Nutrim Oat Beta-Glucan Super-Food: Low Cholesterol & Cholesterol Reducing Diet

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Diet beta test

Oats and oat beta glucans have been shown to lower cholesterol naturally in over 50 years of research. Nutrim&reg’s all natural, patented processing optimizes the most powerful portion of oats, the beta glucans. Nutrim&reg is rich in beta glucans and its all natural patented processing qualifies it for the FDA heart health claim. Nutrim&reg attacks cholesterol in multiple ways, giving your body a fighting chance to lower cholesterol naturally. Learn how Nutrim works by clicking here.

Nutrim&reg makes it easier to lower cholesterol naturally

Nutrim&reg was developed by a USDA Agricultural Research Service Hall of Fame scientist, Dr. George Inglett to make it easier to get the benefits of oats to help fight cholesterol. His patented process optimizes Nutrim&reg’s viscosity, which is believed to be the key to Nutrim&reg’s success. The specialized processing also creates a powder that is easy to mix and creates a luscious creamy texture for foods and beverages.

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