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Many of you see me drinking a mixture of orange juice and water on a daily basis. I’m regularly asked about this concoction and why I drink it, so I decided to dedicate a Fit Friday post to my “drink of choice”: H2Orange. I first learned about H2Orange about six years ago when I was exploring Naturally Slim, an eating program designed in the late 70’s. I find the main benefit of this drink is that it keeps your blood sugars even when you drink it regularly, throughout your day. It’s very easy to mistake the feeling of low blood sugar for the feeling of hunger. In order to prevent my blood sugar from dipping, I incorporate a few glasses of H2Orange in with my regular daily water consumption. I drink a few glasses of H2Orange as soon as I wake up each morning to kick start my metabolism. The Naturally Slim program touts that the drink has been approved by the American Academy of Sports Medicine as the “perfect rehydration drink”, and to consume at least 20 but no more than 90 ounces each day

One of the keys to H2Orange is that it must be made from not from concentrate orange juice. You can use fresh squeezed juice, or a store bought variety like Simply Orange or Florida Natural. The recipe for a 64 ounce pitcher is below.

  • 8 oz of not from concentrate orange juice
  • 56 oz of fresh, filtered water
  • Pinch or two of salt (optional)

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