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sienna miller diet

Your diet doesn’t stop just because you left the house.

Veggies never looked so good.

Because everyone should eat donuts once in awhile.

We couldn’t decide on just one favorite.

You’re allowed to eat carbs and drink booze, so sign me up 🙋

Skip the low-cal ice cream and go for these instead.

Good news for tomato lovers.

Truly a miracle vegetable.

“People used to say, ‘Damn, Sansa gained 10 pounds,'”

That before and after!!

Dips, skewers, and snacks a PLENTY.

Will you EVER tire of hearing the word ‘Poosh’?!

It never disappoints.

*Best served with a glass of red wine.

Like, 8-cups-a-day heavy!

“People need to stop chasing complicated things and focus more on ‘simple’ things.”

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