania Mahem Apr 30 2017 9:08 am Loved this drama from the start until the end! It was a bit upsetting at times when I realised it was the ghost’s doings through Bong’s body but later on as the story progressed and ended I was glad how the writers finished it! This is a must watch guys! 🙂

Love, B Apr 26 2017 11:18 am I’m just so so with this drama. I mean, I like it but sometimes nah. The character of Na Bong Sun is weak, you can see through the comments down below that many people sa >

I like the chemistry PBY and JJS. Talking about Soon Ae made Chef Kang fallen in love with Na Bong Sun is true but the other fact is Park Bo Young did a great job with her acting skill.

And if you guys see the last episode eps the “UNREVEALED KISS” I can’t say no with this couple. that’s not Soon Ae anymore, and the confident of Na Bong Sun just boosting like haaaaa

Jane Apr 06 2017 9:05 am Super loved how the story goes. After all those funny moments didn’t expect to have a teary eyes on the last 2 episodes. I miss Kan Sun woo and Na bong Sun already!!

musw_ira Mar 15 2017 7:36 pm Really love this drama. Park Bo-Young and Cho Jung-Seok are so cute. So funny and make me laugh again and again. Kiss :*

T-rexBoi Mar 15 2017 3:34 pm I think I had too big expectations. I finished about 3 episodes because I thought that the two main leads were supposed to be romantically involved however the only reason Sunwoo began liking Bongsun is because of Seulgi’s role who took over Bongsuns body and communication with Sunwoo.

I may be wrong but this, however, didn’t seem that entertaining to me.

Macy Harville Mar 02 2017 11:25 am Basic Programs For Antivirus Coupon Studied 2025

Cindy Feb 28 2017 1:17 am I really like this drama, chemistry between Kang Sun Woo and Na Bong Sun is awesome. Whoaaa daebak!!

Fariz Feb 13 2017 9:30 am I really like this drama, Bong bong ro bong the cutest and Kang Sun Woo is so charismatic. Like this couple, can’t wait to see Bo Young and Jung Suk in next project. Fighting! Terima Kasih. ?

lovely Jan 20 2017 1:26 pm At first I started watching it due to positive comments.

Episode 1 is okay though I got irritated with Kim Seul-gi’s character

Episode 2 I cannot proceed anymore. it’s such a typical “ghost” sort of drama

. too common for my taste

. stopped at episode 2 I got bored

le Dec 11 2016 11:49 pm i started this drama after becoming a fan of jo jung suk from watching jealousy incarnate. i was reluctant to start oh my ghost because of the big age difference of the 2 leads. i only ever saw her on running man calling the much older males uncles. but after reading many recommendations i was glad i watched this drama. park bo young is so good at acting she made the age difference less noticeable. kim seul gi really shines too. and jo jung suk is always bringing it. another bonus is that the scriptwriter also wrote king of high school and weightlifting fairy kim bok joo and along with this drama, they all have a cute and funny, feel good quality.

Ranus Dec 09 2016 12:34 pm I just. love you so much park bo young. Nothing else. Fighting!

jhea balaba Dec 07 2016 9:40 am Gossshhhhhhh.. i reallyy love this movie . i patiently watch this movie as in .the WholE part of it . .take note: no absences .. from now on im ur avid fan ..park Bo young and cho jung seok. hehehe . until now .. I REALLY CAN’T MOVE ON ..

Shymin Nov 21 2016 6:26 am I don’t know, but I don’t like this drama. . It’s boring and frustrating!! It’s kinda funny, but the whole drama does not interest me on a full level!!

Irreplaceable Nov 20 2016 2:17 pm This is a ridiculous show. I mean it’s funny but the plot is so convoluted and badly developed it is very incoherent. The development of BongsunxSunwoo relationship is atrocious to say the least. Sunwoo’s interest in her is not because of her but rather because of Soon-ae but then suddenly he believes he loves Bongsun. What an improper abrupt writing that was. Alas a promising comedy starts out entertaining but spirals in a disaster by the end. On the flipside Boyoung x Jungsuk rather has a great chemistry, Kim Seulgi is a darling to watch. The 3 leads truly carried the show, but alas it was not enough. 5/10.

Krilessa Jarencio Nov 15 2016 11:04 pm my gosh. Park Bo Young unnie, you’re so cute. i really love how you played your character, maybe in real life you’re just like Na Bong Sun. but i really salute the cast. its a very good drama, and i just love it!!

Richelle Cepedoza Nov 15 2016 4:08 am very nice story and their excellent positive ending. I saw many Korean TV series but most of them they end up not impressive. but thissss is different still I CAN’T MOVE ON, . whoosssppp those sleepless night.

Romola Nov 14 2016 5:23 am I love the drama . park bo young unnie ur the best

grezy Nov 03 2016 8:44 am it was very exciting, after watching the trailer I promised my self that I would never miss any episode. the whole team did great specially the writer of the story, you know what? I envy you. anyway continue to inspire your viewers. if only I can meet you guys in person.

leng Oct 30 2016 10:13 pm it was a good drama. at first, i dont want to watch it because i think its boring. but im more convinced when my crush told me to watch this. yeah. thanks to him!! i looked stupid lmao i always did what he say, so that he told me “its okay if you’re fat, dont do diet” so i did what he says and now im really fvckng fat. im dumb HAHAHAHAHA. okay then bye

Alno Aujasa Oct 26 2016 10:12 am if it is wasn’t for park bo-young’s charm ..i wud never comment here..hehe well, all i wanted to say is that i am now an avid fan of this korean actress.. first saw her in a werewolf movie and speedy scandal.. i just can’t help to see her cuteness.. as a filipino fan.. in behalf of all ur fans.. i hope u keep on making such beautiful series like this.. i never thought that park bo-young is a 90’s baby like me..hehe and to tvn network good job.. this series will be a classic.. that’s for sure..to the cast , role well acted and played.. kudos to chef kang hehe.. i really like na bong-sun acting when she’s possessed .. anyways ilove u park bo-young.. keep making gud movies and series like this.. you got a lot of fans here in the philippines.. i know u know it.. but ur beauty really trends nowadays.. muahmuah

Bianca Oct 25 2016 4:10 am This korean drama is great! And i also love the characters! I hope i will meet you all in person

Maria Oct 22 2016 1:07 am Watch this drama on october when TVN re-run this Drama First time don’t want to see it, cos I never known the stars before untill one night i watch the 2nd episode, and want to watch it from the 1st episode. And the result was it’s ADDICTED . I Fall in love with Jo Jeong Seok acting, and Park Bo Yeong cuteness Jo jeong seok was briliant play the role.

You Must watch Jealousy Incarnate, new drama from Jo Jeong Seok, he play together with queen drama Gong Hyo Jin. It Such a Great Drama

Love Jo Jeong Seok So much . congratulation for winning award on TVN10 Awards Oppa.

Oreng Oct 20 2016 11:59 pm Watching this in Oct 2016. Never had any series that leaves me so affected. Everything about this series is so addicting and lovable. Every episodes just made me more interested and hooked to what’s going to happen next. I even had to stay late at night to watch each episode every now and then. I never knew the actors in this series at first and didn’t have high expectation at all when trailer was shown in localTV. I thought it would be just another ghost story. Then, I got fond of Park Bo Young character transformation so cute yet so convincing you would believe that she’s the hyper cheerful ghost. Their chemistry with Jo Jung Suk is to die for. PBY acting as aggressive ghost is no nastiness but can’t help to not to love her in every scenes. Even the gang in the kitchen added to the laughter in the scene. The story is not dragging and so touching especially the scenes of Soon Ae and his father it really made me cry a lot. It made me miss my father so passed away, my longing to see him and talk to him. And the line the movie love as much as you can while living is an important message the series wants to leave. This series is on my top list and also PBY my best actress.

glaiza Oct 01 2016 5:45 am Super love this drama episode! CONGRATULATIONS.

pradeepa Sep 23 2016 6:43 am Wow it was amazing. Well done. Mind blowing. I laughed a lot.

ria Sep 20 2016 7:38 am hilarious one. quite an interesting one

sweetmarshmallow Sep 19 2016 6:20 am I’m so late to know there’s kind of interesting supernatural drama last year. I usually don’t really watch or pay attention to Korean drama. I’m picky person when it comes to Asian drama. But I just watched OMG on tvN channel for few episodes. Surprisingly, I got into this drama a lot. It made me impatient and watched it online from episode 1 until 16 only for two days. I even didn’t work just to watch this drama. I told my boss that I got flu. lol I, myself, was so surprised with this attitude. Trust me, OMG has awesome plot, amazing actors/actresses, entertaining and hilarious dialogues, yet in some parts are so touching. It’s so addicting and attracting. I’m so in love with OMG and I regretted that I just found out now.

Jo Jungsuk’s acting is trustworthy as usual, Park Boyoung is also very good. She portrays two different characters so well.

I like everyone, including Lim Juhwan (he’s so damn scary; nothing is more terrifying than the man who looks like an angel or decent but actually very scary), Kim Seulgi (she’s so adorable and likable), the Chefs squad in Sun restaurant also look amazingly hilarious. I even laughed so much in everytime Seobinggo’s scenes appeared. I just love every characters. They all brought so much fun and required condiments for this drama.

I want to give my deep respect for Jo Jungsuk + Park Boyoung couple. They just look so naturally in love on screen. I thought they were really really “a real” couple in real life before I found out that Jo Jungsuk was actually dating Gummy. I feel bad for Jungsuk’s real life girlfriend since her boyfriend has great chemistry with an actress like Park Boyoung. Because I think Boyoung and Jungsuk look so good together. They match in heaven. They’re beautiful couple. I like their height difference when they walk hand in hand or when Jungsuk hugs Boyoung. Park Boyoung herself is so adorably cute and pretty. I can’t handle it in everytime Na Bong acts cute to Kang Chef. They way she begs to have sex with him is so cute. I fell so hard when Na Bong said “Angg

” in Episode 8 during their MT. Her character is lovable.

I just hope there’s OMG Season 2 because I want to see Kang Chef and Na Bong get married and have cute babies. Maybe I’m asking too much. At least, tvN should make a spin-off or one special episode to show the viewers about Officer Choi and Eunhee’s news, about the progress of Edward Seo who works in Sun restaurant (Seo Ingguk is the best cameo ever), and about Na Bong and Kang Chef; they do ‘it’ properly in the end. lol

I just wanna say, OMG is very recommended drama. It’s so entertaining and pleasing. The ghosts or evil spirits appearance didn’t even bother me at all. Go watch Oh My Ghost asap!

Pbonk Aug 28 2016 3:33 am Love the drama. Enjoy each episode. In the beginning really dont like heroine character bcause she’s too weak n gloomy but afterwards her character is developed into a better way. Love the way all the mystery is explained clearly one by one. Of course love the ending. Really high recommended. Funny, sad, suspense, cooking. All is wrapped in OMG

neytiri Aug 25 2016 5:13 am i’m in episode 11 and i wonder who’s the female lead is she bong sun or the spirit of soon ae . we don’t see na bong sun in the whole episode just for few minutes. the drama wasnt as much as i expected..i’m desapointed

sanako Aug 23 2016 8:24 pm one of the best drama. they chemistry looks so natural > Mardianto Hutasoit Aug 21 2016 12:00 pm this the BEST one of my korean’s favorite drama. Good job everybody!! this drama could make me cry.

L0V3 U Cho Jung Seok, Lim Ju-Hwan, and you Kim Seul-Gi.

Piku Aug 13 2016 2:56 am The best acting ensemble put together for a drama since Coffee Prince maybe. Plot holes notwithstanding a fun drama. With great great leads in JJS and PBY. And the second leads. LJH made me genuinely scared, such a great performance with so little. And KSG wow. So funny and such a riot and yet the last episode she was so touching in her farewell scenes.

ece Jul 29 2016 11:31 am I really hesitate watching this one bcs I’ve just finished watching the master’s sun and it was SUPERB. I hope this doesn’t feel a little low-quality compared to that.

Guatzu Jul 28 2016 11:38 am One of the BEST and my Favorite Korean drama! Everything is perfect not just a love story but it also includes horror, suspense, crime, comedy! Hehehe! It’s really worth watching! And you will really love chef and park bo young is really a great actress and cuteness overload. She doesn’t need aegyo to be cute because everything about her is cute! If only jo jung suk is not in a relationship with gummy I ship him with PBY! Their chemistry is daebak! And my favorite OST for this drama is Stay by ben.. A song that will make you fall in love all over again!

bijan Jul 16 2016 12:03 am i don’t know about other kdrama because i’m new to this but just I just want to share my opinion. the story line and plot are really great, UNDERSTANDABLE (which is likely, every type of person can surely understand this story and not leave out any hole in the story plot ) and the actor really play the main role to this drama success, especially park bo young. she can play two role and her acting is just superb and not AWKWARD, like some other drama which the actor plays two role. this drama is definitely one of the favourite all time drama. i dont want to give spoilers, but the ending is too PERFECT and really made me HAPPY as a viewer. thank you oh my ghost .

Rosel Jun 24 2016 8:03 am Gosh. Sepanx. grrr ! Totally Park Bo Young and Cho Jung Seok nailed it.

Schoko Jun 23 2016 8:20 am Park Bo Young and Cho Jung Seok both have wonderful chemistry in this drama. One of my favourite KDrama. Very funny and yet romantic Comedy.

mir Jun 21 2016 1:55 am I can’t stop watching this drama!! DAEBAK, THE COUPLE’s Chemistry is the best. ❤️ We have an exam when i first watch this, i couldnt stop watching, i end up watching nstead of reviewing for my exam, fortunately i still passed.I hope there will be anoter drama for CJS AND PBY

sofialaura Jun 20 2016 8:13 pm finished it in 2 days for i couldnt stop watching it. one of the best. great drama. great acting. superb chemistry. saranghae chef i love your being innocent-virgin effect in a relationship lol. good job for all the cast.

Pompy17 Jun 14 2016 2:30 pm Fantastic series,one of the best dramas. 🙂 The ending episode is awesome,love it !

arem Jun 07 2016 11:55 pm cong. grats. tu. lation. congratulation . tentententenenenenntentenn. lol

arem Jun 07 2016 11:48 pm ARGHHH. im LOVINNNNN THISSSSS DRAMA. superrrrrrr worth watchinggg. episode 1 is kinda boring buttt they killed it in episode 2 up to the endd. just hang in there guyssss this story is the one of the best!! dont miss this one or else ull regret!!

Tina Jun 06 2016 5:22 pm I loveeeeee this series. First two eps were not that catching yet. But after that omg could’t stop watching finished in two days.

Marya May 19 2016 11:42 am I love this drama so much. The kissing scenes are very natural omg. Cordon is a hottie too K May 14 2016 8:07 pm To be honest, I was a little bored at the beginning. But then I kept watching and I started to like it. I ended up finishing the whole drama in one day. It was the stories of family and friendship that pulled me in, rather than the love line. 🙂 The ending was perfect too. TvN really knows how to pick their dramas!

Kaeselion May 11 2016 4:41 pm Why do most Korean drama the characters don’t finish their food or drinks

Diana May 11 2016 6:33 am Best drama ever, must watch! I love park bo young here

ilovekpop_forever Apr 28 2016 12:29 am One of the best dramas I’ve watched. The ending was never disappointing, it is very worth watching. Never failed to make me laugh especially Sous Chef mary Apr 26 2016 1:09 am This drama is worth watching! Highly recommended 🙂

Kate Apr 23 2016 1:02 pm i really love this movie! Both actor and actress act very well

Park Bo-Young is freaking cute. All of them

Kim Apr 17 2016 8:50 am At first, am hesitant to watch, but it was INCREDIBLE. Love the acting/actors, all of it.

Sunflower Apr 17 2016 8:47 am I love Oh My Ghost. So sweet and funny. And the actors are amazing

Russel Apr 15 2016 8:09 am I love this drama, Park Bo Young so cute she had eyes like a dog very funny to m. Wish there season 2

Phire Apr 10 2016 1:57 am Love the drama!! Park Bo Young portrayed her character well. She was so cute and seductive as well XD

Saph Apr 10 2016 1:55 am Love the drama. Park Bo Young portrayed her character well. She was so cute and seductive XD

EuPhy-D Mar 13 2016 10:35 pm this is unexpectedly good! Definitely worth watching Milly Mar 12 2016 8:30 am This is gracious. Bo young is freaking cute. Bo young with the ghost is deabak. I had so much fun. .

kienomon Feb 24 2016 5:32 pm love this one! so sad that it needs to end.. im definitely going to watch this again! Love the comedy! romance! and thrill and plot twists! best kdrama ive watched!

Ohreoreo Feb 08 2016 10:23 am This drama is so funny xD I ship na bong sun with seo joon more Lela Feb 07 2016 7:32 am So in love with this drama. The story, the casts and all of it. Never boring to watch again and again. Wish there’s a season 2 of this drama.

Joojoo Jan 31 2016 3:21 am I like this a lot, it is not very original in my opinion. Everything is like the usual kdrama, but this one is kinda able to grab the cute factors and not cheesy. Everything is very well until the last episodes, i think the writer(s) took an arrow on the knee and turned the drama into a cheap thriller wanna be which plot is so lame and so many foolish scenes are happening. It is so difficult not to hate the last episodes.

Virzhania 09 Jan 31 2016 2:59 am Now i am watching ep 10 but i feel bored.. but i’ll try to finish it.

Sulaiman Jan 27 2016 6:42 am Agreed with @CKW and @sunwoo. Not recommended if you’re into plot instead. But I would give reps for Park Boyoung acting on her split personality, even I can tell myself if she’s possessed or not.

