Muay Thai techniques – All Muay Thai Moves at a glance

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Muay Thai techniques – All about Thai Boxing moves

Muay Thai has in its long tradition spawned a big range of different Muay Thai techniques. Many moves were specially designed to kill. In this article, however, we consider only the Muay Thai techniques for competitive sport.

Muay Thai Techniques – All you need to know about Thai Boxing Moves

Muay Thai techniques and the three distances:

In the martial art of Muay Thai, there is a distinction between three combat distances. These 3 are the distance fight, the half distance and the Infight. Each distance has their own techniques, which are preferably used.

Muay Thai moves in distance fight:

  • Front Kicks (Teep Throng), high kicks (Dteh Tawad)

Muay Thai techniques in the half-distance:

  • Boxing techniques (Maahd), low kicks (Dteh Chiang)

Muay Thai techniques in Infight:

  • Elbow strikes (Sok), knee attacks(Kao), Clinch

The Muay Thai techniques in detail:

Muay Thai Fist moves:

  • Straight punches (Maahd Trong), hooks (Maahd Tawat), Uppercuts (Maahd Najd), backfists (Maahd Glab)

Muay Thai elbow techniques:

  • Sok tea, Sok Tad, Sok Najd

Muay Thai Foot techniques:

  • Semicircle Kicks (Dteh Tad, Dteh Chaing), front kicks (Teep Trong)

Muay Thai knee kicks:

  • Knee kicks to the legs, the head and the body (Kao):

1. Kao Tone

2. Kao Dode

3. Kao Noi

4. Kao Kratai

5. Kao La

6. Kao Lod

7. Kao Loi

Muay Thai Clinch:

Ringer techniques in the stance. Here, the opponent is taken in the clinch and weakened in conjunction with knee joints and elbow strikes. On the ground, the fight is stopped.

All about Muay Thai Moves: knee attacks, fist techniques and kicks:

The knee techniques (Kao):

No other combat sport in the world is kneeing so efficiently and is using knee techniques as many as in a Muay Thai fight. The knee techniques are extremely hard blows and can weaken the opponent enormous. The key objective is always the upper body or the thigh of the opponent. But shocks to the head are allowed and can cause an immediately Knock Out.

The knee techniques are roughly divided into those with and without clinching. Knee shots without clinch take place at medium distance and can also be combined with a jump. In this way can succeed hard hits to the head.

But the most knee attacks will be done in the clinch. If the opponent is caught in a tight clinch, he can not get out of this situation. Then he is an optimal target for Muay Thai knee attacks against legs and upper body.

Here are all Muay Thai Knee Moves in detail:

1. Kao Tone (Straight knee) is done by thrusting the knee straight upward.

2. Kao Dode (Jumping knee) is done when to boxer springs up, thrusting the knee towards the target. This is similar to the straight knee throw. The difference being did with this technique, the boxer jumps a little bit to add to the momentum of the thrust.

3. Kao Noi (Small knee) is used to counter when the opponent thrust a knee throw or is about to lift his leg for a knee or throw a kick.

4. Kao Kratai (Rabbit knee) is used When The boxers are clinching either in the corner or the middle of the ring so as to drain strength from the opponent’s legs.

5. Kao La (Farewell knee) is used right after the clinch. If you want to disengage yourself from the clinch, you just thrust a knee into keeping it parallel to the floor.

6. Kao Lod (Lower knee) is used whenyour straight knee thrust missed the target. Instead of spoiling your tempo altogether, you shoulderstand lower the thrust to preempt the opponent from Countering. This is a good ploy to use to exhaust him.

7. Kao Loi (Flying knee) is a very powerful knee thrust, if the user does it properly and well. The opponent can be finished off Quickly When Kao Loi hits the target.

The leg kick techniques (Theep / Dae):

The leg moves and strikes in Muay Thai are fundamentally different from those of most other sports. The leg techniques of Muay Thai are so called “piercing through” kicks. This means that the kicks are executed like the opponent will be pierced by the kick. The whole strength and force of the body is used. Many other martial arts use only the force of the leg.

An effective training of foot techniques takes place at the thai pads or the heavy bag. There, the kicks can be executed with full force. Here, the fighters always put their entire body weight into the devastating blow.

The most effective kick in Muay Thai is definitely the one against the legs of the opponent. The so-called lowkick is very hard to defend against because of its short way. Blows to the head are allowed, but much more difficult to perform, since care must be taken to cover the own head and body during the head kick. While jumping and spinning back kicks the executive fighter is very vulnerable against counterattacks. Therefore, these spectacular techniques are seen rare in competitions.

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