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No Sugar Diet for Sinus Polyps

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Hello Brian, Paul from Leeds here. I’ve suffered with polyps for a few years now and have tried various methods and a couple from here, the Tea Tree Oil didn’t seem to work for me, my polyps are quite high up, I’m interested in your reduced sugar method. The 10% carb intake you mention, is that per day or per meal? Btw, well done for sharing your findings, it’s such a terrible condition and it’s so difficult to try to get good help and information for. Paul

Karen, loved what you said & especially this: When we get back to basics here in America, the population may heal itself from the diseased condition it has arrived to at present.

This week we learned that diabetes is now considered epidemic level around the world, particularly in the United States. Corn syrup, honey, white flour or white crystalline sugar — it is all the same. As Gloria Swanson’s husband William Dufty indicated in his book “Sugar Blues, ” sugar (and grains) is as incidious a poisen as heroine & cocaine…. and can be linked to nearly all health problems in our bodies today. Before she moved to another state, a friend once told me she swore off sugar for 1 year at the funeral of her beloved father who died of diabetes complications to his eyes, organs, and limbs. She said, with sugar being the only exclusion from her diet, she lost 30 pounds and she never looked or felt so healthy and beautiful. She said it was like looking in the mirror at another person. Before and after pictures of William Dufty are the same! It is UNBELIEVABLE how sugar DESTROYS our looks, our minds, our bodies! I learned some years ago that most killers in U.S. prisons were/are sugar addicts And, when prisoners volunteered to go on experimental diets that did not include sugar, their rage/desire to kill decreased. Sugar should be labeled a dangerous poisen to all human and animal species on this planet! Dare we go there? We will see….

Peace out, Caitlin

You say that you had to revert to carbs because you became so weak…. May I ask what type of carbs? Simple or Complex? Simple Carbs are what are killing America. Do you know that every grain turns into sugar? The rule I give people is avoid anything white; white sugar, white flour, potato, macaroni cheese, fries etc. You can certainly eat COMPLEX carbohydrates and eaten with protein is good. Have an avocado vinagrette instead of a Big Mac meal for example. I buy Ezekial bread – it is made with sprouts of seven grains. The sprout stage of a grain is the most nutritious, therefore this bread is FUEL for the body, unlike the white flour baked goods that go on the arse and hips. Love handles, baloney! Soft flabby bodies (from all the sugar breaking down the minerals in the body) I say. I load the Ezekial toast with REAL butter; either Irish, Danish, Australian or New Zealand (where they still haven’t destroyed or watered down the butter with cheap additives) or coconut oil is great too. Second I scrape on a tiny spread of Miso (fermented soy paste that is nutritious) for a little salt flavor, add slices of avocado and pile with 2 inches of Alfalfa sprouts. This is a dieting meal for me. Try it! If you do not know these terms it is time that you researched them and learnt. Food is meant to be UNprocessed, WHOLE and nutritous for our bodies. Eating for our ancestors was not a hedonistic activity, it was an action done to run the body with the purpose of survival. When we get back to basics here in America, the population may heal itself from the diseased condition it has arrived to at present. 13 Nov. 2013

How can I eliminate all sugars from my diet?

I have suffered from polyps for about 20years, I had two operations, the first in 1997 and the second in 2000, I suffer with terrible headaches and zero sense of smell, however no affect on my sense of taste, I do have and have always had a very sweet tooth, I’m not over weight and consider myself quite fit for a 45 year old. From about September 2012 I started having flu like symptoms, these symptoms continued until eventually, my nasal passage on the left hand side, became completely blocked and the right hand side, became partially blocked, in the new year 2013 I noticed that I could feel a lump close to my nostril, a couple of days later it had dropped enough that it was almost showing outside of my nostril, enough was enough, so I visited my GP, my GP prescribed 30mg of a steroid called prednisone, to be taken for 10 days and a nasal drop called flixonase, which was to be taken as and when required, the steroid is very fast acting, within 4 hours it had shrunk up inside of my nose and within 12 hours appeared to be gone altogether, within a further 2 days my sense of smell was back and remained for about a month, which is fantastic when you consider I had spent all these years, with either very little or no sense of smell, plus the head aches, you tend too or at least in my case, live with your condition and just get on with it.