LJY’sHeart Jan 09 2016 11:35 am Just finished watching! Fell in love with this drama real quick!! ♥

Sun Jan 07 2016 4:40 am How can Kim Seul Gi and Park Bo Young act like they are one person? Amazing! Makes me really think that Bong Sun is really possessed! Haha

Sunshine Jan 07 2016 4:33 am Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk look really good together really I’m wishing them for real too bad Jung Suk isn’t single but how can he be single when he is so handsome

Sally Jan 02 2016 1:04 am Do not watch the trailers on is site. Its such a big spoiler, good thing i only watched it after i finished the drama. But anyways, LOVED THE DRAMA!!

Kure Jan 01 2016 1:07 pm So cute, probably one of the best drama I’ve ever seen

Karen Dec 30 2015 1:25 am OMG this is one of my favourite dramas and I just finished watching in 2 days so addictive. I love the actress Park Bo Young and I came here after watching Running Man where she was a guest. FIGHTING

Arisa Dec 27 2015 9:25 pm I just finished watch it , i really love this drama . it’s actually cute not cheesy annoying. Love it so much. But what happened to officer choi is not clear yet. Did the spirit go away? Then is choi had amnesia because he had come back to the real choi or because his head hit the ground? Tbh i hope the best for eun hee hahahaah

i love chocolate Dec 17 2015 10:57 am i can’t get over this drama,it just too good,i’ve been watching it for the 3rd time now

lovatics Dec 16 2015 10:09 am 9/10,excellent drama,good choice of acting,NBS and KSW have a very good chemistry,but i really ship bong-joon couple thought,

Not Important Dec 15 2015 7:01 pm This drama is cute, the cast is great and I really swoon to Jo Jung Suk character Chef Kang and his interaction with Park Bo Young and the writing is okay but suck for the Officer Choi Sung Jae did not go to jail I mean he is f***ing killing people and I think is the biggest FLAW for this drama but overall fun drama

bii Dec 15 2015 5:42 am Wonderfull acting by Park Bo Young, FIGHTING. You’re my favourite actress

way Dec 14 2015 5:54 pm i dont know if what i write is a spoiler but i usually dont read comment section before watching any show/series/movies. just skip reading this if you havent seen it.

bit worry while watching the ending since on 1/4 of the total time, all characters already have their closures, so i wonder if there would be any plot twist, especially the final fate of evil spirit which possessed choi was uncertain, i mean it can flew off choi body and entered someone then hold grudge to bong sun/soon ae.. i like movies with twist and not regular cliche happy endings but because of PBY, i just wished it would end happily, just cant see her suffered (even in a movie/drama).. anyway, it’s all good, it turns out the rest just a stretch and nothing to worry about.. for the drama, i love k-movies but dont watch the drama very often, it surely has alot of “what are the odds” or “it doesnt make any sense” or “deus ex machina” moments, well i guess it’s pretty common in dramas to satisfy general audiences wants and it doesnt bother me that much.. it began and ended pretty good i must say.. those actors and actresses perform very well, the main cast chemistry is decent but not as good as, let say jun ji hyun and kim soo hyun in man from the star.. PBY is perfect for this role, i wanna see her in many different roles but a role like in the drama or werewolf boy is just too perfect for her..

overall i’d give this drama solid 8. i hope she’ll do another drama in 2016. she’ll be in a new movie with cha tae hyun too, right? daebak..

I Love them. Every cast is awesome. But is it weird that I like the ghost better. Anyways, its a really good drama. But why is it really a must for every leads in a drama to be separated and reunited at the last episode?!

예쁜딸기 Dec 13 2015 3:15 am A v good drama to watch alone bcs it was worth it to let your tears falling. Hahahah. I’m in need of smth tho. Can anyone tell me what are the songs played other than the OSTs? Tq v much in advance.

Maggie Dec 12 2015 4:33 am very nice drama. comedy and romantic drama. chemistry is nice between chef and na bong sun. It was not boring . completed 16 episodes very soon. waiting for next drama

JAZZY Dec 11 2015 1:27 am such a great drama . the cast , plot , scripts , ost and everyhthing is perfect ! the chemistry btw OJS n PBY is no joke . all the cast did a very good job in potraying their role . kwak si yang is bae sjssma Dec 10 2015 9:09 am i don’t know why but i ship bong sun moreee with seo joon than ksw hahahahah

Seobaby91 Dec 06 2015 9:00 pm I love the way chef and nabong timid in love. Hahahahhaa the triangle love betwen ghost is so much fun

K-Drama fan Dec 05 2015 10:47 am +YUHTHA well, i think he’s more into the timid one tho. But anyways, this drama really good. Well, almost i’m supposed to say. I really enjoy Park Bo Young split character. So far so good. I’m currently on the 9th episodes. Looking forward to more excellent scene

YUHTHA Dec 05 2015 6:18 am Very cuuute.. Both Na bong maniac and timid personality are really cute and fun.. But just.. it looked like the Chef prefer Maniac na bong than the timid one.. Too bad she is a ghost.. LOL

Riko Nov 29 2015 7:40 pm Was not expecting much from this drama but wow this drama is really good and Jo Jung seok is really cute and I really like his character in this drama. Fell in love with Jo Jung seok already.

chad Nov 28 2015 5:28 am oh my this is good korean drama because i always watch it if am bored. please make a drama again then the main character was Park Bo-Young and Cho Jung- Seok saranhaeyo chef kang

nad123 Nov 23 2015 11:30 am Such a strong chemistry. I’m so in love with Chef Kang. Park Bo Young totally nailed it in potraying two opposite personality. I’m definitely her fan now. The best rom com of 2015. Highly recommended!

aya2wae Nov 23 2015 11:20 am i recomended for this drama.. 100% fun, romantice, and each episode so good. seriously.. i never bored watch it again.. park bo young acting is so cute and almost perfect..

sunny Nov 21 2015 11:52 pm well , if you are a searching for good drama with interesting plot dont watch it . the story is so messed up and the writer don’t know if he write a horror or comedy or drama , I really don’t recommend it at all , maybe teenagers will like it or not , it just a waste I dont know why Bo young agreed to this drama ! really .

하 힌요 Nov 21 2015 8:11 am this drama is so cute with park bo young’s appearance showing her aegyo ♥ . heheh..more cute if choi sung jae and shin soon ae as a ghost couple ♥

ryn Nov 12 2015 5:33 am cong. raa. congratulation congratulation sous chef min soo, you always make me laugh

Jc Nov 11 2015 6:23 pm Not so amazing. its just an okay story ..the thing that keeps me watching is i want to know why officer Choi killed SoonAe ..it kinda creepy to watch Im JuHwan evil character in this drama bcoz i love him so much in Ugly Alert ..Park Boyoung is really good in portraying two character .and i love Kim SeulGi character as Shin SoonAe ..she is so bright and happy . if she wasn’t a ghost ..i really like her to be paired with chef ..the chef character it would have been better if he was not so cool type all the time .

panda Nov 07 2015 7:51 am im currently up to episode 5 and loving it so far EXCEPT for one thing i hate it whenever the ghosts come out I GET A FREAKING HEART ATTACK ESPECIALLY WITH THE ONE IN EPISODE 5 WHEN SHE WAS IN THE HOSPITAL T_____T

yes im a huge coward 🙁

CKW Oct 31 2015 3:25 pm Finished it. And I still stand by my opinion. It was a decent drama but suffered the rushed development of BongSun’s character and the forced pairing of BongSun x SunWoo. Soon-ae/Bongsun x Sunwoo’s relationship was better developed. This is what I feared from the beginning and my fear came true.

overxo Oct 30 2015 10:16 am this drama is so good! i’ve just finished now and i crave for more >. airrr Oct 29 2015 3:34 am I somewhat agree with @sunwoo. I really liked this drama just before the chef said he love Bongsun before she was possessed. I mean the writer did not leave enough evidence for us to believe that Chef love NaBong long way before (beside her blogs). So I guess the real story was about the ghost actually.

And this is truly another version of ’49 Days’. A ghost-like living girl possessed by a cheerful ghost and I’m not quite satisfied with the ending. But I like how Park Boyoung could deliver both character so well. I think her acting was the most amusing one and if she can’t do that properly maybe I’ll stop watching from the very 1st episode.

mila Oct 27 2015 9:38 am What is the name of the phone they are using in this drama? Please someone tell me!!

cuties Oct 23 2015 6:39 am I love Park Bo young acting aegyo here. if She not total in the acting..this drama wouldn’tbe so darn good and funny. Chef only acting cool all the time but most of the hard working is the female lead. I am new fan of her. just knew her from this serries but totally in with her acting. awesome. the kiss also very real.

rhapsdy Oct 19 2015 12:42 am @yimeon it’s Dmitri Shostakovich, Waltz number 2. 🙂

sunwoo Oct 18 2015 9:44 am the story is nice, funny and cozy.. the things is the development of the character are nice until suddenly kang sunwoo said he likes the real na bong sun instead of the possesed na bong sun a.k.a shin soon ae. which i found really ridiculous, the chef like the change of character of na bong, not the real na bong. every and each of memorable moment are with shin soon ae, and suddenly you just can accept that na bong the fact after hearing the grandmother story.. oh well. the writer just wanted park bo young end up with jo jung suk.. not the character.. since they are main lead..

mariaa Oct 17 2015 10:37 pm still cant get over this drama , really fell in love with bong sun and sun woo character chii Oct 17 2015 8:24 am Sooo. heartwarming

Yimeon Oct 16 2015 9:41 pm any body know the name of officer kang’s ringtone . please . i think its so famous like a symphonie or somthing .

akshara reddy Oct 12 2015 7:33 am I really liked this drama . am frm INDIA . am a very very big fan of korean dramas. i thought only myself and my friends know about korean dramas. once . i was talking with my cousine who in other state. i told her that korean dramas are really nice once when you become free have a look . she told me i have started seeing korean dramas since 3 years. OMG. i was really shocked. in INDIA craze of korean dramas is increasing day by day. after completion of my schooling . i wll definately come to seoul. fighting.

CKW Oct 12 2015 7:33 am Still in the early episodes and I’m not liking this so far. I’m sure this will suffer the same fate of 49th Day. Possession stories in Kdramas generally has a huge flaw of not developing the character who is being possessed well (Bong Sun in this case), and also the huge flaw of developing a romantic relationship between the spirit (Soon-ae) and a person (Sunwoo) who is bound to end up with the character who is being possessed (Bong Sun), so in the end, the relationship between the two characters who are alive (Bong Sun x Sunwoo) end up being highly underdeveloped (or have a rushed development). Oh well let’s see how it goes.

But I agree with the other commentators here, the show is quite funny.

Elis Oct 11 2015 2:02 pm Love it, well done to Park Bo young. It is the best so far in 2015:) So addicted.. All casts are very good especially Sous Chef, he never stopped make me laugh.

Kaye Oct 09 2015 8:03 pm I laugh hard to Seo In Guk character. HAHAHAHA

Chathu13 Oct 08 2015 8:21 pm Nice drama. Love all the characters and nice ending too. I want to see more dramas like this.

Duaa (Iraq) Oct 07 2015 11:50 am Really, there’s nothing NOTHING in this drama that I didn’t like. I loved it, and was eager to see the next episode as soon as I had finished the current one, I am writing this comment just to give back to every single person in the amazing crew of this drama who made it to make it so nice and heart warming and sometimes alarming to watch. There was absolutely no scene that I wanted to skip. great Job to all of you- in front and behind the camera- Thank you.

slee Oct 06 2015 9:21 am A very cute drama indeed! Excellent acting by the cast but I was especially mesmerized by Kim Seul Gi’s acting. I think she has potential to go far. The only gripe I have is that the writer should acknowledge the love relationship between the “ghost” bong sun and sun woo more. I felt more chemistry btwn the 2 whn bong sun was possessed.

ph6aim Oct 04 2015 1:05 pm amazing drama .. very hilarious and romantic ! I liked the chief assistance and gyeongmo funny scenes

Leah Oct 03 2015 7:02 pm Can someone tell me the name of the child ghost in episode 15? He looks like Jung Yoogeun.

Anne Oct 03 2015 9:44 am I love this drama. Great chemistry. Park Bo-young looked great with Jo Jung-seok. It looked like they were really dating. Made me wish Jo Jung-seok wasn’t dating someone else. I’ve always loved Kim Seul-gie. She’s hilarious.

Andre Z Oct 02 2015 9:06 am SERIOUSLY, I loved this Kdrama, im honestly tell you, bong sun and chef kang sun woo built nice chemistry, i adore how kang sun woo act to bong sun, haha so sweet! And last episode, i cried like a river when Shin Ae must gone, and nice acting for jo jung suk oppa! ♥♥

Andre Z Oct 02 2015 9:03 am SERIOUSLY, I loved this Kdrama, im honestly tell you, bong sun and chef kang sun woo built nice chemistry, i adore how kang sun woo act to bong sun, haha so sweet! And last episode, i cried like a river when Shin Ae must gone, and nice acting for jo jung hyuk oppa!!

Naisy Sep 27 2015 8:12 am Perfect chemistry by the Leads Na Bong Sun and Sun Woo! This drama deserves to be shown not only in Cable TV but in regular tv channels so that many can watch! Please.. Looking forward for their next Drama. Don’t make us wait! Thank you.

hinhinz Sep 25 2015 12:34 pm nice drama, just hope kang sun-woo can meet the real shin soon-ae

n3g Sep 25 2015 6:03 am i love this drama. all the character in this drama great,full skill acting, talented.. oh my ghost i enjoy all the episode, well done

Dera Sep 24 2015 6:31 pm Real amazing one of my favorite drama ever super cute every second counts I had great time watching it .keep up great job everyone was beyond super talanted .so happy I get chance to watch it

Dera Sep 24 2015 5:13 am Great drama I fall in love every moment with it so amazing I’m still watching it but it really blow my mind keep up great work love youu

ann Sep 24 2015 12:38 am Very good drama..love it a lot,good chemistry,i really hope to see CJS in drama again..very soon..

jeni Sep 23 2015 6:19 pm I really enjoyed this one! My first K-drama in a while. I loved the characters and the originality of the story. However, I thought the last episode was a waste of time. It was just filler fluff and they were just dragging it out. Should have done a quick wrap-up at the end of 15.

Anna Sep 20 2015 3:05 am This drama confused and dissapointed me at the end. Though it was inevitable that our male lead would choose the living, he actually fell in love with the ghost and that never got acknowledged. Bong su ended up taking the life of the ghost and becomin more like her. which I thought was very strange. For me the best episode were 7 n 8. It was a downhill trip from there.

Anna Sep 20 2015 3:05 am This drama confused and dissapointed me at the end. Though it was inevitable that our male lead would choose the living, he actually fell in love with the ghost and that never got acknowledged. Bong su ended up taking the life of the ghost and becomin more like her. which I thought was very strange. For me the best episode were 7 n 8. It was a downhill trip from there.

ARM Sep 18 2015 9:35 am Oh my ghost is the best drama in 2015. I can’t take my eyes from tv since the first episode. All the casts did their job so well and the plot is awesome with the romantic comedy touch made me laugh a lot. Really very recommended drama. I’ll rewatch this drama all over again 😀

Chris0101 Sep 16 2015 11:24 am I’m in the middle of watching this drama.. To be honest lately i haven’t watch many k-dramas bcoz most of the new ones are sooooo bad i couldn’t even sit through the first-second episode. But i like this even from the beginning. I’m having so much fun just by watching the ghost acts, i constantly thinks “this girl is so interesting”, the real na bong sun on the other hand, is so boring and pathetic, i’m getting really tired of watching her but i’ll keep watching this drama because i’m really curious about the ending. Hopefully it’ll be a good one.

abigailbasao Sep 16 2015 1:59 am and oh, in geuk at the final epi (sorry spoiler :D) but yeah haha after watching remember you and then saw him, daebak! haha. bo young jeun seok very good acting skills! omo! 😀 fighting.

abigailbasao Sep 16 2015 1:52 am omoo!! just finished it and wanting more of chef and bong sun. waha. they’re so cute and sweeeet. honestly at first, i was hesitating and scared i may not love it but i was so engrossed after continually watching! im so in love with chefbong couple! wahhhhhhhhh ivy_zee Sep 15 2015 3:30 am The best drama of the year . I couldn’t take my eyes off the laptop screen from the very first moment to the last minute Turquoise Sep 14 2015 7:32 am I always fall in love with the badass hottie. Here I fell in love with the cute, badass hottie Lim Ju hwan. And in my love from another star I fell in love with Shin Sung Rok. Badass hottie are seriously the best, is some old man was the evil guy there would not be much effect but since the bad guy is so cute and hot I just have to love him.

kim che ran Sep 13 2015 10:06 am cant stop watching this drama. Chef and na bonh sun have a great chemistry. The plot and story very very daebak!!

arabella Sep 13 2015 2:10 am Chef kang and bong sun are so cuteee! Nice and highly recommend to watch over and over again 🙂

Abigail Sep 12 2015 4:58 pm What song does officer choi recognize when bong sun is washing her hands in the bathroom and that Soon Ae sang at the restaurant? it sounds pretty and I want to hear the full version.

