Metabolic Health Summit, Metabolic Health Summit

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Metabolic Health Summit

Where keto science meets society

Join us for this 4th annual scientific experience in Los Angeles, CA!

Jan 30th – Feb 2nd, 2020

The world’s most respected scientists and clinicians will share their work on the ketogenic diet and metabolic therapies, and top keto influencers will show you how to bring it to life! Hear inspirational stories of transformation, enjoy gourmet cooking classes, and discover the latest innovative low-carb products on the market at our keto expo!

A few of our MHS 2020 speakers.

John Newman, MD, PhD

Brianna Stubbs, PhD

Dominic D’Agostino, PhD

Mary Newport, MD

Chris Palmer, MD

Mark Mattson, PhD

What people are saying.

“Never has a conference given me so much personally–conversations, friendships, collaborations and intellectual stimulation. The benefits are truly unquantifiable.”

– Travis Christofferson, MS, Author of “Tripping Over The Truth”

“Having attended and presented at the last 2 Metabolic Therapeutics conferences (now MHS), I’m thrilled this event is happening again in 2019. This superbly run event brings together top scientists and thought leaders to discuss the rapidly evolving science and application of ketosis.”

“Last year’s event was one of the most comprehensive and well attended meetings on the subject I have participated in. I am looking forward to the upcoming Metabolic Health Summit which will again provide an overview of the wide-ranging importance of the ketogenic diet and ketones in the prevention and treatment of disease.”

– Adrienne Scheck, PhD

“If you’re eager to learn more about the latest science into metabolic therapies and their practical applications, you don’t want to miss this event. The fact that the conference I attended in February 2017 attracted the most renowned experts in the industry and so many participants from all over the world speaks for itself: It’s a great place to expand your knowledge, be inspired and connect with peers- whether you’re a professional or a patient.”

– Patricia Daly, Nutritional Therapist

“As a founder of a cancer-related non-profit, I have been to many academic and industry conferences, but never one that combines the two in such an impactful way. In the course of a long weekend, I was able to see presentations from the premier researchers in metabolic diseases and therapies, connect with physicians, nurses, dietitians, and other practitioners using metabolic therapies, and learn about dozens of new products that can make metabolic therapies easier for the population I serve. I can say unequivocally that Metabolic Health Summit was the most useful conference I’ve ever been to.”

– Audra Wilford, Chief Hope Officer of MaxLove Project

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