Mediterranean Style Baked Tilapia How Do You O-live $5000 Sweepstakes!

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Mediterranean Style Baked Tilapia + How Do You O-live $5000 Sweepstakes!

This post is sponsored by STAR FINE FOODS, maker of awesome Olive Oils, Vinegars, glazes, capers, anchovies, onions, and the list goes ON and ON! Thank YOU, friends, for supporting the brands that make Diethood possible!

Mediterranean Style Baked Tilapia – A quick, easy, and healthy fish recipe with olives and tomatoes that’s perfect for a weeknight dinner, and fancy enough for a dinner party. OR Valentine’s Day! Just sayin’.

Ha-loooow-Hello, it’s off to work we go! ERR! That’s tomorrow. Today is Sunday. phewww… HAPPY SUNDAY! And welcome to today’s episode of fish!

Since we’re riding on this eat better, feel better resolutions train, I thought getting some Tilapia up in hurr was totally fitting. Tilapia is a very low-fat fish. It’s a delicious, lean white fish with a wide variety of health benefits, including the ability to help reduce weight and boost your metabolism. Also, about 3.5 ounces of tilapia has less than 2 grams of total fat. SCORE!

Also? Time for something totally new in the New Year. Here it goes:

Considering the numerous email requests that I get about including WW Points with my recipes, as of today, I am going to do just that and add Weight Watchers Smart Points to each recipe. If you are on the Weight Watchers plan, the points should help you stay on track with your goals to lose weight and enjoy a successful diet by selecting the correct food and/or recipes found here, on Diethood. I can’t promise that all the recipes are WW friendly – HELLO Strawberry Shortcake Cake – but at least now you’ll have those points to determine whether you want to eat the cake or have another Garlic Parmesan Cauliflower Salad.

But, about this baked Tilapia recipe. The thing you should know is that I am not the sort of person who would just up and choose a Tilapia served over olives and tomatoes. No. That’s just not me. Chicken, yes. Fish, no. How-ev-er, when STAR Fine Foods double dares me to prepare something fancy with their delicious Lemon-Stuffed Olives, I am ready boo-boo. Especially since I’ve been thinking about how to incorporate more fish into our (yours and mine) diets.

There are some really delicious things going on in this baking dish right now that you need to know about. Starting with a bed of blistered, garlicky grape tomatoes and olives tucked underneath a soft fillet-o-fish, moving on to a small, yet satisfying sprinkle of crumbled feta cheese. FETA RULES THE WORLD. Make no mistake.

After we devoured this beauty, I found myself bringing it back to life a few days later, and served it over a bed of rice. OHMAHGAH. THAT was fantastic! Also just as fantastic? Eating it as you see it here, sans rice, but with crusty bread to sop up all that sauce. Lawwwd have mercy! This is where it’s at.

Onto something a bit more exciting? How Do You O-live $5000 Sweepstakes! My besties over at STAR have a new lineup of marinated and deliciously stuffed Olives, and because they want to know how YOU O-live, they’re giving away 3 prizes, including the Grand Prize of $5000.00! There are three sections of the sweepstakes you can enter to be eligible to win the Grand, First and Second prizes. The more sections you enter, the more prizes you’ll be eligible to win.
Don’t wait around – CLICK HERE AND ENTER. I want you to win! Good Luck!!

This is the last thing, I promise… hit print. You want this recipe in your recipe box. ♥

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