Yeayyy Sep 12 2015 2:04 pm Okayyy this is the best drama so far that i watch this year. probably i will rewatch the ending again and again hahaha. Btw Park Bo Young is insanely cute. Hope i can see her on another drama soonn Pardon my english haha

parkshinmi Sep 11 2015 4:51 am Best drama ever. I love this drama. good job. now,I going to watch tvn next drama.

nastara slmh Sep 10 2015 4:16 am onr of the best dramas in this year.greatttttttttttttttttttt

T-ia Sep 08 2015 6:36 pm Amazing . GREAT acting and chemistry ! ! Would recommend !! First episode is a bit slow but if you persevere until episode 2 YOU won’t be deceived ! 10/10

mira Sep 08 2015 8:23 am i came to watch this drama bcos of park bo young, since it’s her first drama after many years absent doing drama, n also bcos the story is quite interesting. n it turns out the drama is soooo great. i really love this drama. everything of OMG is very amazing; the casts, the plot, dialogs, scenes (especially chef-bong scenes), the ending.. I think the scriptwriter really did good job writing th story. park bo young’s acting is very good. it’s like tottally 2 different persons portraying the real Na Bongsun n Bongsun-possesed-by-Shin Ae. her acting really makes this drama very much worth to watch, together with her chemistry with jo jung suk. they r so lovable, the cutest couple ever. it’s my first time seeing aggressive female lead n park boyoung can act it well, without being too much n still cute. n jo jung suk fits her so much, I can feel tht chef really loves bongsun. seeing him cry when bongsun decided to study abroad. I think tht scene is really good, chef didnt act cool with his girlfriend going abroad. instead he let out his sadness n cry (though we cant see it). I really recommend this drama. but there’s a warning: this drama contains sooo many aegyo from park bo young 😀

isabel Sep 08 2015 8:02 am hi ..i’ve enjoy watching this movie. i liked it .so much..im a fan of chef kang “cho jung seok ..i wish he can read this .. -isabel from philippines 🙂

Jumperz Sep 07 2015 8:09 am This the best drama ever. such amazing!! i have never see such loving and heart-chilling ending like this. it just like boys over flower. ohh. pissed off @@

jherylkaye Sep 06 2015 10:04 pm The best drama ever. Promise, for those who didn’t watch it yrt, you won’t regret watching this k-drama. So love It!! chen chen Sep 06 2015 9:18 am Best drama 2015. best couple and best music soundtrack

Lenny Sep 05 2015 2:44 pm This is a very very good drama! Like one person on here said – there is NO boring scenes, which is hard to find in dramas. There were no boring episodes, no story lines getting dragged along or super slow parts. Each episode gets right to the the point of the story and in the middle will give you great laughs.

Boyoung and Jungseok have an undeniably great chemistry with each other both off and on-screen and you will absolutely fall in love with them. One of the best mystery-lovecom dramas to come out this year. TVN never disappoints with their dramas so I HIGHLY recommend watching this series. Be warned you WILL have an Oh My Ghostess withdrawals like me once you finish it. It’s just that good!

Voldemort Sep 05 2015 1:07 pm I really liked this drama! I would recommend it to anyone. Funny, sad and amazing!

(Yes I really am Voldemort)

Iliana Sep 05 2015 12:57 am I have really not started watching this drama.. Because first of all I thought of watching the comments.. Seeing it here.. I think it’s a must watch. I’ll start watching it today only.. 😀

Andy Mejias Sep 04 2015 2:51 pm Probably among my top five dramas seen! I love the acting by Ms. Park and thought she was delightful, funny and a great actress. The main actor and her complemented each other wonderfully. Just a masterpiece.

PiYuMiUmesha Sep 03 2015 11:09 pm Just finished marathonning this.I really like the uniqueness in this drama. It helped me lot to relax my mind (even there is ghosts lol). The couple ,their dialogues,the way they kissed all of things about this drama was refreshing and memorable. I liked Bo Young unni with Joon Ki oppa but I really like SunBong couple sooo much. I look forward to see this couple in future as well as unique dramas like this. Yang Hee-Seung writernim thank u so much bringing this amazing drama unlike those usual Cinderella type or High school type dramas. Words are not just enough to say about the awesomeness in this drama & also about the cast. Love those chefs and I’m gonna miss them & cute Na Bong hmm saranheyooooo ♡

KC Sep 03 2015 2:08 am I’ve watched more than 100 k-dramas and I can guarantee that this is the BEST one ever!! There is no single boring scene. It made me laugh almost every episode. This is the drama that made me so happy. The cast, plot and every thing is perfect.

I just wish that Chef and Bong Sun shared their memorable time together on screen. I think that Chef probably like both girl but since Soon-Ae is dead, the relationship is not possible. I cried when I saw she was pushed into the water and suffocated to death.

Rynnie Sep 02 2015 6:13 am The drama was amazing, although I shipped Chef with Bong Sun (the ghost) more. To be honest, the real Bong Sun was quite boring. From my point of view, Chef really fell in love with the stubborn, naughty and funny Bong Sun. For example, when he confessed to her, he said that he didn’t know where it started, she was a family member to him before. But also, when the Bong Sun (ghost) appeared, he still had a little crush on PD Lee, and it was in fact, Bong Sun (ghost) who defeated her later on. All in all, I just felt like the ghost had a lot more chemistry with Chef, and they got more screen time together and shared more memories.

However, the chemistry between Chef and Bong Sun wasn’t bad at the end, but since they didn’t get enough screen time together, the ending seemed a bit rushed.

Overall, this drama rocked, great plot, amazing chemistry between the leads and really good casts! Love it, 9/10! Omoghost Sep 01 2015 9:34 pm Missing this so much! When I’m too excited every week for the next episode, but now it’s done already. Thank you director for giving us the best ending. Everyone has a good ending specially for Shin Soon Ae. Missing all the cast!

squishysoo Aug 30 2015 7:00 am I loved this drama so much, it’s one of my favourite kdramas of 2015! I loved Park Boyoung’s cuteness and Jo Jung Seok was so charming in this drama. Their chesmistry together was no joke! I was so sad when this ended T . T, but 10/10

Angel Aug 29 2015 8:11 pm Park Bo young acting is on point. She definetly nailed it! Not to mention Cho Jung Seuk’s charming, caring and his cute awkward character. I kinda want a guy like Chef to be honest. I’ll definetly miss everyone especially Kim Seul gi, allthough i fell bad for her death and for missing to experience different things when she was alive. But if it wasnt for her death, Chef wont fall for Na Bong San. Around of applause to Lim Ju Hwan. His acting was daebak!! I’ll miss the 4 other Chef, the funny sous chef, Kwak si yan, Oh eui sik and choi min Sul. Cho Jung Seuk sister and mother and Lee So Hyeong, Seul Gi father and brother, the shaman. i’ll miss everyone.

This show is perfect. The cliffhanger, the story was well written. And the actors fitted their characters so well. The chemistry of everyone is great. They really seem comfortable with each ofher. The writers and directors and the people behind this drama deserves an award. Everything is brilliant! No doubt this drama will earn a lot of praises and popularity in different countries! This drama would be one of the best drama for 2015.

Congrats everyone. Its sad that it comes to an end and kinda hoping for a sequel. hope to see more projects like this. Keep up the good work. Xoxo

I’m a scaredy cat so im a little bit worry when i watched the 1st eps because it has “ghost” in the tittle but i decided to just try it and i didnt regret it!

I fall too deep to this drama now it has ended im in the menboong state lol

jonahvie Aug 27 2015 3:57 am Omo. I can’t accept the fact that this drama is now over..Really can’t..Got hooked to this one..And how i wish that the endings of korean dramas will always be like this..A satisfying one..Chessyness overload..Love.Love.Love.Farewell Na Bong Sun.Farewell Chef.. 🙂

Jean Aug 26 2015 11:59 am Very nice drama! Park Bo Young acting is really great, she can portrayed many personalities very well, her chemistry with the other casts is very good too! Recommended!:)

PS: it is really a must-watch drama, many people watched this and said “What should I do with my life that now this drama has ended” lol

Jojoche Aug 26 2015 9:49 am I love this drama absolutely love love love this drama. It is amazing how every character plays such an important role in completing this drama.

One of the best definitely.

cary Aug 26 2015 4:07 am Such a perfect drama! Love the story and the chemistry between all the casts, its seems like theyre very close with each other so every scene comes out so natural. Love the restaurant crew. Honestly im so sad that it was already over, i still cant move on 🙁 chef, you’re gaze make me swoon every time hahaha and every scene with you and bong sun make my i flusttered seriously, hope you can be in a romcom drama again soon chef! Once again great job for tvN

lee Aug 26 2015 2:03 am as expected from tvN dramas. the ending is really good and fair to every character involved in the story. I’m impressed with Im Joo Hwan.. someone please cast him in a thriller movie a.s.a.p! 😀

Aj Aug 25 2015 5:10 pm A couple of uneven episodes in the middle, but over all a good series I enjoyed very much. Great cast and sweet love story with Park Bo Young in a tour de force performance of empathy and growth, and Cho Jung Suk a complex, loving man who grows in his understanding of his lady all the way to “D-Day.” Very satisfying conclusion.

chobuin Aug 25 2015 2:27 pm I see no flaw in this drama. Everything is good, and i didn’t even get bored a single minute. This drama is so light, perfect when you wanna watch not-so-emotional drama. Chef Sun Woo is soooo husband material, Na Bong Soon is cute as hell, the restaurant crew is so funny! Recommended one 🙂

Neza Aug 25 2015 12:38 pm This drama is the first drama which have the ending like my wish. You should watch this, the story, skill acting, their ost, their chemistry, their funny moment, sad moment and everything are PERFECT!. I think this drama is the BEST DRAMA EVER!! Now I feel sad to have to say goodbye to them :'( . I love you so much Oh My Ghost team! :*

CLARA Aug 25 2015 10:21 am BEST DRAMA EVER! THE STORY IS EPIC! You should give it a try, it was so good i didnt even want to finish it 🙁 hope to see them in a drama soon! Their chemistry is so good that im doubting it would be the same with other actors huhuhhu pls be in a drama again!!

crystal Aug 25 2015 9:04 am hope chef n bong sun will act together again in a 50 episode drama. love u.chemistry is unbelivable. director n writter u deserve an award.sous chef soon ae and others that u for this drama. perfect ending it couldn’t be done any better

nina Aug 25 2015 9:00 am ooooh chef is toooo cute and sweet especially when he cried because he missed bong s and didnt want her to leave.PERFECT ENDING. am a fan to the entire cast . hope i will see u again sooon

lisa Aug 25 2015 8:59 am i think i have never appreciated an entire caciated OMG.hope directors will get creative n give products like this.soooooous chef i will mic u n ur fellows.best couple award goes to chef n bong su.soon ae u were awesome too

vivian Aug 25 2015 2:50 am Such a fabulous drama! I was already rewatching each of the episodes while I waited for the new ones each week.

Thank you TVN. I’ve been very impressed with most of your productions so far.

Certainly one of the best not just for this year but since I started bingeing on k-dramas.

I agree with most of the comments posted here. “laughed and cried”, “not a moment of boredom”, “superb chemistry among the casts” – not just the protagonists.. etc, etc

What do I look forward to now? . any suggestions anyone? I might try Ghost seeing detective. I love Oh Ji Ho. Maybe it’ll keeping me entertained. Speaking of Oh Ji Ho, I started liking him in Couple or Trouble. If you haven’t watched it. you will enjoy it as much as Oh My Ghost.

      • WARNING:The following post contains MAJOR SPOILERS. Do not read if you don’t want the show spoiled for you.***

I Just happened to find this show in passing. This is how I find the best K-dramas apparently. I had only seen Sim Seul Gi (Soonae), in a couple of other shows and unlike many people, she’s the reason I watched. Not because of the other 2 leads. This is one of those rare shows where you root for both main characters to get the guy but sadly Polyamorous relationships seem to be pretty rare in Korea or just. Kdramas.

Pros: The chemistry between all characters is priceless. The humor is mildly dirty for a K-drama but it’s dynamic and keeps you entertained.

Like in the first few episodes, since we meet Soonae as a virgin ghost, when she possess Bong Sun the first thing she does is ogle all her male coworkers, that’s nothing, until we get close up shots of their crotches. (Yes we as the viewers) I was surprised to see a couple of oral sex references too. Soonae’s ghost as Bong Sun also attempts to get one of the coworkers drunk to have sex with him but he somehow refuses.

The writers definitely had her dirty mind well established. It’s already really rare to see sex and long makeouts in such shows but to show a woman in her 20s even though she is dead all she wants to do is have sex and she’s not afraid to show it. lol.

Bong Sun possessed by Soonae has got to be the most awesome character out there. Annoying but adorable at the same time. She has such a likable confidence and it shows to anyone who approaches her.

(This also shows Park Boyoung’s acting range is awesome. Going from timid and fearful to overly confident shameless girl who only wants one thing)

If anything, Bong Sun without Soonae was so shy and timid and living in such fear all the time that it would be bordering on irritating.

Bong Sun’s relationship with Chef without being possessed honestly seemed. a little bit. just a little bit forced in the beginning.

But overall.. they left enough time to have us as the viewer actually feel that they could and did love each other for who they are. Especially Chef who really didn’t know Bong Sun without Soonae.

The stories are all tragic. I was surprised that after so many hints, they went ahead and showed how Soon Ae really died. in detail. They censor knives for stabbings but not Soonae’s death, so you won’t be left guessing the whole time. I was beyond shocked. Especially when you realize who caused her death.

I’ve already left a lot of spoilers but I’m not one to not tell as much as possible.

Since I caught this show early on, I had to wait patiently for new episodes and this is from someone who hates waiting. I would rush over to Korean Drama sites and watch the newest episode on Friday nights and Saturdays (EST).

If anything they can make continuation shows with the Seobinggo, she really brought a lot of charisma along with Soonae. You can tell when a cast is meant to work together. Is this best of 2015? For me personally, It’s up there with My Love From The Star and a couple of other shows.

CONS: I had to wait to catch the episodes as they came. I wish I had found the show a little later so I could binge watch this show like no other! The ending. It went a traditional direction. You just watch. It’s happy but not too happy. Also. the 2 year gap was so unnecessary.

Master’s Sun: The only thing these 2 shows have in common is that the main characters can see ghosts. Also. Seo In Guk appears in the last episode of Oh My Ghost(ess) . At first I wondered. what’s the big deal but then I realized who he was.

I recommend this show. You won’t be bored with it. I will see myself out now.

      • WARNING:The following post contains MAJOR SPOILERS. Do not read if you don’t want the show spoiled for you.***

Renee Aug 25 2015 12:12 am I love this kdrama! Two thumbs up! One of the best kdrama ive seen so far. First time Ive seen Park Bo Young and Cho Jung, they have a good chemistry and I hope theyll have another project soon.

The story line is superb, no dull scene and all the actors are amazing.

Alexis Her Aug 24 2015 11:58 pm Definitely made The Number One spot on my Most favorite dramas of all time! (Sorry Secret Garden!) Ending was perfect. Story line itself was perfect. Actors were perfect. Just everything. I loved, loved, loved this drama. 5 out of 5 stars for me.

Ilssa Aug 24 2015 9:50 pm The best kdrama i’ve seen so far. I really enjoyed it beginning to end, it was perfect. 10/10

Jules Aug 24 2015 6:46 pm One of the best K-drama I’ve seen. I love everything about this drama. I laughed so hard & even cried, esp the latter part when Chef let go of Na Bong Sun for her dream, embracing her hard while weeping. that broke my heart yet can help to love this man.Perfect portrayal on each role. Amazing!

Please watch, you wont regret it. I already recommended it to my friends and colleagues! Hope to see more drama from this pair.

Nice job, team OH MY GHOST!

Tierza Aug 24 2015 2:18 pm One of the best dramas of 2015 and would love to see a second season. Am curious to how Lim Ju-hwan’s character would be played out. Have a great week everyone.

Aug 24 2015 10:36 am This drama hit daebak and itself daebak The cutest drama of the year By the way shin hye sun(eun hee) is pretty! Also park bo young is pretttyyy , all the caastt iss aweesomme

marthea Aug 24 2015 8:22 am Million likes for this drama! Indeed all the cast are amazing no dull moment of every episodes . superb storyline. I’m gonna miss chef-bong & the whole crew sobs. sobs. hope there will be a season 2 for this drama 🙂 please please

kdlover Aug 24 2015 3:07 am @Mia agree with you. The ending part resemblance Coffee Prince a bit (when Bong Sun comes back) OMG definitely the best drama of 2015

luv Aug 24 2015 3:04 am So sad that this drama ended. T_T Very lovely drama!

Tqah Aug 24 2015 1:52 am I must say this drama is the most well written drama in 2015..everything is so perfect from the script, actors, ost.. I’m missing this drama so much

Marie Aug 23 2015 11:32 pm This will definitely go down as a top noth kdrama. It is for sure one of the best if not the best drama this year. The storyline and the writing was excellent. Add to that the phenomenal cast and you’ve got an awesome drama. Everyone was simply perfect. I’m really going to miss this drama.

Ozmo Aug 23 2015 10:36 pm Wonderful! Best drama so far this year. The writers, cast, and crew all came together to deliver a fluid upbeat story with no slow patches. Great to watch. Many thanks.

Nia Aug 23 2015 8:05 pm Another great K-drama has ended. One nice ending. Had to say I enjoyed watching the story line especially when Na Bong Sun was possessed Shin Soo Ae. All of the actor and actress had done a really good work. I cry, I got furious and I laugh. Basically, they delivered the emotion, the feelings very well you got to feel. Thank you to all behind the scene staff, the director, the script writer as well as the cast. Looking forward for more exciting K-Drama. Congratulations. p.s: I like this part, when the sing together to congratulate their colleague.

Trew Aug 23 2015 4:00 pm So far, BEST romantic/mystery drama of this year (second for me is I Remember You). Everything is perfect: plot, cast (esp. Park Bo-Young and Kim Seul-Gi), no dragging parts and perfect and long ending. I personally hoped/wished for Soon Ae´s reborn or appearance in the ending like good spirit or helper of the shaman. It is MUST watch drama of this Year.

