Nutrigenomics Review – Personalized Nutrition Assessment DNA Testing?

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Nutrigenomics Review – Personalized Nutrition Assessment DNA Testing?

Nutrigenomix happens to be a Toronto University company that deals with what is now known as nutrigenomics. This is a new field in scientific biotechnology research. It leverages on modern advancements in genomics to analyze the exact co-relationship between genetics and nutrition, along with health and wellness.

In essence, this company is devoted to empower healthcare providers and their clients with exhaustive and accurate genomic data. The primary aim of doing this is to immensely enhance the overall health and well being of the latter, via highly customized nutritional plans.

Why Are Nutrigenomix Tests Needed?

To begin with, Nutrigenomics is specifically meant to study just how your individualized genetic profiling can influence your body’s reactions to the nutrients it obtains from the food you eat. Also, it dwells on the exact risk factors of contracting nutritional associated chronic ailments as well as medical conditions based on your genetic profiling.

To better portray just how this can come into play, let’s use a simple illustration. For instance, you may perhaps know that those individuals who have developed lactose intolerance have to deal with gastrointestinal discomfort whenever they take dairy products.

On the other hand, there are many other people, perhaps you included, who are able to consume dairy products without in any way experiencing any food intolerance symptoms.

Nutrigenomics has been put in place to let healthcare providers fully comprehend just how the genes can influence the exact ways people can respond to the foods or beverages they take. In turn, this goes a long way in allowing them to develop the very best diet plans for their patients.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Taking A Nutrigenomix Test?

The exact health benefits which can arise from taking any of the 2 Nutrigenomix tests are so profound. However, to be able to completely understand just how they can be brought about, it is necessary to first discern just what these tests are all about. So, let us now take a much closer look at the Nutrigenomix nutrigenomics tests.

The Health And Wellness Nutrigenomics Test

This University of Toronto company provides the health and wellness nutrigenomics test to the public at large. This particular test evaluates a total of 45 different genetic markers that are closely linked with all critical facets of your lifestyle. Some of the most prominent of these include weight management, eating habits, body composition, cardio-metabolic health, nutrient metabolism, physical activity status, and food intolerance. All of these different variables are minutely analyzed in the health and wellness nutrigenomics test.

The ultimate goal of doing this is to enable healthcare providers to be able to develop the ideal diet plan for each and every one of their patients. As such, when your physician gains access to the data provided after the test is done, he or she will be able to discern just what diet will be appropriate for you. This will be a nutritional plan that can place you in an excellent position of achieving all your nutritional and fitness objectives in a convenient and stress-free manner.

Therefore, when you make it a point to adhere to the suggestions of your healthcare providers, which are based on the test results, you can easily maximize your overall health and well being. You will also be able to avoid the various risk factors in your given genetic profile of nutritional related chronic diseases and medical conditions.

The Sports Nutrigenomics Tests

Just like the Nutrigenomix health and wellness test, this one comes with 45 different genetic markers, which are minutely analyzed by this Toronto University company. The sports test is specifically meant to make sure both amateurs together professional athletes can be able to significantly improve their overall performance while, at the same time, letting them to greatly minimize the risks of injuring themselves. This nutrigenomics test is also designed to boost the overall health and well-being of these particular individuals.

How Are These Nutrigenomix Tests Done?

Both of these nutrigenomics tests make use of saliva samples obtained from the patients that are used to analyze their specific genetic profile. Your healthcare provider will take this sample and then dispatch it to this company’s CAP and CLIA accredited laboratory. Then the latter will take it upon themselves to minutely evaluate all the 45 different genetic markers, which were outlined earlier in this article. For the most part, it usually takes 2 full weeks for Nutrigenomix to do this and determine just what nutritional plan can be the best for you based on your genetics. Then the test report and the suggestions that accompany it are sent to your healthcare provider. He or she will then be able to map out the ideal diet plan that will improve your health and well-being in the best possible manner.

Are There Any Risks Of Taking The Nutrigenomix Test?

Granted, the scientific field of nutrigenomics is very young. Still, it has been founded on very sound and proven principles that have an excellent track record of effectiveness and safety. By following the various recommendations your doctor gives based on the report they obtained, you can effectively boost your overall health and well-being. Nutrigenomix test reports are highly acclaimed for their unparalleled reliability. So, there is practically no risk you could ever incur by adhering to the diet plan your healthcare provider maps out for you.

Nutrigenomics Conclusion

As you can evidently see, nutrigenomics can be the key to turning around your overall health and wellness in a convenient and hassle-free way. The Nutrigenomix test can let you comprehensively determine just what foods you should or should not consume based on your personalized genetic profile. In turn, this will permit you to effortlessly realize all the health, fitness, and even weight management objectives you might have set.

Nutrigenomics can also alert you of actual risk factors of contracting nutritional related chronic ailments as well as medical conditions that are heightened by your genes. In turn, this can furnish you with a good chance of doing all you can to prevent such occurrences. All in all, you can never go wrong by making the smart decision to request the Nutrigenomix health and wellness test from your healthcare provider.

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