After 2 months of ending the steroid I noticed my eye sight appears to be affected, when something is too close to my eyes it is very blurry, I have always had perfect sight, then at the end of May 2013, we came back from a family holiday to Ibiza and I started developing a nasty cough, it is worse at night and morning time, I went to the doctors and as usual in the UK, they prescribed antibiotics, I still have the coughing fits to this day, back to the doctors and they now feel I have got Asthma symptoms, brought on by polyps, personally I think they are talking crap as they do not take polyps seriously enough, personally I think I’m suffering from side affected brought on by the use of a love or hate steroid, I have an appointment with a specialist 30th August 2013 about my polyps and a Astma test on the 2nd September 2013, so we will wait and see, the problem with the NHS in the UK at the moment is, that everything is geared towards cost, the doctors here will just keep shoveling tablets in to you, in other countries this is not the case, where my wife is from for instance, they diagnose the problem 100% first, before prescribing drugs, my wife as just come back from her country Latvia with my boys and while there she asked a doctor there is advice and he said the best treatment is to have them surgically removed with a laser, you have said about sugar being a cause, is very interesting to me and changing your diet by replacing carbohydrates with protein, I would like to give this a go but to be honest I have not got a clue, on how to go about it, could you or someone out there offer advice, on how best to go about this.

After reading your posts about eliminating sugar for sinus polyps, I decided to try this. I am on day 3. Yesterday for 5 minutes I got my sense of smell back! Today I have tasted my lunch and have had my sense of smell back twice throughout the day. I have had 2 FEES operations and within 6months of each op the polyps have come back, I have tried steroids but they came back. I am allergic to dairy, they also trigger my polyps. You are a genius! You really have changed my life! People who don’t have polyps won’t understand. Thank you so much! Hopefully in the future having a sense of smell will be a regular thing for me 🙂

I have had polyps for 16 years. Now it also causes me severe sinus problems I have got so bad I have become housebound.

Dear Brian, I am really grateful to you for writing about your findings here. About two months ago, my nasal polyps (I’ve had them for about 7 years) were at their worst and I was desperately looking for a cure. My research led me to findings similar to yours, but after reading your post in which you succinctly explain the link between sugar and nasal polyps, I was convinced that this is the way forward.

On 30 April 2012 I went off sugar completely and within 6 weeks, I had stopped mouth-breathing. My sense of smell came back gradually and is only getting better day by day. I can taste my food again! It is a gradual process where some days it may look worse especially in the beginning, but like you have mentioned, one must persevere, because it does work.

The other thing that I did was I applied Tea Tree Oil directly to my polyps with ear-buds for about a week. I believe Tea tree oil is a strong anti-fungal and many people have recommended it here too. My thinking was that if there was any surface fungal growth, that would be taken care of by the Oil.

I have also noted your additional point about reducing carbohydrates too, and I am in agreement and will put it into action.

Thanks Brian. People, this really works!

This totally natural cure has worked for me, twice. I think it will work for others too, maybe not everybody but at least some. It is so simple, costs absolutely nothing, gives you back your health, your vitality and libido, your sense of smell and helps you to control your weight all at the same time. It gives you back your life.

In one sentence, all you have to do is cut out as much sugar from your diet as possible. The more sugar that is cut out, the faster the healing. It is that simple. I cut out the sugar, cured myself but lost a bit more weight than I wanted to. Having declared myself cured, reintroduced sugar to my diet to help put weight back on, which I did, but the polyps came back too. I am currently off the sugar again, polyps have gone again. Twice cured with the same reasoning is enough proof for me that this works.