Northern Girl Aug 23 2015 2:03 pm One of the best K-dramas I’ve watched so far. Clever an captivating storyline. Great ensemble of actors and chemistry between the two leads was believable and real. Kudos!

Princess Peyt Aug 23 2015 1:39 pm Awww Ended beautifully though I’m a bit sad because I’m gonna miss this epic drama! A million thumbs up! Seo In Guk cameo is totally awesome.hahaha Love this drama so much! congrats to Oh my Ghostess team for making this drama perfectly! :):) ♥♥

Mia Aug 23 2015 12:08 pm The ending strangely reminded me of the ending of Coffee Prince. Anyway, enjoyed watching this drama, the cast really did a nice work ^^ PS: Am I the only one who was waiting for Seo Inguk to appear in every moment of the last episode? x)

ayesha Aug 23 2015 11:31 am Perfect ending and perfect casting! The story is a bit so-so for me, but who cares. The casting is done so well and I LOVVVVVVVE THE ENDING. Great job, producers!

Sally Aug 23 2015 9:34 am The ending was wonderful. Congrats Oh My Ghost team. Daebak. The cast are incredible and perfect. Na Bong Sun..Kang Sun Woo..Sunshine’s. Cho Jung Seok..Park Bo Young. the chemistry is superb. I will miss you guys. Great Drama.

Sych Aug 23 2015 7:44 am The best korean drama I’ve ever watch. Can’t get enough of it.. Too sweet like candy.. Love love love.. why just 16. Na Bong Sun & Kang Sun Woo was a great couple..The ending was wonderful.. Congrats Oh My Ghost for the best ever storyline, cast! The first drama that makes me anticipated the every episodes..

Crystal Aug 23 2015 6:48 am Everything about this drama is SOOOOO PERFECT. I would give 10 out of 10! Daebak, really! A really heart warming drama from the start to the very end. I agree with @GoPBY this drama brought the audience to feel all the emotions in one point and I think it is all about affection.

The cast are incredible, Park Bo Young really suit Na Bong Sun’s personality, so did Cho Jung Seok for Kang Sun Woo’s character. Good job for the cast and the staff 🙂 they really wrap up this drama with a brilliant moral message, it is to love & appreciate all the things around us like we’ll die tomorrow.

I will miss you guys so much, thank you for bringing us the most lovely drama in the century! (lol I know it’s a bit exaggerate, but I can’t help it I love this drama so damn much).

GoPBY Aug 23 2015 5:05 am Very Good Job for all the staff most specially for the writers of this epic drama!! After of drama My Girlfriend is Fox of Lee Seung Gi and Shi Min Ah this will be the bestest ever! The story line plot the drama its so intense!! This drama made me feel all the emotions that we all have. Horro drama suspense action comedy romance all in one! The ending was so good that U cried laugh and be in love to the two lead characters. Park Bo Young first lead drama was so good and the lead actor was so handsome and hot their perfect together! I cannot put into words my amazement into this drama!! The days of agony of waiting for this drama every week was worth the wait. I love them!! I love PBY and CJS!

bongbong Aug 23 2015 2:14 am hands down best drama ever! perfect ending to an already perfect drama. and seo in guk’s cameo was just icing on top for me Isandi Aug 23 2015 1:47 am this drama is so DAEBAK , so romantic, and the story is so good . I love all character from na bong sun, kang sun woo, shin soo ae, sung jae and the other .. The couple na bong sun and kang sun woo is so real , i hope this couple have a real relantionship not only the drama . I really reaaalllllyyy loveeee this drama .. RECOMENDED . this drama is 7th truly in my heart after BBF, Prosekutor Princess, Rooftop Pronce, The heirs, My Love from another Stars, Pinocchio, and after that OH MY GHOST .. JJANGGG OH MY GHOSST .

enelra Aug 23 2015 12:33 am Im sorry but im soo dissapointed with the ending. no wedding at all. kinda im expecting more. soo sadd. ( . hoping for part 2..

Hootie Aug 23 2015 12:19 am I loveee this drama so much and i am so sad it has come to an end. Its been a long time since i felt such longing after i finish a drama, i just want it to keep going foreverr. The chemistry between JJS and PBY is too real it almost feels like im invading their privacy while watching them. How they manage to do that w/o actually being in love is beyond me. such good actors. Not just the main leads, all the other characters have left a special place in my heart as well, especially the kitchen crew with their quirky antics. *sigh* i already miss them so much ik for sure i will be rewatching this series for at least another 10 times

Ces Aug 22 2015 11:39 pm What a great drama, the writers did an amazing job with the ending. Everyone is happy, it was beautiful.

Such an amazing drama which Cho Jung Seok and Park Bo Young make it look real. Good chemistry!

darkoprimo Aug 22 2015 10:49 pm Done watching it. The storyline is fresh, interesting and unique. The chemistry between the two leads is undeniably good. I hope to see them more on screen. All in all, this drama is highly recommended.

it’sme Aug 22 2015 10:47 pm “Simply Beautiful” . Na Bong Sun ♥ Chef Kwang, so good together. I so admire Soon Ae more on the last two remaining episodes. And whoa, Officer Choi is alive evil ghost dislodged, thank goodness . And .. oooh that Sous chef Edward Seo, haha .. what a surprise cameo role by Seo In Guk, definitely to die for cuteness! I just love the entire chemistry of the whole cast. Extremely entertaining and I just can’t let go so easily. I guess I am going to think about this for a bit more, possibly I have to watch it again for couple more times .. maybe more 🙂 he-he. I’m so bewitched! Actually, I ran out of nice words to say .. Thank you . To the Writer, JOB WELL DONE!

Dramamama Aug 22 2015 10:44 pm Great Drama,I enjoyed it so much . How I wished it can be longer than 16 episode.:( I have enjoyed it from the beginning to the end which made me surprised as most dramas.I watched rarely maintaining their story line as entertaining all the time.Good Job!!

ZoiLa Aug 22 2015 10:42 pm “Simply Beautiful” . Na Bong Sun ♥ Chef Kwang, so good together. I so admire Soon Ae more on the last two remaining episodes. And whoa, Officer Choi is alive evil ghost dislodged, thank goodness . And .. oooh that Sous chef Edward Seo, haha .. what a surprise cameo role by Seo In Guk, definitely to die for cuteness! I just love the entire chemistry of the whole cast. Extremely entertaining and I just can’t let go so easily. I guess I am going to think about this for a bit more, possibly I have to watch it again for couple more times .. maybe more 🙂 he-he. I’m so bewitched! Actually, I ran out of nice words to say .. Thank you DF . To the Writer, JOB WELL DONE!

Pitzel Aug 22 2015 7:15 pm Just finished this drama. One of the best I have ever seen in the last 4 years watching Korean dramas. Kudos to everyone involved with this production. Acting was great. Writer Yang Hee-Seung should win an award for the screenplay and the director, Yoo Je-Won also. I notice that sometimes Kdramas get bogged down around the 13th episode, but this drama stayed fresh and interesting to the very end. I highly recommend this drama.

M Aug 22 2015 2:34 pm It was a great adventure following this drama till the end. Ep 16 is so good I never wanted it to end. Chef and Bong Sun are so natural you would be drawn to believe their emotions are fo real. That’s how good they are as an actors.

It been awhile since I finished a drama till the end with an amazing satisfying feeling. the emotions I felt through out watching this drama has been a roller coaster but it ended really really well.. Kudos to everyone and I’m hoping to see another good feel drama like this soon.

Cho Jung Seok and Park Bo Young I will be looking forward to your next projects. 🙂

chetra Aug 22 2015 12:21 pm hmmm chef kang, na bong. romantic,so funny. love it h

Claudy Aug 22 2015 11:25 am Too bad its only 16 eps ! 🙁 I looooovee this drama so much ! The casts are just perfect ! Looking forward for Park Bo Young’s next drama hahaha she is so cute > Marisd Aug 22 2015 11:23 am Looovee the drama so much. Thank you all the team (actors, writers, director, production crew) who has made my an awesome drama. Nomo nomo Gomawo. I really had a great time watching this drama for 3 months. Two thumbs up! Can’t hardly wait for your next project bo young sshi. jung seok shhi.

salvation.demise Aug 21 2015 8:33 pm I don’t want the last episode to happen. I really want it to keep going so we can see Bong Sun and Chef to have a real relationship, but the preview for the last episode leads me to think that it won’t go down the way I am hoping!! This drama is so good! 10/10

sunrise Aug 21 2015 8:13 pm great acting by Lim Ju Hwan by the way. most people only notice the lead actors but really, great acting Lim Ju Hwan, I wanna see him in a drama like gentleman’s dignity with Lee Kwang Soo and Jo In Sung XD that would be the most awesome comedy/drama.

Im sooooo gonna miss this show. huhuhuhuhu. what do i do with my free time now?

ZoiLa Aug 21 2015 7:33 pm Add this to my top drama list . one of the BEST drama ever!

bongbong Aug 21 2015 6:25 pm SPOILER ALERT, you have been warned XD

i love that there were still comedic scenes in the middle of the serious situations they were in. now i feel bad for sung jae ssi. he was only possessed by an evil spirit. so sad. i wonder what happens to an evil spirit once the body it possessed dies? and will we see sung jae ssi’s spirit roaming around the earth next? lol.


OH MY GHOST BEST DRAMA EVER! even if i havent seen the final episode yet. im sure is gonna be good 😀

luna Aug 21 2015 1:15 pm Hehehe – I’m just getting even more excited reading the comments and knowing that there are people out there who feel what I feel when it comes to this drama! It’s just amazing – I’m so glad I took a chance on this drama! 🙂

I really hope he ends up with Soon-Ae though. Even though I’ve watched up until episode 14 – Park Bo-Young is just so great an actress you actually think she’s Soon-Ae. Truly a fantastic actress. Na Bong-Sun should end up with Seo Joon (Hot chef #2 – Corbin I think was his nickname??) These are my dreams – but either way this drama is awesome! 😀

Today the final episode. I don’t know what to watch what on Friday and Saturday.

Fatimah-SIN Aug 21 2015 6:18 am too excited to watch the last two episodes. We missed this lovely drama hemmmmm

rebecca black Aug 21 2015 3:54 am its friday friday FRIDAY! woohoo. new episode of OMG again. unfortunately this will be the last 2. hope the new tvN drama will be as good, if not better. but i doubt anything can surpass OMG in my books of best 2015 dramas. here’s hoping for a great ending!

Chellsy Aug 21 2015 3:41 am I really love this one but i love the most is the shy type girl,the chemistry of both leads are awesome..excited for the ending how it will become..hope the ending is not disappointing..

poky Aug 20 2015 9:36 pm guys.. Please don’t spoil things on here since not everyone has caught up or hasn’t started watching this yet. Don’t ruin it for others. Thank you.

monstar Aug 20 2015 8:18 pm seo in guk. ahhh. he was so so soooooo adorable in king of high school. i hope he has a scene together with kang ki young, for old times sakes. they have such chemistry in king of high school. ahh jinjja. i miss seo in guk already after hello monster. so many dramas im following have ended and another very good one is ending. ugh. existential crisis after oh my ghostess.

M Aug 20 2015 1:11 am @cutepie i think so cuz after this scene he cries in the car I dont think he would cry for Bong Sun i sense a happy ending, rooting for it!

ps: also Soo Ae has a flashback where she is under water, that makes me think this scene is a flashback from her death.

Cutiepie Aug 19 2015 7:20 pm @M maybe you’re right and I hope that you are right that it is not Na Bong Sun. Oh my ghost fighting! I hope a happy ending!

M Aug 19 2015 11:26 am I think the scene of SungJae throwing someone in the river on the ep 15 trailer is a flashback of SooAe’s death, rooting for a happy ending, i think this last episodes will be intense

Neriza Aug 19 2015 11:16 am I really love it..i cant wait on the finalle, Uhh..it makes me fall inlove everynight..haha I end up laughing whenever i recall the funny romantic scenes..

HIN Aug 19 2015 9:35 am Really love this drama, it was awesome cant wait for the last ep and Seo In-Guk harsh singh Aug 19 2015 9:26 am i really loved watching oh my ghost drama. i can’t wait for the next episodes . i’m indian and i understand korean a little. fighting!

bongbong Aug 19 2015 4:27 am OMG! So In Guk will cameo as a chef?? i smell a sequel with SIG. tvN make it happen please.

Cutiepie Aug 19 2015 1:37 am Omo! The trailer for Episode 15 is already available. I’m a bit confused what will happen. Officer Choi, threw someone on the river again and it makes him cry while driving. Waah! Can’t wait for the next episode. Director, happy ending for Chef and Na Bong Sun pleasseee.

Mayakho Aug 18 2015 9:59 pm Omooo. SIG as a cameo chef. Cant wait for the finalee ‘3’

KKKK Aug 18 2015 8:16 pm @Lovelovexxx, it is not yet being aired, this Saturday and Sunday you can watch the episodes 15 & 16.

ANNyeonghaseyo Aug 18 2015 11:54 am Fellow lovers of Oh My Ghost, anyone know anything about the instrumental music played at the ending scene of ep 10?? Where Chef and Bong Sun kissed outside the tent. Hoping to know where i can find that music pretty plssssss!

joan Aug 18 2015 2:46 am . really love it. can’t wait for the last 2 ep.

KKKdrama Aug 18 2015 12:05 am @Leo Chef already have a girlfriend Singer Gummy and they are dating for two years. But Na Bong Sun and Kang Sun Woo has a great chemistry here. Director please give us a good, sweet and satisfying ending! Fighting!

KKKdrama Aug 18 2015 12:03 am @Leo, Chef has already a girlfriend Singer Gummy for two years but they have a great chemistry here. Na Bong Sun and Kang Sun Woo fighting!

Vv Aug 17 2015 9:15 pm AHHH can’t wait for the two final eps! It better be EPIC, OR ELSE!

salome Aug 17 2015 12:25 am In ep 14 their is a part the chef says he fell in love with a ghost and then says he was in a love triangle with a ghost.So although he choose the real Na bong su i think he settled for the tangible person but his real feelings are for the ghost.I mean lets face the facts most of his special moments are with the ghost.The only moments he had with the real Na bong so were only 2 times and guess who set up the momentum-the ghost

The ghost helped his character grow from the rude chef with a one sided love to a warm, forgiving chef willing to let go of the past and move on to something new.

In summary i would say in ep 14 it is more like he started a new with a woman he barely noticed and lets face it knew at all before and after she was possessed.And gave up on a love he realized he couldn’t have with the ghost.

echie Aug 16 2015 8:08 pm Aiiisshh another 2 episode left. why only 16 episode. I think should be better they make it up to 20 episode. I really love this drama, Park Bo Young is the awesome actress. Cho Jung Seok. I’m falling in love with him hahahha

Ash Aug 16 2015 10:36 am This has become one of my favorite dramas of all time. The acting and the writing was on point. The entire cast was perfectly casted and this will be one of those dramas to remember.

crying Aug 16 2015 5:41 am at first i was concerned but after episode 14 am at peace ,now i know chef is in good hands and can be happy with real bong sun too.she is awesome either way,2 epi left . wil mic u lods

bongbong Aug 16 2015 5:10 am i want kim seul gi in a lead role in a really well wriiten funny romcom. she’s my new fave actress. imma go hunt for her snl korea episodes. she deserves a lead role. she could be the new kong hyo jin,

aahi Aug 16 2015 4:34 am from ep1-14 n 2 more to come am happy.thank u the team of oh my ghost.for me am ok with the outcome because in my head, mind and heart i have always love bo young n jung seok couple it doen’t matter who is possessing who as long as bong sun and chef end up together. my best couple of the yr

lisa Aug 16 2015 3:56 am ooh how do i move on once this series end?OMG best series eveeeeeeeeer from the leads to the supporting cast.diirector and writter thank u n i love u.hope bo young and chef will do another 20 or 30 episodes romcom or romance drama again soon.I ADORE THEM AND SOUS CHEF I LOVE U MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD

bongbong Aug 16 2015 3:41 am to those who ship soon ae x chef, get over it girl! soon ae is dead– D-E-A-D dead. she may have the personality and all but she’s still dead. dead people dont get love lives, because hey, love LIVES — live — get it? lol, just trying to be funny i guess i failed. sits in corner and watch ep 14.

leo Aug 16 2015 3:01 am mei2 there is no natural or logic way for the ghost to end up with chef in this drama(she is dead and if she stays she turns evil) unless u want chef to die like bongchef said.just concentrate on soon ae catching the murder and finding peace there is no turning bac now the choice has been made and u guys bon young is the lead of the series so you had to know from the start that she was going to get the chef unless u had second lead sydrome

love is bongchef forever Aug 16 2015 2:39 am forced or not TO ME its real plus reasonable and i dont want a sad ending AND I WILL ALWAYS WANT bong sun with chef either as soon ae or real bong sun the chemistry is there. LOOOOOVE IT(tired of sad ending).FOr those who want a GREAT story with a SAD ending go watch empress ki or queen seudok and cry your eyes out.PEACE. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Aureus Aug 15 2015 11:13 pm haaaay is there other romcom drama like this? Their chemistry is just superb. I cried a bit on ep 13 because of joy haaaay i’m hoping for more projects for them because they’re such great actors! Thank you to the director, writers and translators for every week updates! Hahahah seems like it has ended but yeah i’m going to miss it. Chicha!

Saranghae chef and na bong.

