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Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Before and After

Nicki Minaj plastic surgery is one that has encountered heavy denial from the celebrity herself. She has insisted on several accounts that her face is not unnatural. Interview after interview she has denied the fact that she underwent any surgical procedures despite the clear signs written all over her face. The 30 year old singer has been on the limelight for a better part of her career life. Following the rumors about her surgery, much of her attention has been drawn to her looks as opposed to her career.

What are the surgical procedures that Nicki Minaj could have procured?

If you are familiar with the concept of plastic surgery and have had an opportunity to see the before and after photos of Nicki Minaj, you would not hesitate to identify specific areas that exude an unnatural appearance.

Rumor has it that Nicki Minaj plastic surgery has had a comprehensive alteration of the facial features. Looking at her face today, one thing that is striking is how refined it is.

At 30 years, she may not be that old to have a sagging skin but also she may not be that young to miss out on frown lines. The “American Idol” seems to have done a major job on her face eliminating any signs of aging while at the same time careful that she does not overdo it so as to be noticed. Her attempts at concealing the effects of her face lift have not borne much fruit. Her face looks overly unnatural.

Botox Operations

Because the singer will not accept any allegation leveled against her, critics have gone ahead to list the possible surgical procedures. Apart from the face lift, the Botox operation is more of a reality than a rumor. Looking at her shiny face without any wrinkles would automatically show you that wrinkles were eliminated through surgical interventions.

Although she claims to be fit and an adherent of dietary regulations, none of this can have such an effect on the face. The facial skin looks fuller and tighter opening up possibilities that chemicals such as Juvederm may have been used.

Botox operations are common with celebrities who want to eliminate signs of aging. Bearing in mind the sensitivity of Nicki Minaj and her preference for the celebrity status, undergoing Botox operation is not impossible for her. Her denial doesn’t not serve to clear any rumor about her.

Butt Implants

This is one of the most striking areas where Nicki Minaj is rumored to have procured surgical procedures for. In her earlier photos, the butt looked a bit smaller as compared to the way it is now.

Nicki Minaj Butt Implants before and after

Butt operations have been on the rise amongst celebrities who want to boost their looks without necessarily going through the pain of exercise and diet. The butt however looks fake further increasing the intensity of rumors and allegations.

D >Just look at the picture! Though previous photo is from her earlier days, the breast size in next photo doesn’t look natural either.

Nicki Minaj breast implants before and after

Looking at the quality of Nicki Minaj plastic surgery, it does not meet the industry standards. The specialists who worked on her seemed to have overstepped the limits resulting into a sub-standard job.

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