I did not want to have a medical operation and went looking for a natural cure. I turned Net Detective and researched nearly every website on nasal polyps to gather clues to form a theory. I have absolutely no medical qualifications whatsoever and the theory I am about to outline is just that, my own personal theory. Here we go.

The root cause of nasal polyps is not bacterial, it’s fungal. The prime suspect is Candida Albicans, which everyone has to some degree. The good bacteria in your body assist to control bad fungus. Which is why antibiotics don’t work because by killing all the bacteria in your body, including the good bacteria, there are none left to control the fungus.

Fungus are extremely clever little critters. They feed on sugar and produce Ethanol as a waste product. The Ethanol confuses the receptors for the Thyroid which tell it to shut down production of Vitamin D. A Vitamin D deficiency weakens the immune system and causes lethargy. Lethargy increases cravings to eat more sugar for an instant energy boost and the condition then compounds as the fungus population grows and prospers.

But wait, there’s more. A white blood cell called an Eosinophil goes in to battle the fungus but with a weakened immune system, they fail dismally to win the fight. It seems they act like suicidal cluster bombs – they go to the foe and blow themselves up to take out as many of the foe as they can. When this happens in the nose, they irritate the nose membrane, the cells in the membrane fill with fluid and voila, there they are, a medical case of nasal polyps.

Operations to remove polyps, nasal sprays, potions, lotions and nasal rinses only remove the symptoms temporarily and they are not cures. The cure therefore, is to break the cycle by removing the food supply to the fungus, which is sugar. Ethanol levels thereby diminish, the Thyroid receptors kick start the Thyroid into production of Vitamin D again, which then improves the immune system which then assists the attack of the Eosinophils to win the battle of the nose.

Okay, so that’s my theory. I’ll admit it may not necessarily be entirely accurate in the finer details but having said that, the one thing I am sure about is that reducing sugar in my diet has eliminated my polyps. I haven’t discussed my theory with my doctor, fearful of being either laughed out of his office for being ridiculous, or being thrown out for being too close to the truth and cutting out a source of his wages, and the wages of his expensive Ear Nose Throat Specialist mate who gave me useless antibiotics.

It is impossible to remove all sugar as nearly all foods have it to some extent. Just try to reduce it as much as possible so at least there is no excess for the fungus to frenzily feed on. An obvious deletion from the diet is white sugar added to coffee and on cereal – don’t add sugar to anything, totally delete that option including any and all sugar substitutes. Also cut out completely ice cream, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, lollies, honey and fizzy drinks. Even fruit – I have exchanged apples and bananas for raw tomatoes. On packaged foods and drinks, I won’t buy anything with more than 10% sugar content. There is usually a per 100g contents list on the package, just look at the sugar level and if it’s more than 10g per 100g, don’t eat it. The preference though is for levels below the 5% mark because the more sugar that gets deleted, the faster the healing.

From going no sugar, the time taken to full recovery for me on both occasions has been about 4 weeks, with every passing day getting better and better. As an added bonus, you can save a fortune on tissue paper let alone the costs of sprays, potions, lotions and the big one, the operation.

I lost weight dramatically the first time but not this second time. At a guess my metabolism has adjusted to derive more nutrients from real foods rather than depend on sugar. My diet now is fresh meat (never packaged), poultry, fish, bacon and eggs, vegetables (including fried potato chips), milk, bread, nuts (especially almonds), pizza, strawberries and cream. Even beer is okay. It’s a bit like a caveman diet, but with benefits.

To conclude this post, as a suggestion, if anyone is willing to take my “no sugar” theory up, from the day of their decision, to start a daily diary and keep a record of least their weight and a degree of difficulty from 1 to 10 to breathe through the nose during the day and also the night before (1 would be very easily the nose, 10 would be mouth only). Count tissues used if you can, that would be a fun number. Some feedback would be nice as this is the first time I have shared this idea on the internet. Good luck.

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