Mei2_chii Aug 15 2015 11:06 pm Oh come on. It doesnt make sense at all. How come chef can be so sure that he loves the real BS just with visiting her grandma and remembered his little moments with the real BS. While if we flashback in the 1-12 eps is full with his moments with the posessed BS (Soon Ae character)

Writer-nim. is it too forced? You should create much more moments with the real BS if you want to make they together in the end. Current storyline is so unfair for Soo Ae.

I really disappointed with the last previous 2 episodes. T-T

Mei2_chii Aug 15 2015 10:57 pm Oh come on. It doesn’t make any sense. How come Chef can be so sure that he loves the real Bong Soon just with visiting her grandmother and remember his time with the real Bong Soon. While if we flashback in the prev 1-12 episodes is full with him & Posessed BS (Soon Ae character).

Writer-nim. is it too forced? You should create another momentssss (a lot of moments) with the real Bong Soon to make it happen.

I love this drama since ep 1-12. But 13 & 14 really makes me disappointed.

kdramalov Aug 15 2015 8:39 pm huhuhu sad it will end soon, but i love this drama so much the story line is really good, i will miss sun woo&bong sun couple and of gwishinnim soon ae too, best drama :’D

heemisshi Aug 15 2015 8:02 pm gosh this drama really; i cant stop thinking about it. I really like the 2 main lead. their chemistry is overflowing. i cant believe it will come to an end, 🙁 I hope they will be nominated on the awards day as best couple. M Aug 15 2015 5:17 pm Yes. Finally! love to see Bong Sun and chef to be together! Party time!

The story really had a great shift, after it has been cleared that Chef really likes Bong Sun (even before. I knew this would happen. ) now it’s time to solve the crimes of officer Choi. 2 more episodes before the end guys.

I’m smelling a happy ending for everyone, Bong Sun and Chef. and of course, Soon Ae will soon be happy in heaven too 🙂

Love this drama, it’s been awhile since i followed a drama like this. That i anticipate every episode and I can’t wait for next week for the next episode. Kudos to tVN and to the writers, they’re making really nice and good feel drama nowadays 🙂 hope to see more dramas like this!

khaoula lassoued Aug 15 2015 4:43 pm i love this drama it’s funny romantic the actors are amazing . i enjoyed really watching it and i’m waiting for the final episode passionly . but i really don’t want it to end

bongchef Aug 15 2015 3:04 pm finally the choice has been made its chef n bong sun. they should b nominated for best couple.i knw some wanted the ghost but how could she ever be with chef?i mean she has a deadline n no body unless u wanted chef to die so that he could be with soon ae(which is ridiculous people move on).bony sun n chef have great chemistry happy 4 the happy ending to come. 4 al those dissapointed n feeling betrayed xory only 2 episodes left it will be over soon.BEEEEEEEEST DRAMA EVER. ALL CHEF WANT N SEE IS BONG SUUUUUUN YEY!

realistic Aug 15 2015 2:42 pm this is the most prefered ending ever according to me. first soon ae made a deal to have bong sun body xo as to end her grudge and find peace being with chef wasnt part of the deal that was the prize bong su was supposed to take from the start.plus soon ae started loving chef near the end epi 9 and mostly 10.so for me real bong sun can have the chef. LET THE LIVING KEEP LIVING(i mean why should chef or bong be sad,alone and heartbroken forever once soon ae passess?YES She helped and she was funny when she was around but no enough to sacrifice every1) thats why u are told to live to the fullest when u are alive.

best couple ever jung seok+bo young Aug 15 2015 2:30 pm hahahahaha i knew it. u cant love some1 u dont see!chef lIKED real bong sun waaaaaay back and she deserves him.i knew they were the END GAME.sorry to all ghost lover(The ending would hv been more unrealistic if she end up possessing real bong su for life). love where this is going never wanted a sad ending.Besides BO YOUNG carried the entire series either as bong sun or soon ae SHE is the one with great CHEMISTRY with chef not seul gi.Seul gi is good but had little screen time compared to bo young(THE LEAD-deserve an AWARD) and i dont think the chemisty would have been the same if it were chef and real soon ae

1tsme Aug 14 2015 10:15 pm One awesome drama of 2015. Jung Seok is ever wonderful .. Bong Sun, cuteness overload. I believe that Cordon deserves a future lead role and Ju Hwan, you’re portraying a great villain character debut here. All casts are doing great. Thank you DF!

1tsme Aug 14 2015 9:56 pm One of the BEST drama of 2015 .. story line is simple but magical. The casts are throwing such an amazing portrayal of their characters. The usual Jung Seok I know, incredible .. lovable as always been. Ju Hwan first wicked role, amazing. I started to love Bong Sun & Soon Ae .. cuteness princesses! . and oh, Cordon deserves a future lead role.

punky Aug 14 2015 9:11 pm hahahaha.. u know what Soon Ae herself is not attractive as Bong Son so there’s no way Chef and Soon Ae will look good together on cam. Think of it if the ghost is that better for you guys, everytime she possessed Bong Sun and having a good time with Chef, whenever she left Bong Sun body she never talks, i mean she did not even update Bong Sun what did she and Chef do and what did she told Chef now when Bong Sun return to herself she look dumb and stupid to Chef and the rest of not knowing what actually did happened. Kinda selfish. And she’s telling her she falls inlove with Chef? She is not even sane. She did not help Bong Sun actually, she makes Bong Sun stupid in front of everybody and now somebody is trying to kill Bong SUn. She was not even careful while using Bong Sun body. hahaha.. Bong Sun and Chef has a strong chemistry on cam, and Bong Sun did a good job being Soon Ae while Soon Ae herself is more scandalous and i dont find her cute being herself who talks a lot. Chef almost dislike Bong Sun since Soon Ae seducing her to the extent that is no longer appreciated by Chef. The contract between the ghost and Bong Sun is she is supposed to make Chef fall inlove with her in a right way, don’t you think she did the right thing? definitely NO! All she did is clinging with Chef all the time. She is supposed to make Chef fall inlove with Bong Sun in a way that when she left Chef will like Bong Sun herself not the ghost way. She actually took away Chef from Bong Sun.

bongbong Aug 14 2015 6:39 pm Watched episode 13 raw even if i dont understand korean. This is how much i love this drama. Like seriously! Bestest drama of 2015 for me! Sorry healer, eun dong, etc lols.

T Tar Aug 14 2015 9:18 am No matter how Soonae use Bong San’s body, all Chef see is Na Bong. really love them. kupukupumu Aug 14 2015 7:58 am I have been watching this movie and it is quite good. Better than Master Sun, in my opinion. However, there is a question I would like to ask, why the Hangul dialect used in this movie seems different compared to most other Korean dramas?

Fatimah-SIN Aug 14 2015 12:18 am Ai yah why so late quickly upload episode 13 can’t wait toooo loooong

rebecca black Aug 13 2015 7:37 pm its FR s just a blog, but at least they have that going for them right?

heemi Aug 13 2015 10:36 am i’ve got projects to do and a test next week.but who cares? this drama is more meaningful to me xD f that school works.

stephanie Aug 13 2015 10:28 am love Na bong sun hopes chef choses her. and i think he likes bong sun as well not only son ae as bong sun.

dita Aug 13 2015 4:37 am I love this drama soo muuucchhh. love bong sun, I love park bo young also in “hot young bloods ” I have watch it 3 times, maybe next I’ll watch it again hahaha.. I think I must watch your all movies.

turtle Aug 13 2015 12:27 am yeah i hope bong sun really ends up with the chef as well.

in the beginning scenes, when the chef commented on bong sun’s blog, he said he felt they really connect emotionally. so i feel like he and bong sun had chemistry first, and the ghost just built on it.

if the chef and the ghost end up falling in love, i just hope bong sun ends up with the other handsome chef hahahaha

love bong sun Aug 12 2015 10:26 pm this drama make me can’t focus with my job hiks hiks hiks :'( I’m really hope this drama will happy ending.Na bong sun can change herself and can make chef loving her,really loving na bong sun,not loving na bong sun when her body used by soon ae.

love bong sun Aug 12 2015 10:07 pm I hope at the end of the story na bong sun will be happy with the chef kang woo sun . This drama really less interesting without ae soon , but since the beginning bong sun already love with the chef kang , only she less sociable because of weaknesses that could see ghosts .And whether it will end up happier if chef kang like a dead soon ae ??

bongbong Aug 12 2015 9:05 pm lets be realistic, chef’s gonna end up with bong sun anyways because duh, she’s alive and soon ae’s dead. but even if we know as much, the process of going there is still very very much exciting and super romantic without being too cheesy. i love it! and hey, chef liked bong sun first. remember he was a fan of her food blog before he even liked her soon ae-possessed self 🙂

gugugu Aug 12 2015 8:53 pm I understand soon ae’s intentions so I like her, but bong sun is so pure and loves chef with an open heart. It would make me much sadder to see bong sun not able to be with chef rather than soon ae unable to. Soon ae should be focusing on her death and it’s cause rather than finding love.

bongbong Aug 12 2015 8:26 pm just saw the preview for episode 13. its gonna be awesome, my heart goes doki doki ahhhh, chef’s in deep trouble, he’s now madly in love hahahahahah

Mia Aug 12 2015 2:04 pm I really missed BS seriously xd I’m really happy to see her sharing some moments with the chef. To be honest, I really disliked SA from the very beginning for being selfish and enjoying somebody else’s body instead of solving her problem. But I really really loved ep 12, I liked the fact that SA knew her fault and stepped back, and that she begins to know more about her death and starts solving it. BS is really too sincere, she could have denied it all and lived happily with the chef without him knowing that he’s been fooled but she’s way too nice. Can’t wait to see the other episodes. I of course cheer BS and chef

ohmyghost Aug 12 2015 9:13 am Waaaaa im so addicted with this drama, i can’t get over in every scene. Haysss 4ep. way to go 🙁 Fighting! Jebal pls give this drama an award.

Hyuna Aug 12 2015 5:55 am Park Bo-Young is doing such an amazing job! when she is Bong sun it feels so frustrating, but when she is Soon-Ae, she is so adorable and funny! its really interesting how she seems to become Kim Seul-Gi (the way she talks, the voice, even the way she moves!) I love this drama, and I ship Soo-Ae and chef. they are the main couple here, 95% of the episodes are Soon-Ae and chef, all the cute and heart warming moments. I don´t understand why some people prefer Bong-sun, seriously.

JOONIE Aug 12 2015 5:49 am i’ve watched the ep 13 preview already and i’m really excited for the full episode

Lis Aug 12 2015 5:46 am let’s face it: Na Bong-Sun’s character is boring and frustrating, I understand why so many people likes her, because she is cute and we feel sorry for her past. But Soon-Ae is the one who built a path to Kang sun-woo chef. it might be a recipe for a disaster, but will be very frustrating if Bong-sun (Who had only 2 or 3 entire episodes in this drama, and did nothing remarkable to win chef´s heart) stay with him in the end. I don´t expect a believable ending. I expect a happy ending. For everyone, but specially to Soon-Ae and chefs character, that are the reason why this drama is a success ♡

Lis Aug 12 2015 5:36 am let’s face it Na Bong-Sun’s character is boring and frustrating, I understand why so many people likes her, because she is cute and we feel sorry for her past. But Soon-Ae is the one who built a path to Kang sun-woo chef. it might be a recipe for a disaster, but will be very frustrating if Bong-sun (Who had only 2 or 3 entire episodes in this drama, and did nothing remarkable to win chef´s heart) stay with him in the end. I don´t expect a believable ending. I expect a happy ending. For everyone, but specially to Soon-Ae and chefs character, that are the reason why this drama is a success ♡

Fatcat Aug 12 2015 5:26 am Wow, reading through the comments, I found many SA-SW supporters here! But as for me, I really like BS-SW instead. Why do you guys support the ghost w/ Sun Woo? It don’t really make sense though. I know that Soon Ae’s personality is fun-loving and entertaining, however I adore Bong Sun’s personality more than Soon Ae. Soon Ae’s personality was all along constant throughout the whole drama (cheerful, daring, loud, funny). However, as for Bong Sun, you can actually see the growth in her personality. Like from shy, soft-spoken, timid, to gaining more and more confidence in herself. This is what truly makes her personality way more entertaining than Soon Ae. But that’s just one of my opinion! Really enjoy this drama, looking forward to the ENDING

punky Aug 12 2015 1:03 am oh my ghost fan, count me in!! i cant stop laughing while reading all posted comments here. hahaha.. i mean come on! let’s face it Na Bong-Sun and Kang Sun-Woo was paired for this drama, bottom line is they will end up together. I guess, Kang Sun Woo partly is inlove with Na Bong-Sun itself, from the start she like her only that he got pissed off with her character, i still had in mind the first episode when she resigned and Chef tried to bring her back because of that key, no matter what Chef will not allow her to leave, anyway he was the reason why Bong Sun left, only, that was the time the ghost Soon Ae rock her world. haha.. I enjoy the naughtiness of her. hahaha.. Also, Chef without realizing, he likes the one who posted the food on the blog, he likes Na Bong Sun. She likes him back most, he was the sole crush of her after all, those pictures and clips of him on her scrap book.. sweett.

Anyway, Sun Ae the ghost, was just a help so that Bong Sun will overcome her problem with the ghosts, add to that she is now fighting for a better personalities BUT REMAIN WITH A GOOD HEART, and that definitely is the key to Chef heart!! Without the ghost, definitely he will continue to pursue Bong Sun, she is not the old Na Bong Sun.

Hope everyone dont feel bad about Soon Ae lets be happy at the very least before she will finally say goodbye, she was able to experience the love, (only if the officer was not evil, she could have her own love story, Soon Ae likes the officer that much since then), to have moments with her family (thanks to Na Bong Sun, for allowing her to use herself), and to have exposure on tv (the best, hahaha), through her cooking skills.

I believe in the director and the writer, they have a very good story, of course they will give justifiable and believable ending. Fighting!

Thank u for giving us a good show, we definitely enjoy! ^^

michelle yap Aug 11 2015 10:46 pm I love the two different character that Park bo young play. She is very cute and sexy too as the ghost character. I wish that she have a happy ending with the chef. Im enjoying this drama. On Ep12, Its really break my heart that Na bong sun have the courage to tell sun woo she is not the one that he like. Wish that sun woo will accept her no matter what. Can wait for EP13 ^^

Kim Aug 11 2015 6:08 am I agree with Joonie. Since the beginning I had this feeling that Joon likes Bong sun (the real one!) And his relationship with soon ae is more friendship, like brother and sister. But I remember in the first episodes, he was very worried about bong and even jealous. I ship them! Chef must stay with Soon-Ae ♡ I still have the feeling that she can come back. Maybe she is in a coma somewhere, and her spirit will return to her body when she find out the truth about what happened to her.

joonie Aug 11 2015 5:56 am why do i have this feeling that Seo Joon (one of the chefs) has feelings for Na Bong Sun? i don’t really mind though, but if Na Bong and Sun Woo won’t be together, i hope Na Bong and Joon will be

Melanie Denby Aug 10 2015 10:46 pm I have been following this drama for the past week and cant stop watching. It’s fun, exciting and cant wait to see what happens in the end and will the cop be caught or killed. Love anything to do with ghosts. especially in a romcom.

Irumi Aug 10 2015 5:06 pm I love the main couple of this drama Kang sun woo and Shin Soon-Ae (in Na bong sun’s body!) they are just perfect! and they need to find a way to stay together! I still believe in a happy ending for this drama! Irumi Aug 10 2015 5:03 pm I love the main couple of this drama Kang sun woo and Shin Soon-Ae (in Na bong sun’s body!) they are just perfect! and they need to find a way to stay together! I still believe in a happy ending for this drama! Melissa Aug 10 2015 4:25 pm this drama is completely entertaining! now that we’re getting into the real mystery of the show, I can’t look away lol. I ship Chef and Na Bong Sun! but why does the plot summary here say that he can’t get over his ex-girlfriend when they never dated. she was the girlfriend of his deceased friend.

Gbe Aug 10 2015 12:13 pm I love this drama. I love the fact that the actress playing Na Bong-Sun part, can switch and act as Shin Soon-Ae. It was fun seeing both playful and shy part of her. She is good (5 stars). Love the couple combo Kang Sun-Woo and Na Bong-Sun. they are so cute. Choi Sung-Jae is cute but creepy. I love Jo Hye-Young, she is just a case full.

Princess Peyt Aug 10 2015 5:23 am The episodes are getting more and more exciting,but sad to say they only have 4 episodes left. 🙁 But very good casting the actors are superb (two thumbs up)! 🙂 I really really love this drama! ^_^

mallowyhuman Aug 10 2015 2:00 am why does na bong sun hate people to call her bong? what does bong means

yeliz Aug 10 2015 1:44 am i am loving this drama but its only 16 episodes the final is near 🙁 bong sung and chef is so sweat so lovley i hope there are marriage 🙂 this drama is so funny and the stars makes her job super must wait for the next episode i cant wait :))

Lis Aug 09 2015 9:37 pm I totally agree with ssa comment below: “I don’t think Chef fell in love with Bong Sun. ” AFTER EPISODE 12 I’M SURE “I can’t see how after Soon Ae moves on he will be happy with Bong Sun, because half the personality he loves won’t be there.. I love Bong Sun, but if they end it with her and Chef apart of it will feel so wrong/fake. I dont think Soon Ae is selfish, I felt so bad for her when she realized she likes Chef but knows she can’t stay” Soon Ae and chef built something real. Bong sun has a platonic love, and unfortunately it end up being a fake romance. It isn’t fair if she continue this lie. It won’t be fair with chef and with herself. I loved the fact that she was honest in this last episode. It was sad, but she did tge right thing.

lee Aug 09 2015 12:16 pm Those two have great chemistry on screen.Cannot wait till the next episode!

