Nicole richie diet

nicole richie diet

Mental health: Men won’t talk about it and it’s literally killing them 3:05

Australia is facing a men’s mental health crisis. Here’s what you can do to get Aussie blokes the help they need.

ABC latest target in series of AFP ra >1:59

Federal Police raid ABC offices in Sydney over 2017 story about Afghanistan, just days after raiding political editor Annika Smethurst’s home over spy story.

Darwin shooting: Who is alleged shooter Ben Hoffman? 1:13

Suspected Darwin shooter Ben Hoffman was known to police when he allegedly shot and killed four people.

The Latest: Britney Spears revives the SNAKE dance? 2:36

Looking for the latest in entertainment and the shocks, frocks and cock-ups across this week in showbiz? You’ve found it here at The Latest with entertainment reporters Bronte and Bucky. This week former snake dancer Britney Spears is bringing the reptiles back out of retirement in tribute to Billie Eilish, The Voice contestants continue to make us cringe and Dr. Who’s David Tennant is an emoji “expert”.

Darwin shooting: Four dead, alleged shooter >0:54

45-year-old Ben Hoffman has handed himself in after going on a shooting rampage.

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