사라 Aug 09 2015 11:19 am I hope chef will stay by na bong sun side forever. And those two should be thr best couple partner drama with ghost inside.

M Aug 09 2015 10:28 am One of my all time favorite dramas. and come to think of it, it kinda resembles Coffee Prince though the plot is really different, they kinda have the same feel in one angle or another 🙂

This is the best drama of summer for 2015! jjang!

Ellie Aug 09 2015 5:46 am I love everything! Great plot great actors! Can’t wait for next week.

Na Bong Sun’s Army Aug 09 2015 5:16 am i really cant wait till next week tho. i really wanna see what will happen next. An Excellent Drama. Love the plot, character. The artists too act really well. Never dissapointed watching it. i am even watched it online for 4 times per episode.

Crystal Aug 08 2015 10:33 pm Wow, at first I’ve never wanted to watch this kind of drama because of the “ghost” thingy, lol ^^. But then I knew the rating just so good and I tried to watch the first episode and wow this drama is so funny and has a really good plot, I kinda amazed by Park Bo Young’s acting skill, it is rose up since last time I saw her acted, she’s doing a very good job, it’s hard to act 2 different personalities in 1 drama, but she makes it! I love this drama so much, it really makes my mood swing ^^. Can’t wait for the next episodes. Fighting!

bong bong Aug 08 2015 8:03 pm i have a bad feeling that in the process of resolving soon ae’s grudge/unsolved death mystery, chef kang will be hurt. but he will survive it and soon ae passes on peacefully and bong sun and chef live happily ever after! and make plenty little baby chefs 😀

leo Aug 08 2015 6:53 pm real bong su fighting. may u win chef’s heart i dont want a sad ending people who are alive should keep on living.

bong n chef Aug 08 2015 6:40 pm love the last part made my heart flutter(real bong su deserve a chance with chef its her life n she is still alive). soon ae needs to find her killer(chef’s brother in law) in order to find peace nt sleep with chef and i would love that for her i didnt like it(i hated it) when she turned evil and pushed bong sun because of jelousy . i also hope the real bong su doesnt end up getting hurt or killed like soon ae

M Aug 08 2015 4:14 pm I really hope that the real Bong Sun will get her way to Chef heart this time. It’s her time to shine, to be with him. I don’t think Soon Ae and Chef will be together in the end unless they will make a spin of the plot and let her stay in Bong Suns’ body or make her live for real.

bong bong Aug 08 2015 9:28 am ahhh jinjja! this is the most romantic sh!t ive ever seen in a long while. episode 11 was just effing cute and romantic. i can watch 50 episodes of this.

lyn Aug 08 2015 9:27 am just finished ep 11. ep 12 is already available to watch but there’s no english subtitle. update subtitle pleaaasssee..cant wait..can’t sleep knowing that ep 12 is already available..i hope i can understand korean language for me not to look for subtitles!!i am really really hook to this drama. My god!!Im already addicted to you chef.

Alexandria Aug 07 2015 10:43 pm Really? Why 16 episodes only? Waah I want more of Bong Sun and Sun Woo!

Let capuyan Aug 07 2015 5:04 am I miss chef and na bong sun.. Real na bong sun and chef go go go

rebecca black Aug 06 2015 9:16 pm its FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY! hahaha looking forward to new episode of OMG. sorry if i sound annoying XD i really meant to be annoying! hahahaha just excited for the next episode

lyn Aug 06 2015 7:20 am Oh my oh my. next episode pleaseeee. sooooo in lovee with chef and bong sun!!superrr bessstt drama.

KDramaAddict Aug 05 2015 8:17 pm For those who are asking what song was played in the episode. You can check the dramabeans recap, it is indicated what song of the day. Let us enjoy and support this drama! Fighting Na Bong Sun, Kang Sun Woo and Soon Ae!

ssa Aug 05 2015 5:45 pm Best drama of this year for me so far, Park Bo Young is an amazing actress who can pull off anything, don’t hesitate to watch this.

I don’t think Chef fell in love with Bong Sun esp after episode 10. I can’t see how after Soon Ae moves on he will be happy with Bong Sun, because half the personality he loves won’t be there.. I love Bong Sun, but if they end it with her and Chef apart of it will feel so wrong/fake. I dont think Soon Ae is selfish, I felt so bad for her when she realized she likes Chef but knows she can’t stay. Also can we recognize the beauty that is Sous Chef, omg he makes me laugh so much, actually all of them do. Their drunk moments give me life.

mackyato Aug 05 2015 5:46 am does anyone know the guitar instrumental playing just like at episode 10, 6:10?

Alice Aug 05 2015 4:45 am Does anyone know th song bong sun was singing at 19:00 min of ep 10?

Alice Aug 05 2015 4:41 am Whats the song that starts from 46:46 – 47:29 of ep 5?? It sounds so familiar

sb Aug 05 2015 2:32 am plz continue it.the story is very nice.the only thing is it;s only friday nd saturday and i have to wait after saturday to watch the next episode.

sb Aug 05 2015 2:29 am i like it a lot.it’s awesomeeeee.i want it to continue.i and my friends just cn’t wit for the next episode.the story is very nice.the chef looks extremely handsome.

joo Aug 05 2015 12:34 am this drama is legit. if this keeps up till the end it will end up as my favorite drama of all time 🙂

Azah Aug 04 2015 9:53 pm Just so in love with this drama! The plot is so cute and funny i really needed something funny! I want bong sun with chef and i think she is changing like she is becoming more confident like when she held the chef hand so even tho shin ae is making all the moves now i feel that his true love will be for bong sun at least im hoping. And for shin ae i think her real grude is to find who killed her but she hasn’t realized that yet just like it took her a while to remember her dad and brother. The officer creeps me out and waiting to see if he posses any power since that lady that always chases shin ae said that he’s stronger than her. i wonder why. Anyways FIGHTING CHEF AND BONG SUN

Davia Aug 04 2015 2:28 pm Is the writer of this drama a man? I find it hard to believe that a woman would write this.

Aug 04 2015 12:11 pm 1st. She’s an assistant chef not a sous chef. That’s the comedic funny guy with a weird perm. 2nd. Sung Woo isn’t getting over his ex-girlfriend, its his friend (PD Lee), and he was just in love with her for a long time until he met Bong Sun. It was unrequited.

Just thought you should know 🙂

So far, I really loved Shin Ae’s persona, because she gave that extra boost in Bong Sun’s personality, but by now on the 10th episode, it made me a little bit annoyed (ok, A lot) that she was falling in love with Sun Woo and using Bong Sun’s body to her advantage. But, I think it’ll be good because all she just needs is revenge from that guy who killed her. I feel like we’ll just have to bear with it until she realized that it was the guy who’s married to Eun Hee, killed her and she’ll be able to move on.

janelle Aug 04 2015 7:52 am i feel sad to na bong san. i wanted to watch the sweet moments between na bong and chef kang. i feel that the character of soon ae will become greedy because of what she feel for chef kang. but still i love it.. just waiting for the next episode.

neea Aug 04 2015 4:00 am Love this drama. Na Bong Sun seducing chef, so funny. Chef’s face when Na Bong Sun making advances, priceless!!

Na Bong Aug 04 2015 3:32 am Chef Kang Sun Woo liked Na Bong Sun before and even liked her now because of her sudden changes. Soon Ae’s personality is so funny. Loveeeeeeeee fighting

radhika Aug 03 2015 10:26 pm I tried to like this drama.. but i really dislike it. Its too sexual! like very weirdly sexual. and i hate watching anything like that. just disgusting really.

Gina Park Aug 03 2015 7:15 pm Am I the only one who want Na Bong Sun with Kang Sun Woo Chef? I feel bad for Na Bong Sun 🙁 I like Shin Soon Ae’s personality, but I think she can’t do that. The body is Bong Sun’s and Na Bong Sun is still alive. I want the chef is falling for the real Na Bong Sun, not Na Bong Sun with Shin Soon Ae personality.

Required Aug 03 2015 6:49 pm the romantic scenes in this drama are simple yet daebak. kudos to the actors. i have never seen such effective acting in a long time. truly one of the best rom coms of this year, or perhaps of all time.

sarah Aug 03 2015 11:28 am I think the plot needs to be edited haha He doesn’t have an ex girlfriend he just had to get over what he thought was a one sided crush (but obviously it wasn’t because we find out that she likes him but she is to late cuz he likes bong sun) And bong sun isn’t the sous chef she is an assistant chef the sous chef is min woo

Rumput Aug 03 2015 5:12 am I think the lead character is Soon Ae. Bong Sun is just the medium for the ghost to be the main character. After all these episodes, I just see a girl, a really great girl, and that is Park Bo Young. Doesn’t matter which one is the lead character, the one thing is Park Bo Young really act the characters perfectly

Jules Aug 02 2015 8:51 pm This is really fun & much of a kilig-kilig. I am looking forward of the next episodes.

KDramaAddicts Aug 02 2015 6:28 pm I like everything about this drama. Everybody has their own opinion, but if you will look at it every person is important and has a role to accomplish. I just enjoy every part of it specially the sweet moments. I hope that the ending would be a happy one. Fighting Na Bong Sun, Kang Sun Woo and Soon Ae!

Izzy Aug 02 2015 5:36 pm I just wish there was more character development for na bong sun, soon ae is great and i love her but bong sun doesnt get any moments with chef and she doesnt really show up and she is the lead. I lovr this drama so so much, just hoping for a good ending for everyone.

Taeyang Aug 02 2015 12:34 pm I agree with Janie “soon ae didn’t STEAL the cute moments with Chef. She created them herself.” Unfair would be if Bong sun enjoyed all the dating moments with chef after Soon Ae make all the work (like in the moments after tge kiss when he confessed to her). Soon Ae is the real cute and bright person who made chef fall in love ♡

anon Aug 02 2015 12:14 pm to hello it`s korean version of russian song Million Roses

Janie Aug 02 2015 12:13 pm This drama is really entertaining so far. I love the main couples chemistry. Why don’t people like the ghost? People are calling her selfish but she only has a limited time before she becomes an evil spirit. Bong sun is actually alive so she has plenty of time left to live her life. And soon ae didn’t STEAL the cute moments with Chef. She created them herself. Whenever the real bong sun is with Chef it’s quite boring to watch. What if this drama isn’t actually about the real bong sun? Everyone has their own opinions but I’m rooting for soon ae. Without her I probably can’t watch this drama.

Nana Aug 02 2015 11:18 am I like Na Bong Sun. Please Soon Ae Leave her.

hello Aug 02 2015 11:04 am anyone knows what song park bo young sings in episode 10 at minutes 19:15? thank you 🙂

Epeuril Aug 02 2015 10:38 am Na Bong Sun is really irritating lol. Park Bo Young’s acting is really awesome and even makes me really hate the original character of Na Bong Sun. She handled two characters very well. Can Soon Ae stuck in Na Bong Sun forever? 🙁

leeSun Aug 02 2015 8:36 am After episode 10 I have no doubts. Chef fell in love with Soon Ae, and not Bong Sun. The real Bong Sun was kind of family, and her personality irritated chef (and me too) so much, but at the same time caused him some empathy because of his past. That’s all. I don’t think that if Soon Ae goes away, chef will fall in love for Bong Sun. Sorry, but everytime she is herself she makes something frustrating, (like when chef was fixing the fan and she waited him finish to tell he was doing wrong. and Soon Ae did the opposite when they were in the restaurant). I really don’t like platonic love. I prefer when the romance between the characters are build during the plot, that’s why i think Soon Ae and Sun-Woo is a more interesting and cute love story. And I still have a crazy feeling that Soon Ae may not be dead. she disappeared and was considered dead, but maybe she is in a coma somewhere. I don’t know why, but I still have hope on their future. But anyways. even if I have a heart broken at the end, I still can’t stop cheering for Soon Ae and Sun-Woo. They are just perfect together!

diana Aug 02 2015 6:36 am I agree with nikki comment “I like Bong Soon equally as much as I like Soon Ae. But seriously, we know eventually Soon Ae will go, and Chef will fall in love with the real Bong Soon. I hope everyone will continue to love both female characters.”

and I have a same question with Mei2_Cii ; What will happen to him when 50% of his lover is gone? I’m afraid that the ending will broke my heart. And I dont want Chef, know that his girl friend is had a 2 part.

But I love how the writer focused about love line between chef and bongsun, even I dont really agree if son ae fall to chef, its make it the light and bright story complicated and kind of miss maniac-ghost-character 🙁

MixxyJixxy Aug 02 2015 4:49 am Whoever love Na Bong Sun and Chef, I’m not judging. But Soon Ae was the one who put them together. Without Soon Ae, Bong Sun should already left the restaurant. Bong Sun is a shy girl. The chef won’t know what she’s thinking. But on the other side, Soon Ae is an active girl. That makes the Chef notice her. Of course Soon Ae is a ghost. But she never experienced dating. She died at an young age. It’s such a pity for her. She never felt love before. Soon Ae must have hold her real feelings back. So sad D: But we all know that Soon Ae is gonna go, so it will be a plot twist ending. I love Na Bong Sun as much as Shin Soon Ae. It’s just that Bong Sun never showed he love to Chef. But I love them together. They’re just soooooo cute > Na bong sun fighting. Aug 02 2015 1:44 am To be honest. I decided to watch this movie bcoz of bo young unnie.even if bong sun seems to be queit and annoying but she is the character that chef really likes. When soon ae hunts bong i notice that chef always pisses her off ,do you see it?? I dont understand why soon ae try to belong chef when she has already promised with bong that she only want his body. I really dont like her. she is really untrustable person! She dont care about bong’s feeling. I still believe that chef fall in lovw with the real clam bong the same as he like the girl who belongs the blog that he like you know? Bong fighting!! If the writer change the main actress to be soon ae. I swear i will ban this drama forever. its not fair.

ghost grudge Aug 02 2015 1:35 am woah, what a cliffhanger episode 10 was! argh. the suspense is killing me. this show is daebak. DAEBAK! all the lead and supporting characters are such revelations to me. never saw them in other dramas before but they are an amazing cast. i even like Chef’s mom and the subhingo. awesome awesome cast and equally awesome storyline. congrats to everyone involved in this drama

RandomAhjumma Aug 02 2015 12:52 am I Want the real Na Bong Sun. I think Soo Ae is being so selfish to steal too many Bong Soon’s time with chef. It was her own fault for not living her live to the fullest, now she’s being greedy to steal Bong Soon’s time with chef. Let the real Bong Soon enjoy the date with chef not her. It’s Bong Sun’s time not hers.

grace Aug 02 2015 12:14 am i expect too high for this drama. But. the storyline not progress much and a bit boring. They too focused about love line between chef and bongsun, and forget about the other part.

Emily Aug 01 2015 11:41 pm I love this drama sooo much but I am a bit hesitant to watch the later episodes, 10 onwards, I have this really bad feeing that something bad is going to happen that will definitely break my heart.

Nikki Aug 01 2015 10:47 pm I don’t see how Soon Ae is annoying in episode 10. To me, episode 10 is the episode where you can see the dilemma that Soon Ae is in. She knows her position as someone who cannot fall in love because she’s turning into a evil spirit soon but she can’t help but fall in love with Chef using Bong Son’s body. And also, let’s face the fact, if it wasn’t for Soon Ae, Chef would not even notice Bong Soon. I like Bong Soon equally as much as I like Soon Ae. But seriously, we know eventually Soon Ae will go, and Chef will fall in love with the real Bong Soon. I hope everyone will continue to love both female characters.

Mei2_Chii Aug 01 2015 9:52 pm I love Park Bo Young so much in this Drama. I’ve never realized before that she can act so good.

Honestly, Bong Soon character is a bit boring. So timid and shy. She said “It’s enough to see Chef from far away”. With her character, there’s no way she can get Chef’s heart and attention.

I’m so falling in love with Soon Ae character, she is bright, cheerful and talk-active. Can you imagine if you’re in her shoes? She doesn’t remember how and why she passed away, afraid that slowly she is turning into evil spirit, but it’s too painful to go to “the other side” with the Shaman lady’s help.

There’s no doubt, chef is started pay attention to Bong Soon because of Soon Ae character. Because her bright side, cooking skill and naughty act.

I love this drama, but now I’m afraid that the ending will broke my heart. It feels like “Sooner or Later Soon Ae has to go to the other side”. And what will happen to the Chef? It’s not fair for him. He is actually fall in love with both character (Bong Soon & Soon Ae). What will happen to him when 50% of his lover is gone?

vmarlany Aug 01 2015 8:37 pm i like na bong sun, but i feel sorry to so ae, i know how her feeling. she never get love when she life, maybe this drama have twist ending. in episode 10 every piece story of so ae reaveled, i love this episode and it make me curious about the next story .tvn always have daebak drama.

Aug 01 2015 8:34 pm I really hope that Bong Sun starts to take on the persona of Soon Ae while keeping her own charm – like a mix of the two. Although I get why people want Soon Ae to get together with Chef, honestly she’s starting to annoy me. She completely disregards how Bong Sun might feel and what situations she puts her in and only cares about herself. She stole Bong Sun’s body and now she wants her man too. Bong Sun doesn’t even get a chance with the chef after he has noticed her- it’s just Soon Ae, Soon Ae, Soon Ae. My guess is that Chef would like the real Na Bong Sun as well once he truly gets to know her.

Kara Aug 01 2015 6:27 pm I’m hoping he finds out the truth.. He leaves her for a little while, then gets to know the real Bong Sun.

misscat Aug 01 2015 6:12 pm interesting k-drama. Go TvN. I Love Park Bo Young, she has adorable cute..

M Aug 01 2015 4:39 pm hmmm.. but i really like the real Na Bong Sun. I’m rooting for her. even though Soon Ae has a bright character, Na Bong Sun has her own charm. And I think Chef adore Na Bong Sun even before, its just that he sees his bullied self on her that’s why he was mean to Na Bong Sun.

The story is ripping my heart.. though I totally understand those people who like Soon Aes’ character.

what is it gonna be? When Soon Ae seems like already falling in love with Chef? I hope Chef will also see the real Na bong Sun soon. I haven’t watched ep 10 yet I’m already getting heart broken. This drama is making me depress in some way hehe.

leexoxo Aug 01 2015 1:32 pm I am team Soon Ae and Sun Woo chef! let’s be honests: he fell in love for the stuborn and strong personality of Soon Ae! at first it really pissed him off, but now he is completely in love. Bong sun is cute on her own way, but it isn’t fair if she gets the reward of Soon Ae’s effort! If Soon Ae desapear Sun’s restaurant will become that serious and boring place again (without the bright personality of Soon Ae that makes everyone laugh).

Fighting, Soon Ae! Yuna Aug 01 2015 1:22 pm Guys, are you serious? How can you like Bong sun more than Soon Ae? Soon Ae is the real reason of everything in this drama! she is the main character and she is the one who makes everything happens. She is the one who made Sung woo chef fall in love. I understand your frustration about Bong sun, but her character is so small in this drama. I guess she has no personality to keep chef in love with her if Soon Ae goes away, what makes me frustrated too. But come on. can you imagine this drama without Soon Ae? can you imagine how boring would be the romance between the real Bong sun and Sung woo? I’m sorry but I can’t. Soon Ae and chef are the two people that fell in love for each other, and thanks god, the writer of the drama is making it clear. I am team Song Ae and Sung woo chef, even if it means support an impossible love between a (supposedly) dead girl and a living man hahahaha! I’m loving this drama so far, but I am really scared about the end of it.

Katie Aug 01 2015 12:01 pm I disagree, the chef is not falling for Na Bong Sun, he is falling for Shin Soon-Ae. Shin Soon-Ae should be the one to reap the rewards for her efforts. After she passes on, then Na Bong Sun can do whatever she wants. Would Na Bong Sun even be able to keep chef if she does not have the personality that he was attracted to in the first place?

hana Aug 01 2015 11:56 am @Saja Oh no! I might have to skip on ep 10 and wait till the next episodes and see what happens. Really don’t want to drop this drama but it just makes me so angry and frustrating.

T Tar Linn Aug 01 2015 11:46 am I feel bad for Bong Sun. Please give her a chance.. Please T_T

ssoso Aug 01 2015 11:30 am Okay, i’m really disaponted about this week episode.. Writer-nim. i wanna see more sweet momment the real Bong Sun and Sung Woo chef badly..the posessed BS is really annoying me, she’s cute and funny at first, but now she’s so annoying and too loud. I really miss the shy and timid BS. 6episode more to go, but we rarely see the momment of the real BS and chef..from what i see chef more attracting to the shy BS (the real BS), if the story still continue with So Ae and chef overlaping feeling..i cant resist to watch this drama anymore..lets wait till next week. I’m ready to stop watching this drama if next week episode keep disapointed me.

ainie22 Aug 01 2015 11:01 am i thought na bong sun is the main character.. however for the past 10 episodes it more focus on shin soon ae- kang sun woo.. it really pissed me off.. I am officially stop watching this drama now.. so disappointing..

kkookie Aug 01 2015 10:57 am Pleaseee give the real na bong sun a chance! Omg, i really am annoyed with soon ae

Marisd Aug 01 2015 10:29 am Get annoyed by SA . Feel pity for the chef. NBS. where are you. . Writer. please explain why. Wae ??

Tandri Aug 01 2015 10:21 am I just watched raw episode 10. It’s really annoyed to see n hear SA. She’s pushy n too loud. Come on writer dont let us down..i am ready to stop watching this drama. why don’t SA focus on how to find out why she died? She turns to be evil spirit now.

Saja Aug 01 2015 9:37 am I totally agree with Hana below. The real Bong sun should come out and claim her man and not let the ghost gets all the fun. Hana, you won’t enjoy Ep 10 also. I got annoyed after watching Ep 10. The ghost gets more time with the chef and the real Bong sun hardly on the scene.

vmarlany Aug 01 2015 8:31 am wow this drama make me really addict, i don’t know what to say. but the drama really make me forget about my task lol, i really love episode 9. i can ‘t wait for the next episode

fatmaabdi Aug 01 2015 7:48 am Woah I’m just in love with this drama jinjia

evil spirit Aug 01 2015 7:29 am this show cracks me up. i cant stop laughing in episode 9. the cast is perfect. everybody fits their role very well. DAEBAK! but i have a feeling that im gonna cry loads at the end of this show because im pretty sure soon ae is going to cross over to the ‘other side’. sob. i’ll be crying as much as im laughing now.

omfg Aug 01 2015 6:45 am wow, park bo young is hilarious! that scene at the bench (ep9) when she kept talking and talking nonstop! LOL. *slow clap* to the amazing writers of this drama. the dialogue between chef and bong sun in this scene are the wittiest funniest thing ive ever seen in a kdrama (chef: what am i, instant food?) these 2 female leads, park bo young and kim seul gi, they are the funniest actresses i swear. hope kim seul gi gets a lead role soon.

BOO Aug 01 2015 12:38 am I LOVE THIS DRAMA! I get depressed every time I have to end an episode and wait for the next. 🙁

Yanyu Jul 31 2015 11:00 pm I just hope that soon ae will take over bong sun’s body.. Because i dont like Na bong sun. Chef dont even like her he likes soon ae

hana Jul 31 2015 10:44 pm I really like the real Na Bong Sun!! i hope she comes out more than just letting that ghost girl take advantage of her body. I mean i was so excited for ep9 but after watching it, I did not enjoyed it all. She is totally missing out her shared with the chef and the ghost girl is the one enjoying it. feels like chef is in love with the ghost than the real na bong sun.

Jhemn Jul 31 2015 7:35 am I really loved this drama. when will the next episode be uploaded.

blackgeisha Jul 31 2015 7:18 am ADDICTED to THIS DRAMA– i hope a plot twist– but not really much– Bo young+ Jun Seok is combo package–can’t wait every episode in every week !

blackgeisha Jul 31 2015 7:10 am i really love this drama especially there is Jo Jung Suk XD he is so handsome i can’t even recognize him that he is the one who also play My Love My Bride, well i guess i love Sun Woo character is soooo suitable . And l also love the plot of drama, it’s a lil bit bored at the first time, but it’s getting interesting each episodes , can’t hardly wait the ending ^^

flower Jul 30 2015 11:32 pm I’m ot from this drama causei feel really bad for na bong sun. I’ll make sure to watch the last episode but i can’t contunue to watch this for now

AsianWiki Jul 30 2015 9:56 pm I think that Ju Hwan, Hit his wife with a car and ran away. But Bo-young was the witness of the incident, so Ju Hwan pushed her into the water.

Kdramarathoner96 Jul 30 2015 10:47 am Episode 9! Jebal! T>T Can’t wait for the next episode. I hope to see next time Kim Seul-gi as the main lead actress, her acting is daebak for rom-comeddy. sigh. Sarangaheyo Eonni.

lyn Jul 30 2015 8:31 am Love it. cant wait to next episode!! Love you chef!!

Dinta Jul 30 2015 5:22 am Curious with Sung Jae. I really like the fact that Im Ju Hwan is playing the Psychopath characters. I think he is really great. Love him always. And.. I don’t know that Park Bo Young could do seducing like that. It’s really intense. And.. Jo Jung Seok is really great actor. He is arrogant but.. nice person in here. I love his acting. Always. And Kim Seul Gi?? Doesn’t need more talk. she is crazy. love her too

kookie Jul 29 2015 10:35 am Oh my god. I feel bad for na bong sun. She missed almost all the sweet memory with the chef while soon ae is taking control of her body. It’s just feel unfair, the real person that chef falling for is not bong sun, but soon ae. How can i continue to watch this? Yet, i still curious about the ending

Aly Jul 28 2015 10:14 pm I am so curious and so worried about how will be the end of this drama. Soon-Ae is the reason why everybody started liking Bong sun. She has the brightest and cuttest personality, and I didn’t get if Soon-Ae’s expression on the last scene of episode 8 was because she got scared of the chef’s feelings and her own feelings. I really expect that something unpredictable happen and chef realize at the end who is the person that he really felt in love. In my opinion Soon-Ae is the real main character in this drama, not Bong sun, you just need to see the amount of scenes when Bong sun is bong sun and when bong sun is Soon-Ae. And all the heart warming and cute scenes happens when Soon-Ae is taking control. How can I prefer a romance between Bong sun and chef, if is Soon-Ae who makes every cute and funny thing happens between them?

Aly Jul 28 2015 10:11 pm I am so curious and so worried about how will be the end of this drama. Soon-Ae is the reason why everybody started liking Bong sun. She has the brightest and cuttest personality, and I didn’t get if Soon-Ae’s expression on the last scene of episode 8 was because she got scared of the chef’s feelings and her own feelings. I really expect that something unpredictable happen and chef realize at the end who is the person that he really felt in love. In my opinion Soon-Ae is the real main character in this drama, not Bong sun, you just need to see the amount of scenes when Bong sun is bong sun and when bong sun is Soon-Ae. And all the heart warming and cute scenes happens when Soon-Ae is taking control. How can I prefer a romance between Bong sun and chef, if is Soon-Ae who makes every cute and funny thing happens between then?

Yang Seul Ah Jul 28 2015 7:29 pm Yes, I agree with ling_ling because Park Bo Young is super cute and talented too. And jo jung Suk is too strong and popular to women in the world. I’m curious about Kim Seul Ki are young to them no matter she is pretty too. I feeling in loved when i watched this make me laughs. Anyway, I will wait for every episodes.

ling_ling Jul 28 2015 8:37 am i love this drama so much. Park Bo Young is very cute and talented. i hope rating of this drama will increase.

JulyB Jul 28 2015 4:18 am It’s already at mid-season and it’s marvelous. They have amazing ensemble cast and they put no one left behind. What interesting in this drama is the story plot, I have no idea what’s this all about because it’s started with very generic drama with generic characters, until later the director and how the writer keep gives you bits by bits of heart-warming scenes and scenarios including the thrill. And, the thrill amazingly presented by Lim Ju-Hwan. He has impeccable acting as the wild card character. Both Park Bo-Young and Kim Seul-Gi are very attractive. I can see how Kim Seul-Gi had less shots on screen than Park Bo-Young, but when her screen came up, we adore her. Park Bo-Young gave us what’s the call as A-list celebrity, she is professionally the best. Also, the supporting characters in this drama are really important to build the moods in every episode, and in my opinion, it shows the skills of people behind the curtains, they are so talented. The last is Cho Jung-Seok, all I want is nothing more but his happiness. He is full of surprises. I love him. What really matters now, how the season will go and end? Lots of K-dramas in 2015 were very well-written and well-directed, even hypnotically enchanted but they always end up like broken-wings for their last episodes turn gone too slow and too obvious. I hope not for this one drama. I hope for the director and the writer: BREAK A LEG! 🙂

Najmahira Jul 27 2015 9:33 am Feeling excited watching this drama..make me curious for every next episode,make me laugh too.. Love this drama

Jungle_fish Jul 27 2015 9:26 am Oh my gosh.. watching this drama makes my heart dugun dugun.. I like it every time posessed na bong sun flirts the chef. park bo young act is really daebak.. and cho jung suk is also handsome

tiggerame Jul 27 2015 2:21 am There’s not much promotion or hype on this drama but it is surprisingly interesting and fun storyline ghost story. I started watching because of Park Bo Young appeared in 3 days 1 night, and she just so adorable

Her acting is so good that i really feel her as 2 different person in the drama. Looking forward for the next epi

indah Jul 26 2015 11:54 pm i really love na bong sun and kang sun woo! kyaaa perfect coupleee micimici Jul 26 2015 10:20 pm OMG I love how this plot shines.. it is getting better day by day.. I love the story line M Jul 26 2015 1:14 pm I was actually kinda expecting this to happen ( the last scene – kiss scene ) when Soon-Ae spirit got out of Bing suns’ body. I think that’s just right. I mean the story is really heading to the right way. you know what i mean. It’s like, it’s telling us the that love between Chef and Bong sun is heading the right track. Chef fell in love with Bong Sun because she’s Bong Sun (although Soon ae character gave a lot of boost to that hehe). But really, I think this is bound to happen and I love it. Honestly, my first conclusion was, Soon-Ae spirit will go out of Bong Suns’ body if they make love.. This is scenes is earlier than what i have expected ahahaha it’s just a mere kiss. and based form Soon-Ae reaction, she’s also confuse why her spirit separated from Bongs’ body when that kiss happened. 🙂 OMG can’t wait for the next episode.

M Jul 26 2015 1:04 pm @morningglory. IKR. same feeling ugh!i have to wait for 7days more ugghhh.

Love this drama so much!

M Jul 26 2015 1:02 pm I loooveee this drama so much. It’s been awhile since i last wrote a comment for a certain drama. It’s hilarious and the actors are amazing. The chemistry of Na Bong Sun and Kang Sun Woo is perfect. Na bong sun so adorable. She play dual roles splendidly.

Cho Jung Sok, never heard about him until I watch this drama. But I’m falling in love with every week. He’s so cool and he played his role so well. The other supporting actors are amazing too. I can’t help but to laugh in every funny scene.

Over all, if you are looking for an easy, funny rom com drama, this one I totally recommend. 🙂

gya Jul 26 2015 10:57 am OMG Park Bo Young aegyo is too much cuteee!! I’m a girl and i found it 100% cute!

Mia Jul 26 2015 10:33 am I think the Chef likes Soon Ae more, which is unfair for the poor Bong. Soon Ae shares more memorable moments with the chef than the real owner of the body. I think Bong’s situation is too bad, she constantly doesnt know what happens, and her personality is totally ignored and absent since all that the chef knows about Bong, is what Soon Ae tells him and shows him, she had more time with him she showed him her skills as a cook and talked about her own dreams, as Soon Ae, in a body other than hers. I think it’s too much she’s using her seriously, this is my opinion so far hope things would change fot Bong’s favor this time.

I regret watching the last episoe (8)..I should know better!!now i ended up craving next episode like crazy. I must wait till the final episode to start watching this drama again..*sigh

I love all the cast and all the characters..especially the snarky Na Bong Sun while being possessed by soon ae and cordon is soooo cute.

I think its quite surprise both of Bong Sun and Soon ae when soon ae came out from bong sun’s body while she kissed chef..I wonder why..

clara Jul 26 2015 6:43 am wow episode 8 the best so far. is soon ae liking the chef? oh no!! i love cordon geez na bong sun you lucky girl

dramamama Jul 26 2015 3:44 am This is one of a Good drama and really looking foward for the next episode.I hope they maintain the good story line towards the ending. The actors act very well too,naturallly and not exaggeratingly dramatic. LOVE IT!!

omfg Jul 26 2015 1:23 am The kiss! The kiss! Woooohoooo finally. But. can somebody pls tell me

Why or how did soon ae’s spirit got pushed out while bing sun and chef wrre kissing? Did she voluntary get out or was she pushed out? Seriously man, this show is so addicting!

Tarsier Jul 26 2015 12:07 am Love Kim Seul Gi. Talented and a great fun to watch. Not only beautiful but really great actress. Would love to see her as a lead actress in comedy. Park Bo Young can be considered as one of the brave Korean actress that does not get scared to give whatever it takes to a given situation (esp with kissing scenes that really looks natural and not shocked or scared like Park Shin (lovely actress but cannot give all). She is so funny and lovely., The rest of the cast . well done. Love this drama

leyyy Jul 25 2015 11:31 pm Finally. Na Bong Sun and Soon-Ae are working together. YEY FOR THIS SHOW! Daebak daebak.

I’m also glad that the writers are giving Kwak Si-Yang more exposure vmarlany Jul 25 2015 11:22 pm well, this drama is so addict, i am so excited for the next episode.

Ella Jul 25 2015 10:07 pm Awww. this drama is just awesome! I really love the seductress mode of Na Bong-Sun! Very cute! I totally love this one. However, I am feeling sorry for the ghost. will she able to ease her grudge of dying virgin by having a night with Chef? Or will she able to rest in peace when she found who killed her and how she got killed. I can’t wait for next episode next week! :'( Only drama i am anticipating to watch every week :'( Why only 2 episodes per week? Need more!!

Yaasss Jul 25 2015 9:58 pm OMG I LOVED IT FROM THE BEGINNING AND I DONT WANT IT TO END. Park Bo Young and Cho Jung Seok have so much chemistry

OMG Fangirl Jul 25 2015 8:44 pm Oh My Ghost is so refreshing and ridiculously hilarious. It’s so great to see a female character who admits to sexual needs and isn’t afraid to demand sex. Park Bo-Young does an amazing job at jumping into one personality to the next. It’s like literally watching light switch flip when she gets into character for Soom Ae. She seriously is so talented! She’s my new favorite actress! I highly recommend this drama, it brings something new to the table! Happy Ghosting!

faa Jul 25 2015 8:06 pm loveeee this drama ep 8 it’s killing me. finally they kiss

maggy Jul 25 2015 7:13 pm this drama is seriously cute agshagdjsgdkaf jo jungsuk bdjsgjhasdhgsf

vmarlany Jul 25 2015 2:41 pm this gonna b my favorite drama, at the beginning episode so interesting, i enjoy for every character, the pervert ghost always make me laugh. i am curious about the next episode. i am so glad that i found this drama. you guys must watch it, really recommended !!

Iris Jul 25 2015 11:46 am OMGOSH. This drama is FANTASTIC!! I recommend it to anyone and I’m so happy I met this drama!

*sigh* The characters are so funny and the main leads have amazing chemistry! The plot is VERY well written and the cast was also VERY well picked. Applause to the director. I give this drama 5 stars all around. Even though it is only the beginning of this drama, it is amazingly spun and I can’t wait for the next episodes. Not completely sure how everything will end up, but I have trust in the director

skajoyur Jul 25 2015 1:53 am im falling for sous chef,LMAO! I REALLY LOVE THIS DRAMA omy! im gonna die, haha.

Yeyab Jul 24 2015 10:55 pm Am I the only one thinking seo joon has been in love with bong sun? It seems like he’s always liked her and now chef is falling in love with soon ae who is bong sun but what will happen when she’s back to being bong sun?! Im seo joon all the way for bong sun don’t know how soon ae will be with chef, can’t wait to find out!

Aida Jul 24 2015 9:42 pm Love this drama. I want Soon Ae to stay for ever.

Rebekka Jul 23 2015 8:07 pm its Friday friday FRIDAY! cant wait for new OMG episode! totally agree with K. most dramas have been crap as of late, THIS however is such a breath of fresh air

mjS Jul 23 2015 7:19 pm I always wonder what will happen to the people around me when I die. It’s like finishing a drama series, you wonder what happens to the main characters. hahaha.

K Jul 23 2015 4:49 pm I was really skeptical about this drama, because I loved Master’s Sun. BUT this drama is SOOOO GOOD joo Jul 23 2015 12:09 pm love this drama.

Pastalove Jul 23 2015 10:00 am I love this plot of drama. I never expecting the story show about. I wish the best for the ratings and the cast, Jung seok oppa saranghe sunshine Jul 23 2015 12:02 am I think this drama is combination of pasta, master of sun and 49 days,, complete

global Jul 22 2015 10:58 am this is the first drama that i can’t predict how it will end! very recommended drama ^^

I like strawberry, I like chocolate Jul 22 2015 2:22 am Wanting a drama that’ll make you laugh, cry, and confused. this drama is the answer! There are funny parts, there are sad parts, and there are parts that leave you asking questions. Ive been enjoying the drama since its aired and I can’t wait for the next episodes! So many handsome guys and park bo young’s acting is JANG! The script/plot is great!

bong na bong Jul 21 2015 10:26 pm wow, im so glad i picked up on this drama. i hesitated at first because the poster doesnt appeal to me, and i dont know any of the actors, but now, I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE! and i just realized i already saw Kim Seul Gi in another drama, flower boy next door. she’s amazingly funny, and lead actress Park Bo Young is also amazing in portraying 2 different personalities.


Tierzab Jul 21 2015 12:54 pm Jjang I think you are on the right track with the Sung Jae character. But then again I think the Sung Jae character had something to do with the “death” of Soon Ae character. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

ghostess Jul 21 2015 7:44 am I just started watching this drama and Im hooked since episode 1. its really well-written. and the actors are all excellent! especially the ghost Soon Ae. Kim Seul Gi is a really good actress, her comedic timing is awesome. im only at episode 3 but i daresay, the actors and the story, are way funnier and better than Master’s Sun, the only other drama that ive watched that also involves ghosts 🙂

clara Jul 21 2015 2:10 am SO FAR SO GOOD! I CANNOT PUT INTO WORDS HOW MUCH I LIKE THIS DRAMA! DAEBAK I LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERS.. AND OMG CORDON LIKES BONG SUN? I like Soon Ae more than Bong Sun ugh i really hope soon ae is not dead i don’t know if it is possible it would be like master’s sun where Tae is not dead but her soul is roaming around the world. hmmmmm

my champ Jul 21 2015 1:32 am i just finished episode 6 of this drama and I cant wait to see the next episode!! The story line was so good even the culprit who killed the ghost who possessed Park bo-young like it was unexpected I thought the girl died in natural cause, it was so exciting and the lead actor my eyes sparks when I see him half naked he was hot! And the girl lead was so pretty.

Jjang! Jul 20 2015 7:02 pm SPOILERS . i watched all the episodes and so far i’m really liking this drama. The Chef and Soon Ae are just so cute together and she is so funny harassing him 🙂 you can see he pretends he doesn’t liek it but i find him way too easy to force lol i tried to imagine the ending and i really can’t picture the Chef with Bong Sun, he matches too well with Soon Ae but she is dead so. i hope that the writers will find a way to put the 2 girls into Bong Sun at the end, like some kind of cohabitation, plus he is starting to spend more time with Bong Sun so it’s probable that he will fall in love with both. if they don’t end up in the same body then it means one of them has to die (Soon Ae is dead but she could find her peace), it would be so sad 🙁 or else Bong Sun will get her body back and Soon Ae will still end up with the chef but in someone else’s body ? as for the psycho (Lim Ju Hwan) i think he is probably a ghost who possessed the cop’s body but became evil after having spent too much time in him. am i the only one who thinks the ghost identity could be the chef’s dead friend, the one who was married to the woman the chef loved ? SPOILERS .

jashik Jul 20 2015 10:59 am 1 hour feels 15 minute when i watch this drama, totally addictive. Cordon seem like na bong sun

milobark Jul 19 2015 11:31 pm Hilarious, cute, thrilling, comedic all the same time. Its been a long time since ive been this hype ever since My Love From The Star.

Grande Jul 19 2015 11:23 pm I love how Kwak Si-Yang’s character is always concerned for Park Bo Young’s character! It makes me wonder if he’ll start liking her more and then there’s tension between him and chef. OMG is the best. I love where the story line is going. Lim Ju Hwan is getting really creepy in this show. And the more the fortune teller says he wasn’t suppose to marry makes me wonder.. And Soon Ae is the best I LOVE HER! I can’t wait a whole weeeeek ! Friday please come quickly

Nana Jul 19 2015 6:34 pm this drama is hilarious! give it a try you guys!

the ghost and chef matches sooo well together! So cute and adorable! I hope they somehow end together. I’m shipping them so much!!

Steve Jul 19 2015 5:39 pm DOes anyone know what Phone Park Bo Young Uses in this Drama please help me. To me it looks like the LG G4 idk.

oppalover87 Jul 19 2015 2:31 pm Ooo hopefully there is a revenge plot line coming into play with the copper and soon-ae’s family. She did manage to split easily with the body during the chase so maybe she will b able to ‘come and go’ as she pleases.

I usually wait for dramas to totally finish before i watch them, but i didn’t for this one and totally regret starting it up .. waiting a week for the next episodes is torturous.

Totally love it!

mint Jul 19 2015 2:17 pm I looove this drama!! But yes, it does bother me to think about who exactly is sun woo falling for? The real bong sun or soon ae? Because so far it seems like it’s soon ae’s bright personality that draws him in

Aureus Jul 19 2015 5:24 am omz, this is a great romantic comedy kdrama! The actors suit their characters well! I’m so excited for the next episodes yay

Ashley Jul 18 2015 2:25 pm I really hope that soon ae is doing this for bong sun to help her come out of her shell! if not, i might not watch this drama..

kdramalover Jul 18 2015 12:54 pm The police guy (Choi Sung-Jae) is seriously creeping me out. What’s wrong with him? Is he possessed by a mean ghost or something, or has he always been so immortal? But anyways, Oh My Ghostess is a very interesting show, Initially I thought it was going to be similar to Master’s Sun, but I think I like it more than Master’s Sun.

hana Jul 17 2015 10:54 pm It was so good but i just hate the fact that soon ae just controls her body i mean you should help and change na bong sun. so fast and your already back in her body. So chef falls in love with the ghost or na bong sun?? but park bo young and kwak si young looks so good together too!!

mica Jul 17 2015 3:53 am i thought, the first episode would be boring. i’m enjoying this drama! park bo young + kim seul gi = jjang!

Octuposan Jul 17 2015 2:00 am since the first episode , i had been a fan in this drama , seriously , this was a good drama , and right now waiting for the 5th episode , it’s getting exciting ♥

jinnborn Jul 16 2015 1:57 pm I watched 4 episode of this drama and I like it so far. I hope it will be good in next episode too.

Shubha Jul 16 2015 1:19 pm So interesting Drama, all actors are good in their Roles

SakiM Jul 16 2015 6:06 am ok when you said bong sun was a sous chef that makes no sense. if she was a sous chef then why was everyone acing uncoordinated and not doing well when whats his face quit? (i forgot his name

Victoria Jul 15 2015 10:51 pm You missed a word btw just wanted to point it out here “Since she was a child, she has been able to [SEE] ghosts because of her shaman grandmother.”

maniW Jul 15 2015 1:50 pm So far sooooo good! TvN has some of the funniest shows haha Cant wait for the rest of the episodes

Shane Jul 14 2015 10:42 pm Oh man, I can’t stop watching, so addicting!

I wish the episode come out faster!

pp Jul 14 2015 2:49 pm Just finished the first episode. Park Bo Young’s acting of Soon-Ae is superb!!

danie Jul 13 2015 5:51 am i think someghost possessed Choi Sung Jae’s body because the shaman ahjumma said to Choi Sung Jae’s wife that actually her husband is cold and lonely same like Bong Sun’s character (so probably that kinda character is easily get possessed by ghost). And then a dog barked at him same like when a dog barked at Soon Ae in Bong Sun’s body. Probably.

mirae Jul 13 2015 12:53 am omooo.. every episode is make me curious ! the cast act so well , bo young ssi is great ! very cute ! love this drama so much

waw Jul 12 2015 1:00 pm I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS DRAMA! So funny and unpredictable!

dyobaby Jul 12 2015 12:25 pm Its a bit like twenties girl novel stroryline.

ghost Jul 12 2015 8:44 am TvN are bringing some great stories hip hip hurry. Park Bo young now I understand why you are soo famous. You are amazing and very cute ! you will winn all the best actress awards available 🙂 keep it up.

karurun Jul 12 2015 6:24 am Kim seul gi ssi.. youre so Attractive. since youre acting in Flower boys next door. I always youre drama. And how so lucky are you, in surplus princess Aka the mermaid. Im sooo jealous.. ehehe.. by the way i’m youre fan right now. Salam dari indonesia 🙂

rita Jul 12 2015 5:58 am What a funny ghost drama! like it so much & Park Bo Young is so cute!

Wammo Jul 12 2015 12:20 am HAHA, this drama is so funny. I can’t get enough of Park Bo Young. I just suddenly imagined if the lead was Song Joong Ki and they did the scene where Bo Young kept begging for a one night stand, rofl.

Mary Jul 11 2015 8:03 pm I love Kim Seul Gi and Park Bo Young is doing a phenomenal job. She is actually doing well at being funny and trying to convey the funniness that you expect from Kim Seul Gi.

LaLu Jul 11 2015 3:44 pm i have no idea where is this drama’s plotline really headed, there’s no solid conclusion to it and i love it. i really love this drama, its been a while since my anticipation was pumped. the cast is amazing i have no complains they are really incredible actors i hope the story and drama keep on proceeding on smoothly. i have no idea of how the romance part is gonna work out at all, i just hope the producer and writers will be able to nailed it. i also hope Soon Ae gets her little happy ending. Kim Seul Gi never fails to amaze me.

neea Jul 11 2015 11:53 am as usual, Kim Seul Gi is just awesome, and very impressed with Park Bo Young.

star Jul 11 2015 1:20 am Im starting to dislike. Where is Bong Sun?

Dyah Jul 11 2015 12:17 am this drama is so good, like pasta + masters sun = oh my ghost

Hi Jul 11 2015 12:05 am Can someone please answer me? Do you think Bong Sun will return?! Because I want her too!!

puppet Jul 09 2015 10:12 pm Very excited for this drama. Episodes 1-2 give a great first impression ^^ Looking forward to future episodes !!

clara Jul 09 2015 7:43 am really really like this drama! highly recommend this Alice Jul 08 2015 10:17 pm @Global: Thank you! ^^

i love strawberry Jul 08 2015 2:28 pm If sunwoo fall for bongsun after she possesed by soon ae it’s mean he love soon ae not bongsun . But i found that bongsun and soon ae trap in one body and someday the attitude might get mix someday cause bongsun soul can’t stay quiet especially when the shaman ahjumma seem will come to the resto so often then realize that soon ae in bongsun body

And i thought im joohwan character will be part of the triangle of bongsun and sunwoo but he is already be a husband of sunwoo sister so this is make the story complicated since soon ae look like fall for choi sungjae when she still alive

Arbios Jul 07 2015 8:33 am wow this drama is so good and Kim Seulgi is so funny 😀

clare Jul 07 2015 4:19 am what the. this drama is so good! in two episodes you’ll be hooked.. i love the characters and the story ronabelle Jul 06 2015 7:54 am I like this drama.

Nena Jul 06 2015 7:11 am I really like those two episodes of this drama, I think it will be more interesting in the future.

Hello Jul 06 2015 6:01 am @XiuminWolf Seems like Sunwoo already loves Bongsun even before Soonae possessed her, imo. He just realized clearly with sudden change.

witch Jul 05 2015 11:18 pm Putting the things I don’t like aside, I love the casting, which is why I don’t want to give up on this drama too fast.

witch Jul 05 2015 11:16 pm I loved it up until Soon Ae took over Bong Sun’s body and started using it recklessly. I don’t like her character and would have rather preferred for Bong Sun to come back after she fainted, and then they could have switch-sessions throughout the show. I love Bong Sun’s character because then Sun Woo could help her come out of her shell as well as love her. Soon Ae’s character is annoying and selfish, shameless, too. Agh. -.-

micha Jul 05 2015 4:03 pm this is a great drama, till second episode the storyline was good, they have a great acting, i really like this ! well, i hope we can enjoy this drama until the ending of story, good job !

XiuminWolf Jul 05 2015 1:08 pm Okay.. honestly i am in love with this drama but i can’t seem to figure this out .. Sun-Woo ends up liking Bong-Sun but does he end up liking the ghost or her because if he ends up liking her because of her sudden change then that means he likes Soo-Ae not Bong-Sun, Right? Or—- I mean it’s not complete but it’s stated that ” He begins to notice Na Bong-Sun after her sudden change. ” Which means he will end up liking Soo-Ae not Bong-Sun .. Idk this is confusing me so much!

gustave154 Jul 05 2015 12:50 pm Patk Bo Young’s acting is stellar. I think alot of guys fell for her because of this drama. Well i did xD

NJ Jul 05 2015 8:41 am Its probably me, but its seems like Soon Ae is the main character here.. I means how she searching for her memories when she alive and not to mention the chef began to notice Bong Sun (based on synopsis) after she being possessed by Soon Ae.. well, who knew Soon Ae might being a reason Chef develop feeling for Bong Sun.. If Chef fall in love with Bong Sun because Soon Ae personality then that would be totally different story right? ^^

hyemi Jul 05 2015 2:05 am Wait, so the chef will actually fall for the ghost, not the shy girl?

nyta jung Jul 04 2015 6:27 am Falling in love with this drama. great cast.

Hepper Jul 03 2015 11:30 pm LOL, enjoyed the first episode. Bo Young is so adorable, can’t wait to see her act out the role reverse on Ep 2. 😀

Jennette Jul 03 2015 6:31 am I found all main casts are super cute.

Vivica Jul 03 2015 6:30 am Looks interesting! I love all the casts especially My beloved actress Bo Young. Welcome back to dramaland, Hope it will be huge hit.

Squidney Jul 01 2015 8:58 pm I was wondering about something, “Why are there so many dramas being aired on Fridays and Saturdays?”

Rouge Jun 25 2015 6:28 pm Adoration this whole thing is just love asyu Jun 24 2015 10:02 pm can’t wait. he he he i hope this drama will be good.

Gabzz Jun 21 2015 8:44 am Kim Seul Gi! Definitely i’m going to watch this drama

lisa ho Jun 18 2015 9:24 am I will watching this drama because of kwak si yang. im big fan of kwak si yang

tamaravk Jun 17 2015 11:18 pm All the main casts are so cute! Especially Park Bo Young and Kim Seul Gi :3

hotarumaruchiii Jun 17 2015 11:10 pm this is one of my anticipated kdramas this year and hopefully this will turn out good since I really love the cast ^^ I can’t wait to watch it ^^

yourpsycho Jun 17 2015 8:30 am Park boyoung take a roll in a drama again! this is her comeback drama

! Kim Seulgi!! oh i attracted to her when she’s take a role in Flower Boy Next Door!

jihoswifeu Jun 06 2015 3:08 pm omg i am so excited for kim seulgi. she is my fave

popopo May 24 2015 2:14 am omo.. are they gonna be a couple? park bo young has a such babyface even she has petite body. but I hope this will be good drama.

Frederica May 17 2015 8:32 pm Park Bo Young and Kim Seul Gi should switch roles. Kim Seul Gi in the main role would be much better.

Arif May 09 2015 10:29 am Love Bo Young noona in Warewolf Boy damn much.. She’s so like a pro actress in there & the loveline is beautifully unique & touching.. Saw Jung Seok in YTBLSS & MLMB & i think,pairing him up with her isn’t a bad idea at all.. Looking forward to it soon(what a loooong waittttt)

BouKi Couple Apr 21 2015 10:28 pm I hate if you get other lead male in this Drama. . . .. because we are in the indonesia have a big dream for you and Song Joong Ki. . . please come and joined with Joong Ki. . .we miss to see you.

StaRix Apr 21 2015 10:48 am Please accept it Boyoungiee. I’m dying to see you in dramaland!!

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